this page is a collection of thoughts in memory of Harold Hunter, posted here from february 18 to february 27 2006. this page will be archived here for as long as possible. all posts are © 2006 their respective authors. no unauthorized reproduction allowed.

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Feb 27, 23:44
we should all wish to be so loved in life and missed in death, you don't really die if you live on in the hearts of others ~carry Harold on ~pay it forward

andrew roussell
Feb 27, 23:42
damn what a loss of a pure good dude rest in peace harold

Alex Dymond
Feb 27, 23:39
"You seen me in that movie Kids?" Yeah Harold, we all saw you in the movies, skate videos, tv shows, clubs, streets... Skating, braking, joking, entertaining, snapping, laughing... But what I treasure the most, is a slightly different side. My vision of you was the sweet kid telling me stories about your mother. The kind person, (one of a kind) who loved animals, especially dogs. I respect how you didn't judge people harshly. (And if you did it was for a good reason.) You were friends of all walks and rolls of life, (walking places with you was next to impossible, always bumping into someone you knew.) Well Harold, until I bump into you again and you greet me with a list of all your recent accomplishments. (And we can go back and forth about females in our life.) I will be waiting to hear what you have been up to and I will be proud of you as always! Peace Harold. Let the real name echo forever. Unlimited love. Harold Hunter, Legends Never Die!

christine c.
Feb 27, 23:09
I have been reading these entries for days trying to cope with the shock and the sadness. I couldn't think of what I wanted to say. So many people have shared so many great stories and memories and it has helped to read this and share these. Harold lived life to the fullest and loved people everywhere and now he is shining down on us from heaven. Up there laghing, skating, joking.... probably eating chicken wings, and rappin' to girls. I have so many great memories of Harold-stories and Harold -quotes... I think everyone has at least one quote that will make them laugh out loud always. Dave... get that Harold quotes book made! LEGENDS NEVER DIE. RIP.We'll never forget you, 'Ro!!!!! Thank you for opening your heart and life to me and everyone you ever met.

Feb 27, 23:06
harold, harold, harold. it is clear by all of these submissions that your magic touched and inspired many. I knew it, of course, and i am very happy that so many different people from so far around the world can see it, and can feel it, and have seen it, and have felt it. it is very real. the harold touch. you are gone, but your energy and spirit remain with us. it is unanimously undeniable. all i can add to all of these kind (and accurate) words are just my gratitude for having known you so well, the unforgettable times we have shared, and for all that you have taught me - about life and about myself. we will all make sure that your legend never dies.

Garotinho Sagaz
Feb 27, 22:53
R.I.P my man...

Feb 27, 22:25

Feb 27, 22:16
RIP dowgg........ is time to chill at thugz mansion !!!

Feb 27, 22:14
A shock, od's are always a shock. Legends neva die... R.I.P.

Feb 27, 21:59
rest in peace harold!

Feb 27, 21:57

Feb 27, 21:48
You were always a breath of fresh air. New York City and skateboarding will miss you forever. Thank you so much.

Feb 27, 21:44
FOES ,MIKE & FAMILY, I was sorry to learn of Harolds death, and I wanted to express my sympathy to you and your family on behalf of the Me & mine. Your bro was a wonderful friend of many, and we greatly benefited from his time with us. Please accept my condolences at this difficult time. Harold was a remarkable man, and he made a difference in the lives of many people in this city and in the world.

Feb 27, 21:40
rip harold... you were a legend... you lived your life well, take care

Joseline D
Feb 27, 21:39
He is and will always be a part of my New York history. I used to go to raves, hang out at Liquid Sky when Chloe S. still wroked there. Walking up and down Lafayette, you'd always thrill at the sound of skateboard wheels. He was funny, light-hearted and flirty with the ladies. I remember him sandwiched between me and Justine D. His arms confidently thrown around our shoulders proclaiming we had 'heart-shaped lips'. My heart goes out to you and your family. I hope you find peace in Heaven. Everyone's praying for you.

Feb 27, 21:39
I couldn't realy believe that he has passed. I wasn't that big of a fan, but from what I saw he could take a bad situation and turn it in to a joke. Anyways rest in peace and of course "Legends Never Die".

Shanas Family
Feb 27, 21:25
We are so saddened to hear of Harold's passing. Thank you for all the laughs and skating. The influence you had on our youth and we will never forget the positive. Jah has taken you to a better place....enjoy our brother.. LOVE- Jim, Tammy, Sophie and Porter the Shanas Family

Feb 27, 21:05
Respect form the U.K. A celebration of life. Harold, you're a legend.

Raj Mehra
Feb 27, 20:59
My first memory of Harold Hunter was from old skatevids in the early 90's ... I used to watch them and rewatch them religiously as a kid! Now i haven't seen this video for over 10 years, but I remember very well that when Harold dropped his first "411 rookies" part to the shookones anthem, i was shook! After that i would see him in Zoo York movies and other east coast movies... I respected his skating along with others in the whole east coast movement... It helped shape the skater i became. Who knew that in 2001 that i would be working and hanging out with this NYC legend! For the last 5 years i got to know Harold and everytime we went on tour or hung out, it was never enough... Harold Hunter is one of the most magnetic and hilarious guys i know... i would tell people that he was the black version of Robin Williams... mad jokes, mad impressions, and very abstract!!! I love this guy and rather than be sad, i think harold would want us to keep our heads high and celebrate his great life... Harold you truly are one of a kind and a true international legend... My heart goes out to your family and friends... YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!

shay sowden
Feb 27, 20:51
r.i.p. harold. only the good die young.

shay sowden
Feb 27, 20:50
r.i.p. harold. only the good die young.

Nicole Collette
Feb 27, 20:49
Why do the good die young?

Eli Gesner
Feb 27, 20:41
P.S. And while you're out there, try to love everyone as much as Harold did. I dare you!

Ras Rafael
Feb 27, 20:41
um...like man I just found this out, and I wasn't sure if it was for real, right? but it is. I never met Harold, but his skating has influenced me ever since I stepped on a board. Like, man you know his style was the all the shiz in the block, whether it was up where i used to stay in tha northeast(you knew he ruled it there) to down here in FL where I'm at now. I'll miss him and anyone who knows him or of him, will miss the Great O.G. Thanks for being the craziest and influencing other loonies!

Eli Gesner
Feb 27, 20:41
The Drug Game. Look everyone. It's really sad that people use this truly inspirational mans death to preach against drugs. The fact that all of us are here in heart felt love for this guy is because he was a man who experienced life to the fullest. What ever that was. Harold could of died at any time for any amount of reasons. He could of been crushed under the truck skating with Pete back in the day. He could of dies hundreds of times skating. I'm surprised some angry boy friend didn't hunt Harold down for fucking his girl. Harold did a lot of stupid things. But we all do! All the skaters here. All the graffiti writers here. All the people who hustle on the street. All the girls who 'knew' him. All the people who partied with Harold. Drugs are NOT the point. EXPERIENCING LIFE TO THE FULLEST IS THE POINT. And harold did it with an unyielding fearlessness I will never see in anyone else. He did it skating. He did it in making everyone else laugh and smile. And he did it in reaching out to people. None of us would ever be so care free in letting people into our lives. In giving strangers a chance. In just being genuinely open and interested in our fellow man. No matter who they were or where they were from. THAT IS WHY THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE HERE GRIEVING FOR THIS LOSS. It all comes from the same place. From the mind and the heart of Harold Hunter. If life put it in front of Harold, he was going to eat three portions and wrap up the rest in a napkin for later. THAT IS THE POINT. Frequently in life, the things that are most satisfying are also the things that are most dangerous. Skating, fucking, drinking, drugs, and driving a car fast can all kill you. You don't drive 125 miles per hour, take your hands off the wheel, and climb into the back seat. Chances are you'll die. The same goes for skating, sky diving, sex, snorkeling, Saki, Mayonnaise sandwiches, smoking, slippery showers, Sharks, and not looking both ways when crossing the street! Fuck drugs, there's a whole world out there that can kill you. But there's also a whole world out there for you to experience and enjoy! You see how much living Harold squeezed into 31 years? I suggest we all do the same. It's your life. And it's in your hands. Literally! So don't be stupid! And by that I mean get out there, live your life like Harold, and eat up everything the world has to offer. And take some in a napkin for later.

Feb 27, 19:47
a real nyc soul-jah!! every good party must come to an end we carry you in in our hearts our friend!!

Feb 27, 19:36
Never met him and I stay in a different continent. What I can say is that he'll be missed by alot of people. I'll bet he's chaffing a blunt up in th sky.

Feb 27, 19:01
There is not much to say in a time like this but I used to watch Harold skate at demos growing up. Over a decade later, I ran into to Harold on 8th street in the lower east side. After all the inspiration I've taken from him I felt that it was necessary to say whats up. He couldn't have been cooler about some random kid approaching him on the street. But I gave him my respects and he even said he recognized me from back in the day at those demos in Jersey and skating around the city growing up. By no means was Harold a close friend and I can't tell you I even believed him when he said he remembered me, but he was glad to hear that over a decade later I was still skating. He told me he wasn't skating as much as he used to but it would never die in him. He told me to look out for him when I move back to NYC and maybe we could skate. People like Harold paved the way for city skaters today... much love and respect. R.I.P. Harold... legends never die. We'll skate together on the other side!

Feb 27, 18:56
Never met him and I stay in a different continent. What I can say is that he'll be missed by alot of people. I'll bet he's chaffing a blunt up in th sky.

Juan aka JAM
Feb 27, 18:55
I just wanted to say with all do respect that HH was with out a doudt one of the best things on TV. You will be missed my brada from another mother. Some day all Sk8ers will unite. God Bless.

Feb 27, 18:39
hey was the shit

Feb 27, 18:22
The world will never be the same without you, Harold. Thank you for being you. Much love and respect.

Justin @ DQM
Feb 27, 18:21
Here is a quote that defines what made harold so special, because he always was being; himself. Almost anybody can learn to think or believe or know, but not single human being can be taught to be. Why? Because whenever you think or you believe or you know, you are alot of other people: but the moment you are being, you're nobody but yourself. To be nobody but yourself-in a world which is doing its best night and day to make you everybody else-means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting. Does this sound dismal? It isn't It's the most wonderful life on earth. -e.e. cummings

Feb 27, 18:16
man this s horrible R.I.P there is good news and bad news the bad harold is gone but we have all his funny memories from skate maps the good news everyone knows heaven is one big half pipe R.I.P

Trevor Gonzales
Feb 27, 17:53
I think that if it wasnet for harold that the zoo team wouldnt be the same. But may his soul R.I.P.

Feb 27, 17:47
I will miss you, Harold. He was one of the sweetest and funniest person I ever know. It was always a pleasure to see him. Thank you for great memories, Harold. I will never forget your great smile. You will always be missed - rest in peace.

Feb 27, 17:36
Man, I can't believe you've crossed over Harold. I hadn't seen you in a minute but it could be years between our recent sitings and it felt like yesterday (I mean the good ole days in 1991-98 when the Vill was still the Vill) when we would hang at the old cube and Washington Square Park. First Justin and now you. Damn. I know you're in a better place, watching over us with your GREAT SMILE. RIP to the fam and everyone else that loved and liked Harold. I miss your great vibe.

Feb 27, 17:04
RIP.... Great skater! Great guy! You are a legend, Harold!

Feb 27, 16:57
What a loss, your life cut so short just when it was getting started. Harold had so many dreams and aspirations for the future. I cannot believe you are gone. I remember when Harold, me and Naisha would just go club hopping, boosting, pull store pranks all in one day. Ronald was mad cool too and Michael was a lil bay boy. Those were the good old days. I always looked forward to our long conversations. Harold always remained himself in front of anybody. And he even came to Bed-Stuy/Bushwick numerous times to chill with us like a real thorough-bred that he was......Rest In Peace my nigga..We Love You..Love Brenda....

fred bear
Feb 27, 16:50
I was at the local skate park yesterday, and I was greeted by an old friend I hadn`t seen in months. He informed me about the death. It was sad to hear, and he will be missed. RIP Harold. After we skated, I went home and watched Harold`s Rookies section in an old 411 from 1995. Going on 11 years pro, never forget! Cruise in the name of Harold for life! Canada loves you my friend

Scott Furkay
Feb 27, 16:42
Harold was such an amazing soul... ive known him for a long time now... he took me under his wing and showed me the world of NYC's highest & lowest society with a big smile on his face always. he was such an easy-going kid and was always looking at everything with an optomistic perspective. no matter how down a situation seemed, he would always pick out the smallest aspect that was positive and would run with it. he tought me to always do that, and it has made me a much happier person... i owe so much to this kid & will be forever greatful to his warm heart. he would always tell me... "its nothin man, you my hommie, i know youd do the same fo' me yo" and he was right. id have done anything for that kid. may he rest forever in peace, doing backside 360's up in heaven with Keenan & sippin Jack&Coke's with Biggie & Pac. ? "Legends Neva Die Yo."

SkatersFrom Mex
Feb 27, 16:29
descansa en paz harold , de verdad apartaste mucho al skateboarding

Feb 27, 16:10
so sad to see a friend go.

Feb 27, 16:04
i watch skate maps all the time i am crushed R.I.P. Harold LEGENDS NEVER DIE

John B ...RI
Feb 27, 15:25
Harold ... I couldnt believe it when i heard the news. you influnced many to skate, and made everyone see the fun side ofr skateboarding the being "foolish part" .. I remember seeing and episode of skate maps and jon said how everytime you skated. it got the whole team going. you were the heart of the team harold and I am sure lots of skaters and friends will miss you.

alex m
Feb 27, 15:06
harold you were a great skater and someone to look up to with your funny sense of humor and your tight style I would just like to say rest in peace legend

marcos and jess
Feb 27, 15:04
you are the best to jessie and to me

marcos castillo
Feb 27, 14:59
you are a cool skater and skate we love you rip

Feb 27, 14:58
**Harold was the stylest skater in the World. R.I.P. Harold. ZooYork Baby **

Josh Johnson
Feb 27, 14:52
R.I.P. Harold. I'll miss you man!

travis roberts
Feb 27, 14:51
R.I.P. Harold

Feb 27, 14:40
Harold Hunter a true LEGEND that will forever be missed. RIP kid. Legends Never Die.

Feb 27, 14:14
Harold, you made the good times shine brighter and the bad times more bearable, even laughable. Your joy, passion for life and smile were infectious. I will miss you more than you could ever know. Keep smiling and doing what you do Harold... heaven has a new angel... all my love, Page

Feb 27, 13:46
I had a blast with you at the tradeshow! I never told anybody, it's still our secret. Love you always, KakesNYC

Te Real AK CNC
Feb 27, 13:40
Seeing Boonky the night of your fairwell party was deep. You were there with us all. I'm sure you were proud to see a party like that with evryone there and kids skating hard in you honor. Thank You Harold for inspiring us all to be ourselves no matter what! Not a day goes by without you being in my thoughts and prayers. Show everybody how to party and skate up there. RIP Harold, NYC Downtown Allstar......

Liz Menscer
Feb 27, 13:39
A dark cloud has hung over me since I heard the news. Disbelief and sorrow at losing such an unforgettable friend. Reading the message boards and reminiscing. Going to the wake and seeing all his boys- those strong, tough nyc men who seem unbreakable - in tears broken easily by this loss- left my heart aching. And yesterday when reading this page- again reading all the words, the tears started coming and I just couldnít get them to stop. But- they werenít tears of sadness- they were from an absolute awe of the life and legacy of Harold Hunter. I started to see the big picture- the storyline of his life. The amazement of how many lives he touched- how many hearts he filled- how much laughter he brought to all of us. And I am fucking HUMBLED by it all. I donít know how he did it- where he got the energy to open his heart to so many?? How did he learn to give so much when it seems he was given so little?? I guess he was powered by the love he inspired in all of us. His death has given me a gift in making me see that I can do better. I can do better to love, to open my heart without judgment, to support those around me when they need a lift and to have the confidence in myself that I can do these things and have an impact and leave a legacy. I love you Harold Hunter!! You are an inspiration and it was an honor and a privilege to be your friend!!

Feb 27, 13:36
Yo, Harold was my favorite skater, with a pure gangsta New york Style... I just hear about his death know... He represents the Zoo york Familia... for ever.. Yo, live from Geneva, Rest In Peace Man. Jerome.

Liz Menscer
Feb 27, 13:33
A dark cloud has hung over me since I heard the news. Disbelief and sorrow at losing such an unforgettable friend. Reading the message boards and reminiscing. Going to the wake and seeing all his boys- those strong, tough nyc men who seem unbreakable - in tears broken easily by this loss- left my heart aching. And yesterday when reading this page- again reading all the words, the tears started coming and I just couldnít get them to stop. But- they werenít tears of sadness- they were from an absolute awe of the life and legacy of Harold Hunter. I started to see the big picture- the storyline of his life. The amazement of how many lives he touched- how many hearts he filled- how much laughter he brought to all of us. And I am fucking HUMBLED by it all. I donít know how he did it- where he got the energy to open his heart to so many?? How did he learn to give so much when it seems he was given so little?? I guess he was powered by the love he inspired in all of us. His death has given me a gift in making me see that I can do better. I can do better to love, to open my heart without judgment, to support those around me when they need a lift and to have the confidence in myself that I can do these things and have an impact and leave a legacy. I love you Harold Hunter!! You are an inspiration and it was an honor and a privilege to be your friend!!

Steven Danner
Feb 27, 13:00
Man i just heard about this and dam that fuckin sucks. R.I.P Harold Hunter

Jeff aka Deis
Feb 27, 12:48
Harold Hunter was truely a role model and inspiration to many, a great skater, actor and will be greatly missed by Canada and the rest of the World, even though he's gone away, i know he's in a better place, Harold Hunter r.i.p, forever in our hearts...

Jamie J
Feb 27, 11:41
Canada feels the lost of a true Originator! RIP HH

Feb 27, 11:13
Thanks for the laughs and the skating bro.. RIP.. much love from L.A.

Feb 27, 10:30
Harold you touched my life and I never even met you. Life to Harold wasnt about being too serious And always living in the moment. Ive always been that way so when I started watching Skatemaps I instantly related to the Harold Hunter Way Of Thinking. My brother is a heavy addict and as I read all these messages I cry. Ive lost numerous friends to overdoses and I live in a cow town north of Tampa. If you have a friend who may need help please reach out your hand before its too late. Harold had so much more love to spread all over the world. It is now our jobs to do what Harold did SPREAD THE LOVE AND ALWAYS SMILE. My heart goes out to his family and especially his brother. So after we wipe the tears from our eyes go out skate,party and then laugh your asses off because thats the way Harold would have wanted it. S.I.P skate in peace.God knows your not going to REST. LEGENDS NEVER DIE YOUR IN MY HEART FOREVER. Slider

Feb 27, 10:19
Harold Was one of my favorite skaters. He always had a positive look on it, he did what he felt like doing and never tried to show off, i will miss him, Rest in peace *legends never die*

Feb 27, 09:56
man, where can i dont even know where to start. I first saw the movie kids and i loved him in it sending messages for the youth out there. Then followed him up with Zoo York. Yo this man is a legend. That messed up that he's good. The world need poeple like harold. But his spirit will always live with me. RIP and madd love for the hunter fam. PEACE

Feb 27, 09:42
Saturday was a rough one man, but it was beautifull at the same time. You have a hilltop view and open skies all around you. Lots of love surrouding you and a special thank you to Rosarios Mom whom took us through that morning the way she did. One love Harold...

Feb 27, 09:35
yo man, harold was an origanal man, was the man when i started skating back in the day and cracked me up ever since, harolds the man and even though hes gone, as with all other greats, hell stay with us forever, peace man peace

K Boogie
Feb 27, 09:32
Your credit is good with me Harold.

Feb 27, 09:13
i used to live around the corner from Harold, and he always had a smile and friendly greeting for me. we maintained a mutual respect and appreciation over the years for each other's craft. i was just thinking about him, when suddenly i recieved the sad news. its lonely enough out here on the frontier, and he shall be missed as well as other fallen heroes. love from the netherlands.....rest in peace

Sofia Akremi
Feb 27, 08:54
The first time I met Harold was 4 years ago, when he and my sister Sara were roommates on 2nd and 2nd.I must say that that summer was one of the craziest summers ever.I don¥t think I have ever laughed as much as I did and that was mainly beacause of Harold Hunter.He was always nice to me and my brothers and he always made us laugh with his crazy jokes.Until this day me and my brothers talk about the summer of 2002.Im glad I got to know you Harold.You were a true character and you always had a smile on your face .You will always be remembered...Hugs and much love straigh outta Stockholm, Sweden

Feb 27, 05:54
you are proof that LEGENDS NEVER DIE _

Feb 27, 04:12
Harold, your legacy will always be remembered. You said it best bro, legends never die, and aslong as you're still in our hearts, you'll never, ever be forgotten. Love always, R.I.P

David Flores
Feb 27, 03:43
harold. havnt seen or heard from you in awhile i guess its my fault..this comes as a shock. powell skate park days, harold there, ripping back and forth..hella impatient...busting...see u there

Feb 27, 03:22

Feb 27, 02:29
i miss you so much Harold. you helped me through some rough times when i had no one. i remember us hanging at your house and watching cartoons on saturday mornings..one day i came into your room and you had the cranberries blasting and were lip-synching..you were getting really into it. it took you a while to know i was standing there watching you. that is a moment i will always remember. you taught me so much about skating. you always accepted me as i was. that's what i loved about you. you were like a big brother to me when i had no real family and sometimes going to your house was more like home than my own house. i remember one day at the cube i couldn't land a kickflip and i got so frustrated, i was about to lose it and then you came over to me and you said "do it and i'll lift you up while you do it so you know what it feels like to land it then you'll do it by yourself". i did what you said, you lifted me up and i landed it with you holding me up. after that i never had a problem landing a kickflip ever again. you always will be one of a kind, so genuine, and your spirit will always be here. i'm misssin you, but i know your spirit is still here..thank you Harold for affecting me and just being true to who you were. you're always in my heart poopiehead..sending you lots of hugs..

Feb 27, 02:27
R.I.P Harold Hunter Some Day We Will All Play A Huge Game Of Skate Peace For Now But Not For Ever. Legends Never Die. May You Rest In Peace Harold Hunter You Will Be Missed.

Feb 27, 01:37
Wow I learned of you for the first time today on some new channel Fuel TV. You sk8ed pretty sick, your board went in some water and you gave away some gear to a kid who got it. It was dirty clothes but he was super stoked. Rest In Peace

jason graham
Feb 27, 01:33
Many people in this world hold on to delusions of grandeur and hope that someday they will be legendary. Many legendary people wish to be left alone; to be like ìregular people.î Harold was one of the few human beings in history that was both a legend in his own mind and an actual legend. There are literally hundreds of thousands of stories of what this guy did on a day-to-day basis. Because he knew literally thousands of people. Remember the zest for life this guy had. Attacking life every day. Jimmy Pellitier said itólife became a movie when you were in Haroldís vicinity. A tragicomic, sometimes pornographic, but never boring movie.

Feb 27, 01:12

Feb 27, 00:39
yo, i miss you my nigga, you are always loved on this side, that's from me and the whole fam. ron, and mike hold your head. Your brother is the man and will always be the man. Love all u niggas. Better believe "legends never die".

Spencer W.
Feb 27, 00:34
Harold is at rest now. We were all so lucky to be involved in Harold's life. Hugh Really said it best. I can't believe there were so many of us. Alex "Ducky" Talveras, Richie Rojas, Coco Santiago, Felix Arguiles, Kenny Usumanont, Steve Laverne, Aaron Lennox, Kamau Patton, English Jules, wall ride Rob, Nadim, Israel, Jon Soto, Maura, Gina, Mike "Tex" Kelly, Steve Quinn the freaky guy who would jump garbage cans in Washington Sq. Park. There are more that I can't think of, but we were a mob. There were times at the contests at the Brooklyn bridge when you could just see how big we all were. In the 3 days at Harold's wake I saw so many faces of people I had known and forgotten. Life is strange how it takes the death of someone like Harold to remind of how precious life is, and how large our circle of friends actually is. I will always remember Harold. I remember him as a skinny little kid on a crappy skateboard. I remember him as a teenaged wiseass who started to get good style and tricks. I remember him as an adult who went pro and started to make his dream of being famous come true. I remember him as someone we all loved to be around because he always had something silly to say. It wasn't so much that he was calculated in his words of wisdom. It was his just shooting em out as they came to him regardless of content that was just so damn funny sometimes. He was a true character. Harold touched me as he touched us all. My life is richer to have been affected by him. At Harold's wake the room was packed. People were standing shoulder to shoulder and there was a priest in the front who was leading the whole group in prayer for Harold, who was right there in an open casket. The priest starts in his sermon. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the life of our fallen brother, Harold in his final earthbound days with us." The Priest is trying to get his words out, but his voice isn't as loud as the music coming from the speakers in the ceiling. From the speakers I hear Ol' Dirty Bastard from Wu-Tang going "Baby I like it raaaw, Ooh baby I like it RAAAAW"! People in the back started laughing! It was so awkward. Laughing at a wake. I was thinking that is EXACTLY how Harold would have wanted it. He wouldn't have changed a thing. I am going to start going downtown again. I am going to rekindle relationships with those I knew. Harold has shown me I need to. Roll on Harold. I love you. Thanks for everything. Spencer Weisbond

Feb 27, 00:34
Rest In Peace Harold! To Ron, Mike and the rest of the family: I have not seen you all in years and when i got the news of Harold's untimely passing I was devastated and immediately started thinking back to the good old days. Harold was a great guy and always a pleasure to be around. He will truly be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Much Love

305 skatin
Feb 27, 00:19
you were one of the best skaters always having fun always skating for fun and you always kept it real like you harold hunter always said legends never die!!!!

Erkan Kose
Feb 27, 00:03
LEGENDS NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 26, 23:36
Harold Hunter was one of the truest skaters, he always stayed true to the sport and never gave up on it. His hunger fueled his passion and his passion fueled skateboarding. He will trully role forever ~legends never die~

Feb 26, 23:20
only knew Harold from Skate Maps, he is the reason I watched, I'll miss the antics and the fun...I raise my glass to him

Feb 26, 23:04
Rest in peace harold ... legendery to the fullest keep shinin'

Feb 26, 23:01
hugh, you wrote such beautiful words of wisdom and love for harold. such a gift.

s. dot
Feb 26, 22:48
Sometime last year Harold and i got into a fight over some bullshit (so typical)...i saw hiim soon after that at some fashion week party and being super drunk i decided to give him a piece of my mind...I rolled up, stopped in front of him and said "I love you from the bottom of my heart and i'll always have a place for you in there but you are fucking CRAZY and don't ever speak to me again"...he just stood there with his signature smile/smirk...i'm sure the only words he heard were "I love you" ...nothing else i said after those 3 words mattered...that's what dude was about...he loved EVERYBODY...no judgements and no questions asked...knowing Harold was loving him...and for all the haters...I HATE NIGGAS WHO HATE NIGGAS thankfully, Harold and I squashed our beef and the last words we spoke to each other were "I Love you"...i'm glad i shared those words with you numerous times and thanks for teaching me what they truly mean...

Feb 26, 22:46
i was at my friends house watching Kids, when i get a call from my friend tellin me the news. i couldnt believe it, i look up at the screen and there he is, young harold hunter. youll never be forgotten harold. R.I.P. legends never die. one love.

dave DQM
Feb 26, 22:11
hey it's been a crazy week since we all heard the news about Harold... the party last night was the best it was something he would have been proud of. For all of the people who came out to the wake and all of the things we did for our brother i want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart we will and never forget the greatest guy New York could offer. we will miss you Harold and never forget you. LEGENDS NEVER DIE D.

guido sk8r
Feb 26, 22:03
i am a skater from argentina that allways watched skate maps. so what can i say??. rest in peace brother, represent.- heres my mail guidoprovenzanosk8@hotmail.com

Feb 26, 21:49
I used to emulate Harold. Growing up skateboarding for many years i found him to be one of the dopest skaters around....plus not too many black skaters were even out there at that time. He broke down barriers and showed people whats up. RIP HH - You were a inspiration. shonsteez - dmpmusic.com

Feb 26, 21:32
Harold RIP your the man!

73x4n s873r
Feb 26, 21:18
its hard to imagine him gone. i had only met him once when the zoo york skate team did a demo in dallas and he seemed like a cool guy. it sucks but every life he touched will never be the same.

rich h
Feb 26, 21:17
harold was my favorite guy on the fuel skate trips shows. he will be remembered for his humorous acts on the show.he was great. be thankful you had him for 31 years. rich hausmaninger

Hugh Gran
Feb 26, 21:03
THE LONG OF IT: I was infront of the MOCA (like the MOMA) in LA to check out a show when my man Mike called me with the news. I had come out here to see my Wife's folks and my fam in San Diego who had come back from serving in Iraq. When Mike called he was shook, and even though it was still a rumor at that time we both felt it was true. I can't explain the tragic feelings that went through me. It was like when my man Jayson died, and all I could do was deal with it. It sucks. That simple. New York has suffered a loss of one of it's most colorful, and wonderful citizens. A true New Yorker in a town that is becoming less like the New York we grew up in every day. So please bear with me as I reminisce. Let me write this as a testimet to Harold and all the great New York kids that died before him way too early...

My first memory of Harold was in Washington Sq. Park before he was even fourteen. We used to go there to skate and ride those crumbly banks. Bruno, Ian, Pepe, Harry, Stosh, Jermey, Rodney, Eli, Aly, Bosco, Wyatt, Beasley, Eric, Joe, Stanley, Big Jim, Luke, Pang, Chapy, Wiley, Steve, Spencer, big and little puppet, little Jim Kerr, Justin, Hernie, Dave, Shadi, Ming, Chan, Billy, Q, Jamal, Ham, John, Alex, Frank, Anthony, and Rick were all there. There were more than that, but there are too many heads... Some I rode with, some I knew from around the way. I cant remember them all right now, but I had love for all. This started way back when doing an ollie over the benches into the banks was a highly respectable move, and dudes were still doing inverts and bonlesses. That park was funky back in the day; it was a real mixing pot of all the surrounding neighborhood's rejects, and believe me skating was a reject activity back then. Don't get me wrong though, the rejects were were the coolest and most fun folks to roll with. This was a central area that heads would come to and then go fourth and thrash the surrounding hoods for years... From the 80's into the 90's untill Rude Boy Ghouliani started a militant clamdown on the city and the parks.

Before that sad day, in Washington Square Park a crew of old dogs were skating through, and here was this skinny ass little kid struggling to keep up. He was a tiny little grom with bright red hair... He had tried to dye it or something, and he ended up looking like some kind of anime character mashup with a muppet. I was just old enough that I could almost keep up with these older dogs, but Harold was so small and skinny that he was lagging behind a little. He had so much shine though... Whenever we stopped to session somewhere he would tear it up with moves and crazy ass stories and jokes. He was hungry, but not in an insincere way. He was inspired by his peoples; he would lay that shine on you, and it would just make you feel good. You could tell he really cared about you, although he was an actor, and a card, he was sincere. I think all the OGs could tell he was coming from hard times and he was looking for new worlds to live in. So even though he was small and had trouble keeping up, they would always slow down and keep him in their sights. Skateboarding pulled him out of a harsh reality and it set him free. It was the beginning of a process that would take him to places he probably would have never gone to otherwise, and it opened doors for him in so may ways...

He was making us laugh and having a great time from day one. It wasn't long before he was blowing past me doing shit I never could even imagine on a skateboard, and eventually I would just sit down and watch one of New York's masters tear it up... He was a unique one because he never got stale, or out of date... He transcended not only skateboard evolutions, but urban and social changes as well. As the Old Dogs moved on Harold was still doing his thing. He became a center piece, giving all the new groms love and never forgetting where he came from. He always could be found with his board, down to skate, and down to learn. He was Always an innovator, a leader, but he was also competitive in a positive way, and got psyched by other's achievements. Sometimes he would get a little lazy and start to just hang out and ham it up with peoples. I remember many years after Washington Square Park, and even after the Skate NYC days, at Union Square... Heads had taken over that Park as a new central mecca after a grand Parks Department renovation project that was supposed to clean it up and remove the bad elements... It didn't really work.

So that Day at Union Square a group of local heads had set up a shitty piece of ply wood that launched over a trash can (not so long ago we were still making our own skateparks). So there was Harold, coming up and talking lots of junk, cracking jokes, and telling me about the crazy night he had the day before. He was taking it easy just hitting the ramp and doing crisp ollies over the can, when a girl from the Rookie team I think her name was Lauren did a sick switch heal flip... suddenly Harold was stoked... He said "Oh shit I get amped when I see girls rip it", and proceeded to fight his hangover till he was matching her move. Ready to step up to a challenge, but Always supportive. That was him. A few weeks later we were all bombing down St. Marks. Justin was still alive, and I was now having trouble keeping up. Loki was launching over shit too. J Carter was there with Ham I think, and I was getting old... I mean these kids were tearing shit up! But Harold was there stoked to see me still kicking it, even if that was all I could do at that time.

He was always popping up wherever I went, and it wasn't always on the world of skating. Back in the day at the clubs I'd see him dancing and having a great time. At the Power House in the old Building space we shared the dance floor and he always tore that up too. He was still a kid. We would form sick circles and he would make moves. Funny, but tight. real blow you away shit... At Sheets and Pillows he was there getting hyped at one of the best underground hip hop venues ever. When Fishbone came to play way back he was there, but I dont know if he was old enough it get in back then. He was there. He was so there. In every aspect of music and culture in New York he was there. From the Raves to the Hard Core shows, from the demos, to the freestyle sessions in the park... He lived in so may worlds in the universe of New York, Cause it was all there and it was happening at the same time. He was always down for all of them equally. He was there for the love. My last time seeing him out was actually with His brother Ron. It was that Burton Party a while back (I don't get out much) and all three of us were just reminiscing. Harold kept telling Ron "I've known Hugh since way back" and Ron replied "I know, I know, I've known him too... easy man". Harold was just psyched to see an old face, and wanted everyone to know it, and wanted all of us to have a good time. Ron kept it real and started to catch tags all over the banners in the club. I just laughed and took it all in.

Harold was there in the street, but he was in the home too... No matter what I was always happy to have him over for some food, and drinks, and some good old shit talking... He would always bring me back, telling me how he used to get psyched on my old dog moves, or some crazy ass drawing I did back in the day. He always made me feel good, and it wasn't uncommon to see him lounging at someone's place like he was fam, because he was. He would come over, never planned; he would just pop up, and it was all good. He was like that favorite Cousin that would stop by unannounced, and drink you under the table, or take you out to play if you were feeling blue and didnt get enough sunshine that day. I had the honor of spending last Christmas with him. It was great. My homegrrrl Alex said "Harold is coming over", and I said "word, get him over here". We drank late into the evening, acting all crazed, while my wife Jasmine got out the Magic Mike and we Karaoked in to the late hours. In true Harold fashion he was trying to talk to my man Mike's girl's cousin from Japan, talking about how he loved Japanese people and culture, and how he wanted to get back there real soon. It was all good times. He downed a bottle with me, and we all talked about old and new things. When he stepped out my door that night for the last time, he was so humble, thanking me for having him over for Christmas, but I was the one who was humbled. While I lost track of so many of my friends from back in the day (or they lost track of me), Harold was always there. When he rolled through, it was positive and good.

And I guess that's what hurts so much. Is that in his last days it seemed that he was really slowing down on the skating and speeding up on the partying till it was too much and it was too late. I didn't see it coming... I didn't think it was that bad. I keep hearing positive and negative things from so many people. Of course I would. It's like we all fam that knew him. So like in any loss of a close one we suffer bitter feelings. As someone that has lost all my grandparents, both parents, cousins my age, friends my age, in so many different ways from natural death, to suicide, drugs, and tragidy, I can say this. Do not hold on to the bitterness, cherish the blessed times you had with them, and learn from the not so blessed times. God don't like ugly. Harold wouldn't want that. I never saw it coming for all my fam that perished before him: All my blood lost, All my friends lost, and now you Harold my friend. My buddy who Started off so small and ended larger than life itself. It breaks my heart, just like it broke when my friends and family before him passed away. I'll remember Harold as I always knew him larger than life, but just another good fella from around the way bringing a smile to my face when I'd bump into him. That's how I will remember him. So I send This memory to you Harold, and I share this with your friends and family. Shine in heaven as you shined in the world and we will all see each other again. God bless you.

Feb 26, 20:53
Rest in Peace Bro. Rest in Peace.

Adam Wise
Feb 26, 20:44
I am a skater who has watched skatemaps since it started and I have always liked watching Harold rap and carry on. I liked all the tricks he would do like the nollie b/s 180 heelflips and my favorite the "judo". We will all miss you Harold so remember that legends never die.Skate for life and after

Feb 26, 20:32
I was in the military in the middle of no where so me and my roommate thought we would rent this Movie titled "KIDS". What a piece of art. We watched that movie over and over and racked up serious late fees. I would later go onto watch Harold on Skate Maps on Fuel TV. He entertained me over and over with his talent. Keep skatin' Harold!

Feb 26, 20:19
You made your presence felt all over man. You tore up spots and inspired kids, we'll miss the hell out of you bro. "Legends Never Die" See you on the other side. Much love to the whole Hunter family, Zoo York team members, families and friends. Stay Strong

Feb 26, 20:11
I grew up watching this dude sk8. My friends and I were just lil punks back then but we'd always be starstruck whenever we'd spot a Zoo head chillin at a spot. Harold was definitely a stand out part of that crew it seemed like-because of his charisma and free-spirited'ness. I'd always be incredibly nervous approaching any known skater. But I'd say hi to Harold every now n then whenever I'd see him and he would always be friendly and really cool even if he was in a rush. Unfortunately I've stopped skating since then and I've been outta the mix with what goes on outside my apartment. I found out today from someone I work with whom also works with Larry Clark about Mr. Hunter's passing. He was always considered something of a NYC living legend to me and my friends. I will always be very thankful that I at least got to really speak with him about a year ago (at a photogallery opening) and tell him how much of a hero and inspiration he was to me. He will always be remembered. My heart goes out to his family, friends, and other fans like myself. ...One of the last of a dying breed of native NY legends.

Feb 26, 19:58
Saw you on Fuel. Your skating was always one of the Highlights.

Feb 26, 19:31
I never got to see you skate and I was never into you but you are a dream for black skaters like me

Feb 26, 19:18
THE WORLD WILL MISS U DOGG!!!!!!! Will never forget u R.I.P. "Legends never die" we all know dat bro. see u at the crossroads

Feb 26, 18:25
Rest In Peace Harold. LEGENDS NEVER DIE mad love

Feb 26, 18:15
losing such a significant being is hard. i know because i too, lost my brother only a couple of months ago. you remember all those good times you had with them. i sympathize for all of his friends and family. it's funny seeing someone so alive, resting. the last encounter i had with harold he said to my friend, "the last time i saw you, you were so little. i can't wait till you get older, just don't tell your dad i said that." now i'm thinking damn, he doesn't have that chance to see her grown up now. my brother told his friend that he wished he was closer to me and got to know me better now that i'm older. damn, he never got the chance either. keep them alive by remembering those good times. harold was a prodigy, an idol, a friend, a brother, a son, and a legend. he will ALWAYS be remembered.

Feb 26, 17:07
R.I.P harold you will be missed

sk8er j
Feb 26, 17:01
he was the first black sk8er i've ever met he's a legends and LEGENDS NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! REST IN PEACE PEACE OUT HUNTER

Feb 26, 16:09
man, harold you made me laugh soooooooo many times.

Feb 26, 15:49
it is sort of unreal that an young man like harold is dead.. r.i.p harold! later..

Feb 26, 15:43
r.i.p bro.. cyah lata

Feb 26, 14:59
RIP dude...

Lady Con Locs
Feb 26, 14:52
Harold your a funny ass dude. Rest In Peace Love. XOXO

cody scott
Feb 26, 14:45
Man.....U were awsome why'd u have to die ..............I thought legends never die....well sk8 in peace harold.....................

Seth Levin
Feb 26, 14:13

koZ nY
Feb 26, 13:19

Feb 26, 13:16
was sad to hear this news.....always liked his style and a fan of his acting in Kids.....he will be missed Much love to ZOOYORK!

Feb 26, 12:59
Gett'n off the F train at W. 4th st. O n my way to Washington square, cause ya knew he'd always be there. Whipp'n around on his board, smiles swam across his face. Weav'n in 'n outa 'n over benches 'n thru trees. Almost never land'n on his knees. The sun shone, everyone was out & ya knew you'd made the right decision by ditch'n school. Tee hee, he made all the girls giggle with panting eyes. Trapped inside the beauty of his slanted eyes, to his his deep dark skin, with his wit 'n charm he reeled us all in. I probably haven't thought about you in years.......,but my memories been jogged, and now I feel robbed. So dear ol' Harold, ol' friend, ol' pal, it's time to reminisce over you............. Rest in Peace, May all the dreams that you dreamt, see themselves come true. Remember those dayzz?..... There was that time when you thought you were great, untouchable. No fear of any fate, you'd jump on ur board and dream of escapeÖÖÖ To get out of this place of uncertainty, To have a clean face To not eat off of another dirty plate To be part of something better than great, To live life to it's fullest the way that you would never really wanting to leave the hood. you were certain. but now it's time to draw the curtain. Remember those dayzzÖ.? Remember those dayz.. When u were youngÖ Gett'n older was someth'n That did'nt faze ya All ya cared about was hav'n fun Back when u were lazy ur head full a hazeÖ Life seemed like a mazeÖÖ. Remember those dayzÖ.? Remember those dayzÖ. The whole world was at ur fingertips and that force forced you out onto the streets looking for that place that would have enough space for youÖ you were so big. You just didn't fit. It was all such a trip for that boy in & outa touch always keep'n on a smile never loosing his grip. Remember those dayzzÖ.? Remember those dayzÖ. Back at A&D on the roof top droppin beats that would ease us through another day, Take a subway ride and you'll seeÖÖ All that phat graffiti we did, try'n to make a stand Up to the man remember who I am? Remember those dayzÖ.? Remember those dayz back at nasa.. nothing bad could ever happen we were invincible! make'n moves that were awed by us all.. You were never supposed to fall. Remember those dayz? When we tried so hard not To l

Feb 26, 12:58
He defenitely made some of my days..see you in paradies..

Feb 26, 12:49
RIP harold, their will never be another quite like you! "LEGENDS NEVER DIE!" you will ALWAYS be remembered.

small town brad
Feb 26, 12:45
Harold was a cool cat. When i found out that he passed this morning i was so shocked that i refused to believe it. He always had a way to make everyone laugh. RIP Harold. "

Feb 26, 12:39
I had the pleasure of meeting Harold on 2 different occasions. What a charmer!!! Not only sweet but kind.It is very true what they say that "Legends never die" and in this case ..... Harold you will never be forgotten but you will be greatly missed. One day Harold we will all meet again! Until then my friend.........

Dj Qmaxx420
Feb 26, 12:18
I will miss you man you know whats up NYC will never be the same again you were always cool with me even when you had alot of shit to deal with ...... you were and old soul and one hell of a skater and DJ I will miss you Deeply Sincerely Qmaxx420

The Dude (A Ald
Feb 26, 11:55
R.I.P HH always we will remember you. From EspaÒa con amor.

ToÒo Spain Sk8
Feb 26, 09:42
Always in my mind men... : (

Feb 26, 08:46

DRUGS NO!!!!!!
Feb 26, 08:35

Feb 26, 08:32
yo dawg i loved u man why u have ot leave so soon everyone is all fucked up now we don't know what do do without u u where the main dude out there geez NY WON'T BE THE SAME WITHOUT U MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS GO OUT TO HUNTER FAMILY RIP HAROLD LEGENDS NEVER DIE

Feb 26, 05:51

Feb 26, 04:14
What a loss! R.I.P.

Feb 26, 04:09
RIP Harold Hunter. Way to young to go but god must have needed a legend! rip bro

Feb 26, 02:34
Beh mec, japprend ca de bon matin avant d'aller sk8er....il est 8h30 et je me dis que ma journÈe ne sera plus comme je l'avais predis....soit heureux o˘ que tu sois et prends plaisir ‡ toujours sk8er....zoo york style, tu es le digne fils, zoo york style, je suivrais cett voie ....salut ‡ toi ;) ]:

Feb 26, 02:33
Beh mec, japprend ca de bon matin avant d'aller sk8er....il est 8h30 et je me dis que ma journÈe ne sera plus comme je l'avais predis....soit heureux o˘ que tu sois et prends plaisir ‡ toujours sk8er....zoo york style, tu es le digne fils, zoo york style, je suivrais cett voie ....salut ‡ toi ;) ]:

Feb 26, 02:14
R.I.P.... Legend

Sara Brittany
Feb 26, 02:02
I met Harold when I was 11 years old and I lived in the West Village on Thompson Street. He would come by my crib and pick me up and we would skate over to Washington Square Park and chill with the skinheads, punk rock kids, skaters, NYU kids and various other vagrants and hangers on, the big extended posse, you know. We'd jump from roof top to rooftop, chill'n' here there and everywhere. I couldn't skate worth of sh-- but Harold always looked out and let me tag along and kept me from being in danger. We'd crash out at whomever's crib we happened to be hangin' out at the moment. Someone would always invariably feed us, clothe us, buy us beer and send us on our merry way. I would disappear for days with Big H as I liked to call him. He was my big brother and he always looked out for me. As I got older and got my shit together, he remained a constant friendly face. He never begrudged me my come-uppance. He was true blue. When the KIDS movie came out he asked me if I saw it and I said, "No way bro. I lived that sh-- I don't need to watch it." He just cracked up and said, "I hear you." The last time I saw him, he just came in from LA, he looked great. Naturally he was carrying his ubiquitous skateboard. We hugged like the long lost friends we were. He called me later that night, around 4am and begged me to come over to his apt and chill. His voice sounded all crazy. I knew he was high. I told him I was asleep in bed and too tired to come out to party. I apologized profusely to him and promised I would call him in the morning, that I would catch him next time. The last thing he said to me was, "stay a good girl, I love you." There was never a next time for us. I can only hope that I will see him again one day. I don't know whether his death was an accidental overdose or a premeditated one and I don't care. Harold was a jewel. I loved him and I will remember him always.

Feb 26, 01:50
Seeing you was always a pleasure. Thanks for all the good time's.

Feb 26, 01:34

Feb 26, 01:17
so i see this page will be taken down in a couple days. i have so much to say i don't even know where to begin. met one of your friends tonight and she said "see? harold's still introducing us to each other." she's right. you were such a good man to everybody you hit it off with. it's been over a week now since you left us and i'm still looking around for you at every party, hoping to see you roll in with boonkie. rest in peace, my friend. we had fun. zk.

Feb 26, 01:12

Feb 26, 01:02
Everyone will miss you! You were funny and a good skater! Legends never die!!!!

Evan Woods
Feb 26, 00:30
I cant find enough words to describe the kind of awesome person that you are, you made everyone feel good about them selves even If they were just watching you skate or cook you would just set the vibe and make everyone feel as one. I never got the honor of meeting you but If I could I know that It would be one of the greatest times of my live that I would always look back on. Peace For Now But Not For Ever. Legends Never Die. May You Rest In Peace Harold Hunter You Will Be Missed.

Feb 26, 00:30
We all lost a good skater but a greater man....we all will miss you Harold Hunter R.I.P!!

Feb 25, 23:35

Leah McSweeney
Feb 25, 23:28
Today as we remembered you and mourned our loss and celebrated your life here, I swear I could see you walking down the isle of the church. You were wearing a white suite and a white fedora with a red rose on it, you wear smiling and looking like you never have. And I know you were there with us and you heard Avril's loving insightful words and Mamma D's angelic voice as she sang to you and to us. We laughed hard remembering your funny and unique ass self! But we cried harder thinking about how much we will miss you and how it feels like you were taken too soon. Bye for now but not forever....

Ricardo Flores
Feb 25, 22:54
I just knew about Harold in a Fuel TV show called Skate maps that I see in Mexico city (the place I live and born in) it's terrible to know that someone like Harold died, I hope that his work in skateboarding will be remembered by all, his jokes, his crazyness, everything. Long life to Harold wherever he is.

Feb 25, 22:52
what a shame to lose this talent from our community.

Feb 25, 22:39
When I made my first post I didn't know this was for Harold's family. Ron sorry I came through like that. I wanted to come and say something. But I just coudln't handle it. I knew he was gone but it didn't hit home until I stepped in your place. This is what I wanted to say: I wanna offer my condolescences to you, Mike, your sister, your cousins and your uncles. Your brother treated me like a little brother. Whenever anybody messed with me he always held me down. He encouraged me when I was trying to get my start. And you didn't have to be nobody special to be his friend. You didn't have to look like nothing. He didn't judge people on how they looked. And he had a big heart. That's what I wanted to really say about the dude. I know y''all know all this already but I just wanted to express my deep appreciation for how good he treated me and all ya'll treated. Mike tryin to teach me how to fight and shit. Ha! Ha! Rest in Peace Harold!! There'll never be another like you!!!

justin smith
Feb 25, 22:31
man he was raw but lengends never die i gess the good die young

Feb 25, 22:24
HH -- urban folk hero; Legends Never Die. RIP dude, you're the greatest.

Black Market
Feb 25, 21:13
May you rest in peace. Your life. Too short. Your soul. Eternal. BlackMarketProduct.com

Gold Deez
Feb 25, 21:12
R.I.P. Harold.......thanks for the memories!

Liz Regensburge
Feb 25, 21:00
I knew Harold always from downtown. I seeing him at the Jetblue terminal at JFK in 2000, we were coincedentally on the same flight to LA and HAROLD was riding his skateboard through the termainal. We planned to chat on the plane but five minutes after take off, Harold was asleep and droolin'. We said peace when we landed in LA and her always, always. always, wished me luckin my acting career and I wished him luck in life. I am so sad tohear another one of my friends is gone and because of drugs. RIP Harold - give a shout out to Dave Argu, Will Sudo, and Roland Gonzalez and to the rest of my peeps who passed away -OH, AH. OH AH.

Feb 25, 20:54
we'll miss you nigga good die young *LEGENDS NEVER DIE*

Feb 25, 20:44
Yo, everybody in NYC knew Harold, and he had a smile for everybody too. Too soon man, too soon. RIP.

positive posse
Feb 25, 20:30
we love u..............................................................

Feb 25, 20:25
dope video part! RIP HAROLD HUNTER Verse one (prodigy) Forever wild from the cradle to the grave Kid,watch your back,one time,itís comin always(yeah!) They lock me up for 12 days,i canít comprehend Now Iím a free man on the streets again Chasin st.ideís down with some seagrams gin Life is like a dice game and Iím into win (havoc) On the scene from the 41st side of queens We get the cream,laid up,love-love for dame Cos I mean what I mean,Iím out to claim king Doin my thing,do wild stakes my nameíll reign (prodigy) To all my peoples locked down comin back to life In the world once again though ya fear was trife While you was gone,we was goin to war and even more Saw my man layin dead on the floor,kid I swore That our crew will live forever,i guess I was wrong No,until we meet again,hold ya head and stay strong(yeah!) Yo,got my mind on a place to hide from police(where? ) Sweatin dogs as Iím runnin cross 12th street Just as I approach the block I spot a jake on the creep down by vickís weed spot(so what!) Made a u-ey up the hill plus a change of plans I had to hurry back so I could warn my man (havoc) Ya had me stressin little son,had my heart rapidly pumpin Niggas start a guttin behind the bushes duckin My ears rung,i punch a clip into the guns Got (? raydes? ) in the arm,one slug hit my son He was bleedin from the head,i couldnít believe it We was defeated,if it was a case I couldnít beat it Felt like cryin(the temperatureís risin) I saw my man helpless,damn near on the verge of dyin So to p I passed the iron (prodigy) Kid you ainít lyin! I went to stash the murder weapon,plus Iím relyin On a door to be open,goin in the building,itís a trap! Police buckin at me,they try to twist my tongue back Jetted up the staircase to the third floor Reached behind the sink,throw the heater on the floor Locked the door,police grabbed me up and tryed to break my jaw So whereís the gun we saw? (I donít know!) We know you was there at the homicide scene(I know nuttin!) And if it wasnít you,was somebody from ya team Chorus From the cradle to the grave (from the cradle to the grave) Repeat x 2 1/2 (straight from the motherfuckin cradle to the grave!) Verse 2 (havoc) Yo,itís the real drama kills,nobody moves,stand still! Bottle you!drop that ass off in a land-fill Son bless me with the iron,i got beef With some niggas from the other side over some weak shit Load up the heaters,greet em with the hollow-tips Flip em like the gotti clip,my crew shift the body shift The cradle to the grave is where Iíll end up Fuck gettin sent up north,son Iím bett-er Doin my dirt on a low Fuckin wit them mobbers like a crowd No doubt you gonna blow,you never know He didnít even have to go there Unprepared,now heís six below Yíknow Iím chillin,i gots no time for catchin feelings Get that money I wants,some brothers wanna act funny But itís all good I still die for the hood For my peoples,yeah knock on wood (prodigy) Triple l,rollin dice while I put you on To the drama what I gotta say is short not long This nigga that Iím beginning to dislike he got me fed If he doesnít discontinue his bullshit he might be dead Know him well and probably go way back But I donít care if heís your man doin shit like that I hope the word gets back to him,cos I screw him He shitted on my man and we got plans to do him Lets get it over with quick,Iím tired of waitin Ainít no fair overhead there,we just debatin on when and how Later on right now,spoke to killa yesterday He said to chill for a while But itís hard acting like everything is alright I get the chills when I see that nigga in my sight A dead man walking,not only that heís still talkin(about what? ) About how what he did buried off and you donít know How much I fiend to put his ass in a coffin One day my man and the next heís not Didnít know him long anyway so fuck it! Itís funny how things change(word up!) Chorus Outro:(prodigy) Word up man! Yíknowhatumsayin,we gonna die! Itís for real,kid,no games bein playe

Feb 25, 20:03
thanks for the inspiration and the influence. You will be missed, Harold. RIP

Feb 25, 20:01
Is up in the big skatepark in the sky..God bless.

steve Figueroa
Feb 25, 19:53
R.I.P. Harold your skating inspired me to keep goin. Your jokes on Skate Maps kept me feelin good while i skate and you will be missed forever.

Ryan/ Penn.
Feb 25, 19:44
yo, harold was true skateboarding. when i saw him on skate maps he was the only guy chilling and doing his thing. he didnt really care about anything and he was always happy. Rip Harold

robert trenks
Feb 25, 19:41
thanks for the advice man. R.I.P.

Sean Lane
Feb 25, 19:38
Yo, to me he was the man...he will still be love no matter what.....

Feb 25, 19:09
DAMN THAT FUCKING SUCKS! Ii met him a few times and he seems like a really chill dude.The last time i saw him was a KCDC in Brooklyn, even then he was drinkin' a brew. -R.I.P

Feb 25, 18:40
I feel like such an ass. I just saw him like three weeks ago on the A train. Holding his skateboard like usual. I'm very sadden by this. RIP Harold!!!! rr

mikey c
Feb 25, 18:39
Yo my nig, Harold Hunter one the funniest cats nyc has encountered. I've had many of wild nights with H&H. I really miss that dude, always the life of the party, and always smilin, frog eyed and all. The legend never dies. Even just thinking about him puts a smile on my face, and always will. Harold will be the kind of dude you talk to your kids about, you know the crazy kid who made every one laugh, just partied to hard some times. PEACE R.I.P.

Feb 25, 18:39
R.I.P. http://www.splitterbruch.de

team f.u.s
Feb 25, 18:19
r.i.p u wil be missed i hope theres a skateparke in heaven

Feb 25, 18:07
Legends Never Die. RIP you will be missed.

Feb 25, 18:04

ostr poland
Feb 25, 17:44
i miss you

Feb 25, 17:26
. . Ö. RIPHH R.I.P.

Feb 25, 17:26
when i think ZOO YORK, i think HAROLD HUNTER! zoo york better pay your tab brother. i miss you! thanks for being a great friend!

Feb 25, 17:24
I saw you on my way to Milk Studio on Thursday February 16th around 10pm. We had a small talk and said to each other c u later. You were nice and joyful as usual. I came home around 11:30pm and you called me at 12:04, 12:06am. I MISSED ur call. The night I saw you out last was the night you went out for the last time and three hours after I came back to NY from donating my eggs. A new life is about to be born. If you happen to slip into that body, please take care of it, or do whatever you like because you did a great great job with Herald Hunter. AndÖ. . .

Sara Brittany
Feb 25, 15:50
I met Harold when I was 11 years old and I lived in the West Village on Thompson Street. He would come by my crib and pick me up and we would skate over to Washington Square Park and chill with the skinheads, punk rock kids, skaters, NYU kids and various other vagrants and hangers on, the big extended posse, you know. We'd jump from roof top to rooftop, chill'n' here there and everywhere. I couldn't skate worth of sh-- but Harold always looked out and let me tag along and kept me from being in danger. We'd crash out at whomever's crib we happened to be hangin' out at the moment. Someone would always invariably feed us, clothe us, buy us beer and send us on our merry way. I would disappear for days with Big H as I liked to call him. He was my big brother and he always looked out for me. As I got older and got my shit together, he remained a constant friendly face. He never begrudged me my come-uppance. He was true blue. When the KIDS movie came out he asked me if I saw it and I said, "No way bro. I lived that sh-- I don't need to watch it." He just cracked up and said, "I hear you." The last time I saw him, he just came in from LA, he looked great. Naturally he was carrying his ubiquitous skateboard. We hugged like the long lost friends we were. He called me later that night, around 4am and begged me to come over to his apt and chill. His voice sounded all crazy. I knew he was high. I told him I was asleep in bed and too tired to come out to party. I apologized profusely to him and promised I would call him in the morning, that I would catch him next time. The last thing he said to me was, "stay a good girl, I love you." There was never a next time for us. I can only hope that I will see him again one day. I don't know whether his death was an accidental overdose or a premeditated one and I don't care. Harold was a jewel. I loved him and I will remember him always.

Feb 25, 15:44
Rest In Peace, man.

Monty Brown m8
Feb 25, 15:24
What a damn shame. Back in 1999, I thought he was wrestling for WCW on their show "Worldwide". But I was wrong, because it was Elix Skipper who was that man. Harold would also never miss a billion spots like our Elix would either. I write this to say that I apologise that I ever confused you with that absolute poor excuse of a wrestler, and I hope that you are having sex with the likes of Marylin Monroe and the girl from Different Strokes in heaven. RIP mate. RIP.

Feb 25, 15:23
You'll be missed greatly, I cant believe Im not going to see your silly self again. I love you man!

Feb 25, 14:58
damn man!!! i have so many good memories! i am so thankfull to have spent so many good times with you. I LOVE YOU HAROLD!!!!! may you rest in peace....

Feb 25, 14:48
rest in peace. 74-06

Feb 25, 13:57
i'm from france i just wanna say u'll be live in me until meet u may be in the blue sky. MERCI POUR TOUTE L'IMPIRATION ET TES BONNES VIBES QUI ONT PU AMMENER LE SKATE LA OU IL EST EN CE MOMENT, DANS NOS COEURS !

Feb 25, 13:50
Your contribution to Hip Hop, New York, and Skating can never be topped!

Feb 25, 13:43
I would just Like to Say Rest In Paradise Bro....... ONE......

Feb 25, 13:33
Hey Harold you crazy cat, we all miss you so much. I still can't believe you're gone. Youre just supposed to be there...at all the parties...at supreme...on TV...laughing and being loud and just being you.What a personality. I've known you for more than ten years and yet, I guess I didn't KNOW you know you. I know you had fun and lived life to the fullest...I just hope you realized how much everyone loved and respected you. And they still do...people from all over the world flying in just for you...I heard they played ODB at your wake. Perfect. I'm sorry I wasn't there...and I'm sorry you aren't here...Love always...

Feb 25, 12:15
today's NY times has an obituary on harold. http://www.nytimes.com/2006/02/25/nyregion/25hunter.html?_r=1&oref=slogin if you're not a subscriber you can read it here: http://ltjbukem.blogspot.com/2006/02/harold-hunter-obituary.html

Tyler Dixon RVA
Feb 25, 11:59
Harold was one to always make you laugh always helpin someone out you will truly be missed and never forgotten legends never die. R.I.P. Harold Hunter "maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i cant take it no more"

Jenny Lee
Feb 25, 11:53
You always made me laugh! Gonna miss you...

Feb 25, 11:14
LETS ALL KILL HATRED WITH KINDNESS !! light up the sky my niggabright, hoooo! r.i.p

Procky (London)
Feb 25, 10:28
Shit! Met HH back in the 90s on tour - dude, never forget that ealry underworld element and zooyork steez - you probably had no idea how you effected kids world wide. crazy cool man peace

kenny hughs
Feb 25, 09:28
yo dawg i'm thinkin of u right now this moment its crazy one day i'm wit u one day ur gone keep ur head up son u where the best i'm too sad to even skate now this shit brought me down BIG TIME I REMEMBER EVERYTING WE DID TOGETHER NOW UR GONE RIP SLEEP TIGHT LEGENDS NEVER DIE ONE LOVE HAL ZOO 4 LIFE

Feb 25, 09:09
I always saw Harold as a person full of life, always on the go with a smile on his face. I never imagined that this could happen to someone with so much talent and so much life. It deeply hurts to know that you are gone, the world will miss you,R.I.P

chad scoville
Feb 25, 09:03
I am certanly blessed to have hit the streets on the boards and raise hell with you brother. Reflecting with everyone, reading the words (especially the OGs), and watching the narrative of your life in pictures - What a magnificent soul you have!!! Larger than life and always will be.......

Feb 25, 08:16
god, grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change. the courage to change the things i can and the wisdom to know the difference.

Feb 25, 06:28
hi im spanish skater ....thank you for skate harold

Feb 25, 06:00
hi! i'm french. j ai ete fort choquer quand j ai appris cela... mes condoleances..

Feb 25, 05:15
Mad props to my old school bro. You will be missed. Please, let's stop losing our young brothers. A legendary person such as Harold should pass from this life in a legendary way. Not in the tragic way he did. Let's not let this loss in vain, but instead, use it as a moment to reflect about what we all seem to claim on this board. How much he was our friend. We need to stop looking the other way when we know our friends are engaged in destructive behavior. We need to stop saying "it's not our business". We need to stop glorifying these losses. We simply need to stop these losses from happening. We need to really be honest with ourselves, and accept our responsibility in all this. Why we give props about Biggie Smalls and people like that is beyond me. Biggie Smalls is exactly the type of person that would sell that poison to Harold... poison that would eventually steal the shining light of a good soul, only to fade it away, and leave us in shadows. Let's stop making heroes out of those that would steal our brightest brothers for the sake of profit and 'thug' props. We all have stories about Harold. From strangers, to old skool bros. Well, I don't know about you, but I would have rather seen the look on Harold's grandkids faces when he would be telling them about the crazy experiences he had "back in the old days". I would have liked to hear him crack a couple of more jokes about my low budget sneakers, or hear him do a few more impressions. Or inspire me one or two more times to push myself just a little harder, cuz he reminds me that we all want to be stars. I'm not trying to preach. I just think it's sad that we lost someone who could've provided so many more good memories and smiles to the entire list of folks on this web page alone. I'm tired of losing my bros to fuckin' chemicals. No more obituaries, please. Not until our bones burn with the aches of too much skating, our hairs greyed out, our skin thin and dry. Celebrate his life. Mourn his loss. And, as you say, Never Forget. And take a look around you, and if you see your homey diggin' himself into a hole, don't turn your back. Don't avert your eyes. Don't make believe "it's all good". Have the courage to fight him, to argue with him, to have him tell you to 'mind your own fuckin' business', to hold him down and scream some sense into his skull, to wrestle him down and knock sense into him. It could be the kindest act you'll ever do for him. peace

Feb 25, 04:23
NYC STAPLE!!! gonna miss u my brother.......r.ip.

D-suke from JPN
Feb 25, 04:16
Thank you harold & R.I.P. džÇËÇ™Ç∆ǧ

Feb 25, 03:01
this is so sad. r.i.p. harold...

D.J. Veins
Feb 25, 02:31
I never knew him but on all the videos i saw him in and skate maps he was funny as hell. R.I.P.

Feb 25, 02:11

Feb 25, 00:36
another sad ending another lesson taught

Feb 25, 00:35
You know it's kinda funny... Everyone is continuously saying how they saw him grow up and how they've known him since he was little and even how they grew up WITH him. For me, it was all the other way around. Harold and his family have been and my family have been neighbors for 22 years. Me, I was only able to take part in 16 of those years. In no more or no less than 3 weeks I will be 16 and until it is my time to chill with Harold and be able to tell him all that I never had the chance to say, I will ALWAYS and FOREVER remember his laugh, his smile, his generosity, and his words. He always told me that I have to continue doing what Im doing (keep up with the good grades) all that good stuff. He wanted me to accomplish goals and succeed.... He didn't only want that for me, he wanted it for all of us.

Sancho Cammayo
Feb 25, 00:14
Okay - I went today to the last day of the funeral. I could not help it - but I broke down in tears. What did it to me was the fact that -- I had this shirt that Harold asked me for a long time ago. I had a company once called DEFEX CLOTHING and I made this one shirt that says "NY LOVES ME" .... Harold seen me rockin it one day and he was like "YO! WHERE'S MINE?" So I said "WORD?" no doubt I told him "I GOT YOU BRO" but our paths just never crossed again after that -- at the right time and at the right place where I had it with me to give to him. Well I went to that wake yesterday and before I left my house..I was thinking I should bring it but I changed my mind because I thought it would be inappropriate to just toss shit in some ones coffin. So I left the shirt home. When I got there, .. I saw that they put construction paper all over the walls so that people can write all over them. There were TAGS, letters, drawings, people were just writing all kinds of stuff about their memories off Harold. Then when I walked up to his coffin, I noticed that the coffin was bolted on a skateboard and Harold was dressed like how he always does.. He had on jeans, a blazer and Nike sneakers... Shit man he even had on that hat he always wears and only he looks good in them things cuz this motherfucker had style!!! Anyways I saw that people left stuff on the coffin.. like pictures and just things so I told my self I would go back tomorow.. So I did today and went there with my Pregnant wife.. Dawn and my dog Oliver.. .. Man I have to tell you... it was like nightmare.. as I was walking up to his coffin, I started to really talk to him.. I told him "I finally get to give you this shirt bro - and I am sorry I waited this long.. shit I started tearing and just folded the shirt and left next to his right hand.. then I went downstairs to re-up. They had ODB playing while all this is happening.. it was crazy! Now I feel better... because you canít deny that NY REALLY LOVED YOU HAROLD!!!!!!! You touched so many of us. I read a lot of the things that people wrote up in here.... Hamilton Harris wrote about you man that was some real shit!!!! Also about how you were the last person Biggie Smalls spoke to in NY before he died??? Man thats just some crazy shit!! I cant believe I knew you man!!! You were the fucking man!!!! Infact my brother Franco was chillin with you the night you died. I just can't believe this shit is really real.. I dont know man I just want you to know that you will never be forgotten... and to all of you reading this... I am sorry but when you say "LEGENDS NEVER DIE" well one just did!!!!!! What will live forever though... is his LEGACY... because NOW you just pass on the beautiful inner soul this man had... I know I will... Shit I am going to be a father now... TWINS!!! I am having 1 boy and 1 girl. Its crazy how the world works.. 1 goes out and 2 come in. I could go on forever.. but I will stop here... HAROLD!!! REST IN PEACE>........THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE AND KINDNESS AND FOR ALL THE LAUGHTER.

Boston Joe
Feb 24, 23:44
Man......Harold. you were such a funny guy.....I know im not the only one who thinks you were the funniest guy in the biz. Man save me a seat in heaven...I know you will be shining down on all the skaters in the world..........Much love n' respect . "Survivors will survive, But Legends Never Die" _Boston Joe_

Feb 24, 23:13
What i remember is K.I.D.S it was the insperation that keeped me going sound stupid but its life and it comes fast R.i.P we will all make it threw stay tru to the zoo crew :) peace.

D.J. C......
Feb 24, 22:34
i never met Harold. But i miss him unexplainably much. I feel like i knew him. My heart weighs heavy in my chest. It's weird, through dark times brings light to others round the world. your numerous photos show a life eminating of powerful positive energy. signed, just a fellow being...

Feb 24, 22:31
Rest in PEACE!

Sara Brittany
Feb 24, 22:04
I met Harold when I was 11 years old and I lived in the West Village on Thompson Street. He would come by my crib and pick me up and we would skate over to Washington Square Park and chill with the skinheads, punk rock kids, skaters, NYU kids and various other vagrants and hangers on, the big extended posse, you know. We'd jump from roof top to rooftop, chill'n' here there and everywhere. I couldn't skate worth of sh-- but Harold always looked out and let me tag along and kept me from being in danger. We'd crash out at whomever's crib we happened to be hangin' out at the moment. Someone would always invariably feed us, clothe us, buy us beer and send us on our merry way. I would disappear for days with Big H as I liked to call him. He was my big brother and he always looked out for me. As I got older and got my shit together, he remained a constant friendly face. He never begrudged me my come-uppance. He was true blue. When the KIDS movie came out he asked me if I saw it and I said, "No way bro. I lived that sh-- I don't need to watch it." He just cracked up and said, "I hear you." The last time I saw him, he just came in from LA, he looked great. Naturally he was carrying his ubiquitous skateboard. We hugged like the long lost friends we were. He called me later that night, around 4am and begged me to come over to his apt and chill. His voice sounded all crazy. I knew he was high. I told him I was asleep in bed and too tired to come out to party. I apologized profusely to him and promised I would call him in the morning, that I would catch him next time. The last thing he said to me was, "stay a good girl, I love you." There was never a next time for us. I can only hope that I will see him again one day. I don't know whether his death was an accidental overdose or a premeditated one and I don't care. Harold was a jewel. I loved him and I will remember him always.

Alex P.
Feb 24, 21:59
"im a legend, legends never die" these were ur words. you will live on. rest in peace harold.

romke h
Feb 24, 21:55
rest in peace.

Liz Kokenge
Feb 24, 21:46
Peace out homie, always loved you

Joe Shupe
Feb 24, 21:44
Rest In Peace

Keith Eckert
Feb 24, 21:38
Rest in Peace, you bought joy to the world, thank-you

Feb 24, 21:36
everyone one is dealing with this in different ways. i miss harold and i really didn't even know him that well. at the wake i saw how upset some of his friends are. i don't think we can even know what kind of changes this is going to bring to the people that cared about harold. we are all still processing this. he was such a funny dude, so unique, and so honest. he was such a real person. he was so talented. he was too fucking young to die. 31, he had so much more of life to experience. he was so unique. iv'e never met anyone like him. i think everyone that came in contact with him felt that way. i have some funny stories about him....then again, anyone that spent any length of time with him has funny stories about him! but i also feel like there was more, underlying all the crazy antics and clowning around.... a depth to his character that allowed for him to connect with so many different types of people. but i don't need to get all psycho analytical about him. i think that's my way of dealing with the situation. the reality is that harold was a beautiful human being. it was too soon for him to leave us. i can only imagine how many more stories there would be about him if he lived to be an old man..... he will truely be missed... we love you, harold.

ms milly
Feb 24, 21:25
you know it was tough going to see you today but at the same time to see how everything was set up it was exactly how you would want it ..from the minute i walked in to the minute i stepped out it was like you brought everyone together as we all sat & stood watching a film abt harold it was so relaxing, nice I may say every one was laughing smiling saying this is just like harold this is what he would like .As I walked up to see you i remembered everytime i would see you you would just skateboard by give me a kiss on my cheek byt the time i turned my head you were waving bye from 5ht ave it was the funniest thing ..theres so many good memories but remember this you will never be forgoten missed of course but LEGENDS NEVER DIE We shall meet again ...RIP much love ms milly

ms milly
Feb 24, 21:24
you know it was tough going to see you today but at the same time to see how everything was set up it was exactly how you would want it ..from the minute i walked in to the minute i stepped out it was like you brought everyone together as we all sat & stood watching a film abt harold it was so relaxing, nice I may say every one was laughing smiling saying this is just like harold this is what he would like .As I walked up to see you i remembered everytime i would see you you would just skateboard by give me a kiss on my cheek byt the time i turned my head you were waving bye from 5ht ave it was the funniest thing ..theres so many good memories but remember this you will never be forgoten missed of course but LEGENDS NEVER DIE We shall meet again ...RIP much love ms milly

Feb 24, 21:15
Never met you man. Saw you in the flicks and the skate vids. You always kept 'em laughin'. I know you will be missed by all. RIP

Feb 24, 21:12
My Brother from another Mother, I saw you tonight for physically for the last time. But I know it is not the last time! You will be there at the gates of heaven holding your board when it's my turn. I will miss your face in the crowd, I will miss seeing you amogst all the common people who blend into one. Like Justin you have a place in my heart forever. By the way my son said today" I think I have skating in my heart" It made me weepy, reminded me of u... Thank you for being u and may you rest in glory my brother! Until we meet again, love always Claudia

Stm*Crew -Elche
Feb 24, 21:10
stm*crew no olvidara una legenda como hh...r.i.p.

Alex Collins
Feb 24, 20:16
I love you Harold. You snuck up on my with this one. I guess we're not getting married now.

Peter Bici
Feb 24, 20:12
I just remembered this story...It was the winter of 97...Harold came through to the office. Jeff Pang was there i forget who else...He was wearing a big north face with the fur on the hood..it was freezing outside. He just came back from L.a. and was talking about his time there..shaking back and forth like he always did...He said that he got "Mad Cali ass!" lol..then he went on about this Hollywood party that no one could get into but, HAROLD DID! "There was mad free food and CHICKEN! I ate mad chicken,YO!" Jeff and I was laughing our asses off. Cause we appreciated him SO MUCH!! Anyway, he had his hands in his pockets the whole time he was telling the story. LOL..then he pulled a piece of chicken out of his pocket...No wrapping or nothing! He started eating and I said "Yo, is that chicken from the party in L.A.?" He looked at me and started laughing...Jeff and I was cracking up so hard!!! Really,think about this piece of chicken..He arrived in NYC like 3 days before we saw him. Carried it all the way from Cali to the cold ass streets of New York City...Pulls it out and starts eating...LOL...this only one story from the Great legend...I was lucky to have in my life. Im going to tell my kids about there Uncle Harold and how great he was...Pete

Feb 24, 19:37
You brought me into a great group of friends. I had kinda lost touch with them but once again, because of you, you brought us all together again. I will never take people for granted and will always remember you with a smile and good memories! I love ya like a good girl should!

Feb 24, 18:29
rest in peace HH

Feb 24, 18:24
I've know harold since like 88 skating in tomkins square park and he was one of those kids that could pick up tricks in no time. He had plenty of reasons to be angry and mean person if you knew the kinds of obsticles he faced in life but this guy was all about having a good time. It was never a dull moment with him around. he liked to mess with everybody. As we got older we all went on differant paths and today I saw harold for the last time physically but I will never forget the charecter and perserverance of that guy and the good times and laughs we shared. harold didn't need a camera to put on a show he was like that before all the fame. best wishes to his family whats up hamilton, jamal rest in peace harold

Feb 24, 17:15
my brother skated with him in the brooklyn banks and he bought my bro a skateboard cuz he snapped it and my bro just died resently too harold ive al ways wanted to meet you but i guess i cant now legends never die r.i.p.

Feb 24, 17:12
I met Harold outside The Tilt in 1993 when he ran up on these girls I was trying to screw. Harold knew one of them and told us they werent letting anymore people in so we walked with him and Ricky from Varick up to Astor. I was amazed to see that each and every block we walked and talked, someone would say whats up to him or he would run up on someone. It was as if he really knew everyone in the city by the age of 19. People just gravitated toward this guy and we can all take a page from him on how to treat people (no matter who you were statuswise, Harold showed you love and gave you the benefit of the doubt). As time passed, I would run into him less and less but each time we crossed paths, it was always a good time seeing him. He was legitmately interested into what you were doing with your life. It was as if this guy was never in a bad mood. Harold, you will be missed by more people than you can imagine. You were a New York City institution.

Feb 24, 17:08
It is beauitful to see how many people you touched and were loved by. I am so happy i was one of them. You were truly authentic and if most had half the heart you did this world would be such a better place. All my love to you and your family - you will be missed and always remembered

R Mars
Feb 24, 17:06
Just got back from the wake and the best things about Harold are still there. People all remember the good things and the laughter he brought. He wouldnt have wanted people to be sad but to be happy for his life and how he made everything from nothing. His words were true and heartfelt and thats why he is Harold Hunter. Rest in Peace.

Tonight 2/24/06
Feb 24, 16:45
r.i.p. Harold we wish u were still here... tonight at 6&8s (christie & stanton) open bar 10- 11:30 (sierra nevada & finlandia) dj's gizmo chris landry ixl elle falafel friday is always free, but we are asking to please make donations at the door to help raise funds for harold hunter's funeral...all the donations will go to his brother ron the night of the party! "IN LOVING MEMORY OF HAROLD HUNTER"

LES Girl
Feb 24, 16:30
I used to see you around 14th street and in Campos pretty much all my life. I knew all about you and I loved that someone from the neighborhood was successful. You're death really saddens me. R.I.P. As you tell from all these posts, people loved you and will continue to do so. XOXO to you Harold and peace & strength to your family.

Feb 24, 16:19
Why did you have to leave us so soon? It was only a couple of weeks ago that you gave me that red good-luck charm. A Saturday night, earlier this month.You had just gotten back from Rio, moved back into your old apt, etc. Out of the blue, you put that red fuzzy thing in my hand -- "Keep it" you said "that shit'll bring you luck...!" and then you just winked. It had the shape and the size of a lighter so i thought i was one. It really touched me. I knew whatever it was, it would be good luck. We spoke about everything and nothing that evening; RIO, its sumo-size hot dogs and life on the cheap, your kids and demos all over the world, New York changing, us getting older, turning 28 and 32 this year, the transience of life, us needing to hang out some time, the good times to be had.....Legends!...etc. Your friend from Rio was a total spazz that night. You joked it was his first time in NYC. You guys split. I can't believe you are gone now. So soon. So unfair. So many times you gone out of your way to come talk to me even though i was doubly an outsider, not from NYC, not from the US. i was this French girl, you said. I was your friend. and you would not had it otherwise. You were larger than life, a beautiful soul and touched me like few have. Tu me manques enormement et ce porte-bonheur rouge que tu m'as donne debut Febrier ne me quittera jamais....x

Feb 24, 16:10
Learned so much from you and this whole experience. You will be loved and missed forever. NYC is changed. Your heart is huge...R.I.P.

Feb 24, 16:01
for the skateboarding world- Harold truly was the king of New york. RIP

Rockaway Surfer
Feb 24, 15:56
RIP, Dunny. See you at Max Fish in the heavens.

LES Girl
Feb 24, 15:53
I used to see you around 14th street and in Campos pretty much all my life. I knew all about you and I loved that someone from the neighborhood was successful. You're death really saddens me. R.I.P. As you tell from all these posts, people loved you and will continue to do so. XOXO to you Harold and peace & strength to your family.

Feb 24, 15:45
que estes en paz. Mexico te agradece

Skate Mental
Feb 24, 15:38

LES Girl
Feb 24, 15:21
I used to see you around 14th street and in Campos pretty much all my life. I knew all about you and I loved that someone from the neighborhood was successful. You're death really saddens me. R.I.P. As you tell from all these posts, people loved you and will continue to do so. XOXO to you Harold and peace & strength to your family.

LES Girl
Feb 24, 15:17
I used to see you around 14th street and in Campos pretty much all my life. I knew all about you and I loved that someone from the neighborhood was successful. You're death really saddens me. R.I.P. As you tell from all these posts, people loved you and will continue to do so. XOXO to you Harold and peace & strength to your family.

King shiloh
Feb 24, 14:42
Peace and respect from Copenhagen. RIP NYC!!!

Marcos Arnhold
Feb 24, 14:37
Rest in Peace. Brazilian skateboarders will forever respect you! Thanks for all the inspiration.

Feb 24, 14:32

Dante Ross
Feb 24, 13:53
The thing at Sunshine last night was beautiful. Thanks Saes.

Feb 24, 13:51
From first seeing him in the early days as a mini-shredder, thru "Kids," "Skate Maps," and the infamous trade show ollie, Harold was always down to make people laugh--to bring joy to other people. From my perspective, knowing him, but not too well, that was what made him happy--making people laugh... Living life to the fullest--there's a lot to say about that, but I'll leave it as Harold would've--I'll go out and do it.--WestSide SkatePunk

Feb 24, 13:45
Rest in peace Harold. Legends never die.

Marcos Arnhold
Feb 24, 13:29
Rest in Peace. Brazilian skateboarders will forever respect you! Thanks for all the inspiration.

Feb 24, 13:01
see you at the crossroads!

Roxy Cottontail
Feb 24, 12:59
Its crazy what can come of life when you touched so many like Harold did. I'm loving larger and hugging harder from now until infinity. I'm going to see you again Harold Hunter. I'm glad we both loved white women with ass and a great party. Your portfolio of video last night was brilliant and had everyone laughing and crying. From Good Morning America to Kids, you covered it all. You will be missed.

Feb 24, 12:24
Descanse en Paz Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren from Mexico City, Te ExtraÒaremos.

austria friends
Feb 24, 12:19
respect for representing zoo york..! PEACE, ONE LOVE

Feb 24, 12:08
a good life can be taken that fast...rip harold

Feb 24, 11:49
rest in peace harold...love from the brazilian streets...PEACE BRO!

boy from france
Feb 24, 11:48
the sun is shinning for you guy,rest in peace

Feb 24, 11:46
harold was one of the first people i met in ny,about 8 years ago,its was my third night in town and i ended up at a house party in soho,started talking to harold,just moved here,broke neded a job and harold gave me his number and told me to come with him to this commercial that was filming the next day,duncan yo yos!so the next day we skated over to the commercial,made a hundred bucks.it really impressed me that he was looking out for someone he didnt know.that began 8 years of Harolds antics in my life and each one legendary.you will be missed.rest in peace friend.

steve duque
Feb 24, 11:38
Even though i never had the chance to meet harlod, I truely know that he was a major influence to nyc skaters, Much Love to Harold Hunter, R.I.P

Christophe C.
Feb 24, 11:11
We will remenber you from all ova the world , god bless your family and help them thru this tough time , love from FRANCE .

Feb 24, 10:53
dear harold, rest in peace

marc scarpa
Feb 24, 10:11
First met Harold when he was around 13 years old. We were shooting a Rollin with the Z Boys video and he wanted in...through his skills and gentle persistance he made it and did great. From that initial meeting to nearly 20 years later he was always a friendly, respectful and very cool person. I will miss running into Harold every few months here, there and everywhere in the city. But no matter where it was, he always had a kind word and a smile. He truly seemed to enjoy his life and he brought happiness to those around him. RIP my NYC friend.

Feb 24, 09:56
R.I.P. Respect from Sweden

Feb 24, 08:22
Rest in PEACE!! Big thanks and Respect.

Feb 24, 07:18
thanks for the inspiration harold. See you soon

Feb 24, 07:01
R.I.P. Respect from Switzerland...

Feb 24, 05:57
rest in peace harold! it was nice to meet you!

Feb 24, 05:52
Respect. Rest in peace.

Feb 24, 05:37

Feb 24, 03:58
PUTA weon no PUEDE SER ahora estoy bien loko, y me cuentan ke te haz mueto, NO PUEDE SER, ME CAGASTE LOKO, ESTa webada la kago, Negro eres un weon inolvidable, KIDS es una pelicula ke Recordare toda mi vida, weon esta wea la cago, AHORA ME ENTERO Y NO PUEDO CREERLO, negro culiao porke cagaste, NOOOOOOO, SIENTO MUCHO TU MUERTE, eres una inspiracion maxima, ZOO YORK FAMILY, MIXTAPE. una aparicion ke cambio mi vida no jodas y te vas ahora, despues de 14 aÒos de skate puramente jugando con la tablita de mierda, y siendo un nigazz de lo maximo, te vaz a lo mas alto de este mundo, NO LO PUEDO CREER, LA CAGO WEON , chucha, SORRY SIEMPRE TU MUERTE MEN, I LOVE ZOO YORK FAMILY. michel feliu, Chile=Ecuador SOFT agrega JUAnito n

Cale Fredrick
Feb 24, 03:30

Feb 24, 03:04
Hey Double HH! I came to see you yesterday. I thought I was gonna be able to hold it together but I teared up. It was just like how you would have wanted it homie. Little kids sk8ing across the street, your whole Zoo crue and Supreme fam rep'n, girls crying all over the place, old video of you and your crazy ass self, graf on the wall, and hip hop playing in the background. People loved you Harold, even the one's who did'nt know you, and they still do. I hope your in a more peaceful place now. I love you brotha. RIP LEGENDS NEVER DIE...

Feb 24, 02:19
rest in peace

Feb 24, 01:41
I met harold once through my ex-girl. He called to her across the street and rolled up. It always seemed that easy to meet Harold.

Feb 24, 00:29

zombie velozo
Feb 24, 00:24
the legends never die aguante kids la pelicula and you never see a black dick shaken

Feb 24, 00:19
berother man i skated with u and smoked that good stuff with u alls i got to say is we are fam one big one i loved u man why did u have to leave so soon u where my favorite i remember u at tampa pro last year u fuckin had soo many people laughing there ass off u a funny dude U WHERE THAT DUDE HAROLD HUNTER RIP IN PEACE SOLIDER SEE U UP IN THE BLUE SKY

Feb 24, 00:13
FAREWELL HAROLD HUNTER 1974-2006 AND FOREVER LEGENDS NEVER DIE MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah deene
Feb 23, 23:24
Time passes quickly. People come and go. Few touch your hearts the way Harold could. I miss him. He brought a lot of love to the skate community, even here in Vermont. We took him downtown Burlington. For a small area you think you know the whole skate community...it wasn't only the skaters going nuts though. Everyone recognized him. He had that face. One that you will never forget and can NEVER be forgotten. Rest peacefully our dear friend.

Feb 23, 22:45

Feb 23, 22:36

Feb 23, 22:21
i never met him but he always had some energy to make everyone laugh man everytime i saw him in anything skating i could just watch it over and over rest in peace, DOUBLE H!

J. Nicely
Feb 23, 22:00
We encountered each other on many occassions, and you always gave me a pound, handshake, or a friendly nod of acknowledgement. As much as everyone knew you, you were never "too cool" or "too famous" to offer respect, and acknowledge people with friendliness and positivity. From the first time I met you in Los Angeles in '95 to the last time I saw you a few weeks ago at Anything, you always said whats up and were a genuinely nice person. That's rare these days, and you were most certainly one of a kind. With spring and summer approaching I know that New York City will not be the same during these days, because running into you on the street and saying whats up, was part of the fabric of a beautiful NYC summer day. So when that first nice day comes, and the sun is shinning, and all the beautiful girls are out, I'll make sure to take a moment to remember you, because I know you will be watching down on all of us, and your energy will forever be echoing thru these streets. Rest In Peace, Roll Into Position, and Rise In Power. Harold Hunter -- Legends Never Die, and you will not soon be forgotten.

Feb 23, 22:00
i only met you once, and i had the time of my life that night. i can't wait to see you again my friend.

Feb 23, 21:47
Even though I never knew you, all skaters are cut from the same cloth and now the tribe is smaller by one. Peace be with you wherever you are.

to my friends
Feb 23, 21:36
Please delete your dealers number from your phone. we will miss you harold.

Feb 23, 21:35
never knew you but always heard of you and your legacy your kindness your wit your ability to make anyone feel wanted and relevant. may you truly rest in peace.

Feb 23, 21:06
Yo i never met harold in my entire life,but i did feel the impact of his skating and how he influenced a lot of shit,respect to you Harold,You WILL BE MISSED!!

Brendan W.
Feb 23, 20:38
i was just at his wake 2 day. it was sad but fullfilling. there were only about 10 people. fred gall, billy rohan (dj), Taji ameen, jeff pang, chad muska (i think?) and his baby niece:....( . there was paper all over the walls to sign and write messages(etc.). it was an open coffin and it had trucks and wheels under it, he looked so peaceful. it was great to say one last goodbye and pay my respects. RIP Harold your legacy will live on. god bless his family and help them thru this tough time.

Hamilton Harris
Feb 23, 20:23
It was in the summer of "88" when I went down to Skate NYC in the Lower East Side with my friends from uptown, also known as Harlem. There were some dudes across the street in Tompkins Square Park doing ollies over garbage cans laying down. I had never seen anyone doing shit like this Uptown. They group of skaters started to make their way back with this black kid who looked just like me with the freshest gear on and a hand full of money. I over heard them bragging about their trophies of cash. Guess who made the most? i knew this cat was special. even his facial features were distinct and beautiful but with tenderness and humor that no one could forget. He looked at me and we connected but we did not talk at first. Where we are from you are not supposed to make it obvious that you admire someone, it's pretty dumb but that how it was. I went home that night and knew that I would go back downtown to skate with these guys and eventually become friends forever. A few days later I find myself on the train headed downtown to Skate NYC to see these cats again. They were there and invited me to join them, guees who "set-ted-ded if off? Now i'm in. But not quite yet. I had to show and prove myself at a skate session. I guees iI passed, you know a C+. Next thing you know we are skating in the "hood" meaning pass Avenue A when Tompkins was known as " Needle Park" and not because they were in the tailoring business. We then head towards Campos Plaza which is great for skating but is in the "Projects", you know "Section 8" also know as "The Hood". When we are finished skating we go into one of the buildings and Harold says " lets go to my house" I'm excited to see how he lives and meet his family only to find out that it reminds me of home. What an honor I thought it was to meet someones family in there home by your now new friend, but wait until you cross the threeshold of someone's home and your accepted by the King, in this case it was a Queen and she was no joke. If mom is the princess I guess we all know who the Queen is. I walk in the door, remove my hat and did not move or say a word until I was spoken to. I aint goin front, I was shook. Harold told me all about her with love. He just was a bad little motherfucker and got his ass whipped more than a few times, so I knew who I was dealing with and wanted to win the respect of the Queen. Guess what, I did. She treated me just like her own. The family was shocked and so was I . Guess where he got that keen sensitivity and love from? She was his "African American Idol". She showed him how to love and the wisdom that comes from simplicity. Believe me, anyone who likes mayonase sandwiches is as simple as it gets. As i got to know him and where he was from I really got to understand him, when his Queen passed i saw a tremendous lost for her little prince who would soon become a KING, in his own birth right and boy do I mean KING. If life were a game of cards and you were dealt his hand believe me you and I would have lost. This cat was able to take a bad hand and turn it into a Royal Flush. Or how about the alchemist. He can turn Cheep meatals such as copper and bronze into gold. I even think platninum, more that the rappers in the entertainment industry. You know I hardly heard him complain. This dude had much to complain about but instead he used his gift of alchemey. Just like he would call someone if wanted to do what they were doing, " Ya black bastard' , Wow, what humor epecially when the joke is on you from him. Only the strong would survive the KING'S wrath of humor. As we got older and stsrted to go in different paths, I never judged you because I understood you. I knew we were going in different directions but to the same place. I'm now half way there. You parted this world in a very mystical way. I knew you were choosen to fulfill something grand for all those who encountered your earthly presence.I guess i'm ready to say peace and cry. Love always, Hamilton PS Tell the "Queen" i said hello.

Feb 23, 20:00
i meet him at a my friends steves roof top party in dumbo around 93 ever sence then we would see each other a show and say hello he was always very gracious and kind.

Feb 23, 19:57
I loved you, been soooooooooooooo frustrated by you, missed you, fought with you, laughed with you for as long as I can remember. You were a big part of my life, a piece in my circle, I feel like there's a hole now that I dont know how to fill. But I know your at peace, I feel it, I know you were smiling down yesterday seeing how much you are loved and missed, and being so proud of Ron for putting it all together. I kinda imagine you chillin with Marilyn Monroe. I will always pray for you and love you

Boy From Brazil
Feb 23, 19:57
Harold ... Man you are special bye.

pete aka pnut
Feb 23, 19:53
Its strange seeing your myspace page... your last log on.... can't bring myself to even watch Fuel for risking seeing Skate Maps... seeing you at the viewing was hard as fck... not the way I want to remember you... watching all the people you touched... it was strange, last time we skated was 15 years or so ago, skating that school on First Ave with the rest of the old Skate NYC crew... saw you after that in various stations in life, in clubs, at the park, in the village, on my way to work... saw a lot of people you touched, people I knew and people I didn't, but we were all there for you... hope you go knowing that...

Feb 23, 19:20
It's not about starting trouble. It's about understanding the truth of a situation. Zoo York profits off of Harold. the fact that there are so many questions about their involvement (or lack there of) in the funeral arrangements is something that people need to know. why should anyone suuport or rep a brand that would sink so low?

Feb 23, 19:18
Yo, Vermont is skating for Harold tonight. We are having our own memorial in Haroldís Honor cause we all canít make it to NYC ñ The local park is donating all park fees tonight to Haroldís Funeral cost ñ we got to take care of our own. Weíre skating from 9pm to Midnight. Peace Harold.

Feb 23, 19:17
what is the real story behind the zoo york thing? I heard James from Supreme stepped in an wrote a big check but Zoo didn't pony up anything....

Feb 23, 19:12

Fear Nothing.
Feb 23, 18:58
Word is Bond.

Practise Truth.
Feb 23, 18:56
Harold is, was and always will be ZOO YORK so be easy with your unthoughtful words and unnecessary questions. We're all here to mourn the loss of a loved one and share our stories, not to start controversy.

Feb 23, 18:53
Hey Double HH! I came to see you yesterday. I thought I was gonna be able to hold it together but I teared up. It was just like how you would have wanted it homie. Little kids sk8ing across the street, your whole Zoo crue and Supreme fam rep'n, girls crying all over the place, old video of you and your crazy ass self, graf on the wall, and hip hop playing in the background. People loved you Harold, even the one's who did'nt know you, and they still do. I hope your in a more peaceful place now. I love you brotha. RIP LEGENDS NEVER DIE...

Yeah! How Come?
Feb 23, 18:45
How come anyone who says anything bad about how Zoo York is handling this situation gets deleted off this page? Who runs this page?

Feb 23, 17:56
zoo york...million dollar company, and you cant pick up Harolds funeral tab?

Feb 23, 17:55
this si my 3dr time i live in texas so i cant go to the wake i wish i would i loved harold (i the none gay way) R.I.P we love u harold!!!!!!

The D
Feb 23, 17:41
Harold your awsome man and we all hope u RIP!!!!!!!!!!! :( :(

danny jr
Feb 23, 17:27
harold was a dope skater we will miss him he will still be around remember. LEGENDS NEVER DIE

danny jr
Feb 23, 17:26
harold was a dope skater we will miss him LEGENDS NEVER DIE

danny jr
Feb 23, 17:25
harold was a dope skater we will miss him he was mr new york

Feb 23, 17:11
Harold could talk shit with the best of them. Every encounter I had with him I was on the receiving end of a harsh tongue lashing.

Feb 23, 16:55
wow..this is my second time writing...after going to the wake reality sunk in...This is my goodbye until I see you again. Rich Chocolate Harold. Rich in love Rich in passion Rich in charm Rich in talent Rich in laughter Rich in realness I cherish the crazy sexy fun we shared. I will carry you in my heart for the remainder of my journey here until next time. Thankyou. REST IN PEACE.

Feb 23, 16:30
I remember being in HIGH school..1992, hanging out in Washington Square Park and St. Marks with Tara:hearing wheels grinding. We knew it was Harold with his big smile and his awesome sense of humor. I'll miss you Harold. Me and Ag will never forget summer of 94 in Mission St.(SF) with you and Justin. Rest in Peace Ol' Dirty Harold

Feb 23, 16:15
Una gran perdida, ase parte de estas personas que encuentras y que no te olvidas nunca...Y no te olbidaremos nunca! Hasta pronto tio lo espero.RIP

Hamilton Harris
Feb 23, 16:14
Finally peace. Peace finally...... Love always, Ham.

Feb 23, 15:57
Met Harold only once at Karova Milk Bar. Pitched him a film idea from a script I'd just completed. He listened to me like I'd know him all his life. An incredibly gifted actor, but even rarer, an amazingly humble, sincere and all around beautiful person. He will be missed.

Conn Artist
Feb 23, 15:26
R.I.P. Harold You were never perfect but you were always true.

Feb 23, 15:16
back in like 92' , harold and steve berra rolled thru providence on an airwalk tour(i think). all of us couldnt believe how nice the guy was. its really sad to lose someone like him so young. i don't think he'd remember me.....but we all will remember him. rip

Hugh Gran
Feb 23, 15:15
Here's the short of it: I guess this is what hurts so much. I didn't see it coming... But then again I never saw it coming for all my fam that perished before him: All my blood lost, All my friends lost, and now you Harold my friend. My buddy who Started off so small and ended larger than life itself. A matter of fact I used to imagine him all old and gray bumping into me in the street still totting a skate board, and talking about the good old days... It breaks my heart, just like it broke when my friends and family before him passed away. I'll remember Harold as I always knew him larger than life, but just another good fella from around the way bringing a smile to my face when I'd bump into him. So I send This memory to you Harold, and I share this with your friends and family. Shine in heaven as you shined in the world and we will all see each other again. I have more to say, but I don't know how to say it yet.

J Reyes
Feb 23, 15:13
Harold, it's obvious your not dead you've just passed on...passed on a legacy

Tarik B.
Feb 23, 15:01
RIP to Harold Hunter and my deepest condolences go out to his family especially his brother thats currently on lockdown. Stay strong and believe that he truly is happy wherever he may be

sonny ward
Feb 23, 14:51
i never new him but he was an inspiration to all of us skaters

Feb 23, 14:32
Harold, I found $20 on the street walking to your benefit. First thing I thought was that it came from you, generous heart.

Alicia G.
Feb 23, 13:58
Gett'n off the F train at W. 4th st. O n my way to Washington square, cause ya knew he'd always be there. Whipp'n around on his board, smiles swam across his face. Weav'n in 'n outa 'n over benches 'n thru trees. Almost never land'n on his knees. The sun shone, everyone was out & ya knew you'd made the right decision by ditch'n school. Tee hee, he made all the girls giggle with panting eyes. Trapped inside the beauty of his slanted eyes, to his his deep dark skin, with his wit 'n charm he reeled us all in. I probably haven't thought about you in years.......,but my memories been jogged, and now I feel robbed. So dear ol' Harold, ol' friend, ol' pal, it's time to reminisce over you............. Rest in Peace, May all the dreams that you dreamt, see themselves come true. Love, Alicia J. Ginsburg February 21, 2006

Feb 23, 13:23
i was sapposed to meet harlod hunter on the 17 i was so happy but then i got a call from one of my friends even throught u i didnt meet him he was still the coolest in my opion

courtney D
Feb 23, 13:03
I met Harold in 98'. He was one of the first pople I met when I moved here. I know alot of other people that have said the same ting. Thats how he was, the first to come up and day whats up and intorduce you to everyone, in a city that can be so cold, Harold was the person to keep you warm. To make you feel seen. He was crazy as amother fucker. But I looved him. I remeber sitting in Zoo with him and he was recording Ditty Bop. Eli and Abrahms and i just sat back and laughed. He was so creative, so funny. My boo. I will miss you. Forever your baby girl, you know it! Now you can have all the hot dogs and ice cream sandwiches you wante boonkie.

Aaron L
Feb 23, 12:45
yo harold you were such an inspiration to us all, you always gave way more than you took, always supporting so many people hustles, a total ball of creativity, and positivity, a nyc classic..my thoughts and prayers go out to ronald, mike, rick, the forsyth family, and the rest of Harolds family worlwide...I wanna see the HH lifestory in theaters this summer!! Hollywood make this happen!

Feb 23, 12:28
Hear Bear For Life!!

Feb 23, 12:24
rest in peace Harold Hunter.4eva u were my hero.

Feb 23, 12:22
I just found out the news. The other night for some reason i was sitting around and got the thought in my head that man i wanna watch some harold hunter videos. so i popped em out and checked em. 3 days later i find out he passed away. Weird. Your legend will live on Harold. Your Rock man. peace brotha.

eric s
Feb 23, 11:52
legends never die

Feb 23, 11:48
R.I.P. HaroldÅ@Hunter Ç®ëOÇÃéñÇÕñYÇÍǻǢÅB

dj harm
Feb 23, 11:26
I only met you this one time in cologne. You invited me to your crib but now you're dead. I can't believe! It was a pleasure to meet you. I will put your shoutout on the next mixtape. Neva forget! R.I.P.

Johnny C.
Feb 23, 10:46
R.I.P. Harold it was good hanging with you

Jared jones
Feb 23, 10:45
R.I.P Dogg

gizmo sk8er
Feb 23, 10:43
seeing you in kid s was awsome ur a great guy and u skate awsome R.I.P harold ur my hero DJ PETONQUOT

Feb 23, 10:39
R.I.P harold u were awsome!!!

Ralph 4rm Houst
Feb 23, 10:27
I never met that cat, but just by seeing him on T.V. I knew he was a real dude youknowhatimsayin. When I found he passed away I was shocked, couldn't believe it. All I got to say is he's with the father now, he's in good hands. WE LOVE YOU HAROLD.. R.I.P. MY NIGGA!!!

east Coast
Feb 23, 10:15

Feb 23, 09:18
i just can say this 4 words: WE WON`T FORGET YOU

yeah dolla
Feb 23, 08:29
harold saw people, he knew who we were. RIP.

Brad M
Feb 23, 06:31
My Deepest sympathies To The Hunter Family. Harold Will never Be Forgotten. Ron, if You Read this Keep Your Head Up and Lou,Tara,myself etc Wish you and Your Fam the Best In These hard Times..R.I.P. Harold

Feb 23, 06:22
i dont think i can describe what you not being here means to me. i think of the time we werent speaking. i was mad at you. at justins memorial we made up. talked about those donuts and oj. we have consoled each other during each death we've had in the family. im on my own this time. thanks for those moments when we could just hang out and talk for real. or not talk at all. i take comfort in knowing that you had a great life. i also take comfort in knowing that even though we didnt hang out so much anymore you knew that we were still family. i know you were "being good". i never had a doubt.

Neil Nice
Feb 23, 06:09
Harold's "Benny Fuckin' Blanco from da Fuckin' Bronx" impression sticks out in my mind a lot. Shit was hilarious and he did it all the time. I remember this one time being bummed about some stupid shit and Harold knew it. We were skating but I was sitting down kind of expressionless when he said, "Ey yo, cheer up, its fuckin' Benny fuckin' Blanco from da fuckin' Bronx...how- aboutta' fuckin' bagel alright guy!" I just looked at dude with his fedora on and started laughing almost uncontrollably. Shit put me in a much better mood and I continued skating and having a good time without thinking about what had gotten me in that mood in the first place for the res of the day. Harold possesed that kind of power! I swear, it was like dude just wanted everyone to always be happy around him and would do whatever he could to make others feel good...we truly thank you for that brother! ONE L FOR LIFE!!!

GMoney Matt NSF
Feb 23, 06:08
You were one of my major influences as a kid (you were still a kid too) when I was skating in DC. The East Coast didn't have much of a name and neither did we have "pretty" spots, but we had the streets where is where I lay my head. Also I still have the original taping on VHS of the appearance on New York Undercover...That was one of my favorite shows. You hung out with many of my friends in New York and somehow it seems I've known you for a long time. All of us will keep your name alive no matter what the cost. My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected. -Matt

Feb 23, 05:47
dolla i was looking for you at the wake. I just wanted to see you and everyone rfom then to now. I went upstairs with Hileanne. I couldn't stand to see my little man like that! I mean..... You hit it on the nail with the positive words but it still hurts really bad, you know?

Feb 23, 05:40
R.I.P.H.H!!!!!! 4 EVA

Mizzle Dizzle
Feb 23, 05:40
i agrre they shuld make a bronze statue ofhim at the brooklyn banks rest in peace brother u will go down in history as 1 of the greatest skaters ever R>I>P Harold Hunter MISS YOU!

The Real AK
Feb 23, 05:03
I'm sure we have all lost someone close and there really are no words to describe the feeling we all experience in our own ways. There is also no words to describe the way Harold was in person in just one phrase. His character can never be duplicated. We should all be greatful for the memories we have with Harold, I know I am. Harold will never be forgotten and will allways remain a Original NYC Downtown Allstar. My prayers go out to his family and true freinds. All original downtown heads represent and light up one for Harold at the Theater tonight.

chris aka dolla
Feb 23, 05:00
so i went to the wake today, and let me just say that harold looked just like i always knew him, innocent, peaceful, and even in this time of sorrow, he was still full of life to me. it was hard to see him there, all i saw running thru my mind were flashes of all the good times we had together. how harold would always do something, either to go right along with whatever was going on, or something straught outta left field!! damn man, it really does hurt just to know that another one of my old friends from the crew is gone. i was away when justin and keenan passed and never got a chance to pay my respects directly, i remember one night in this girl claires house in brooklyn, we were all so drunk! harold and justin started singing in the kitchen at like 430am and then we all started singing and then we all started breaking everything in this poor girls house...damn that was fun, i remember keenans granma telling us to get jobs and stop making messes in her house, i remember how we use to go to spinners house for the infamous spinner jams and all harold wanted to do was stay in the pool. all i can do is remember all the good time s we all had, sh!t, we were just kids! i remember hileann's crib on st marks, smoking a blunt and her moms walking in and me getting all nervous and ish, then harold and everyone making fun of me cause i was the only one getting nervous and hi's mom was the coolest mom in the world back then. i don't know how long you all knew harold, or how yall met harold, all i know is that those of you i never got to meet, will always share the same love and memories of the harold i knew and you did too. he had a uniqueness about him that so many saw in him and will always seein him, even after his parting. i know alot of people have been affected in a tremendous way, all i ask is that everyone look at themselves the same way harold did. he saw something in everyone, he saw the good and the bad, he knew who you were. and we all know who we are and what we do, and why we do the things we do, so take a step out of that shell you have created and remember that what he saw in you, heloved about you. please everyone, let this time be one of not only rememberance, but of acceptance, stop running from who you are, i myself have done so many things to myself and have wanted to be someone else, but harold always knew who i was and always wanted me to stay the same. from les til infinity, harold hunter will always live on because....legends never die........ chris vidal aka dollar rest in peace my friend

Santos Hungary
Feb 23, 04:51
Never Forget Harold!I miss U forever!Legends never DIE!Rest In Peace!!!!

Dante Ross
Feb 23, 04:34
Word up Bill cats thought we were busting shots,but it was just Harold and them hitting the edge of the stage where the ramp was s with thier boards . I think Jeremy was with Harold and them if I recall right. Forgot that was him bugging out. Figures.........all of us LES cats are crazy. I saw him a few days later he was telling me about watching the fight and whatnot. Damm I was with big Yves scrapin side by side that night too another LES soldier that passed way to soon............ HH RIP. One love your hanging with the angels now laughing I bet.

Jason Jenkins
Feb 23, 03:47
One of the Greats. Hold it down, Harold and forever ride on. -Jason

Alex Dymond
Feb 23, 02:39
From One LES Legend to Another. (I hope nobody is offended in the mix.) This one is for you Harold... A Lower East Side Poem Just once before I die I want to climb up on a Tenement Sky to dream my lungs out till I cry then scatter my ashes thru The Lower East Side So let me sing my song tonight Let me feel out of sight And let all eyes be dry When they scatter my ashes thru The Lower East Side. From Houston to 14th Street From Second Avenue to the mighty D Here the hustlers & suckers meet The faggots & freaks will all get high On the ashes that have been scattered So here I am, look at me I stand proud as you can see Pleased to be from the Lower East Side A street fighting man A problem of the land I am the philosopher of the criminal mind A dweller of prision time A cancer of Rockefeller's ghettocide This concrete tomb is my home To belong to surive you gotta be strong You can't be shy less without request Someone will scatter your ashes thru The Lower East Side. A thief a junkie I've been Committed every known sin but this ain't no lie When I ask that my ashes be scattered thru the Lower East Side I don't wanna be buried in Puerto Rico I don't wanna rest in Long Island cemetery I wanna be near the stabbing shooting Gambling fighting and unnaturally dying And new birth crying So please when I die Don't take me far away Keep me near by Take my ashes and scatter them thru out The Lower East Side... -Miguel Pinero

Feb 23, 02:08
rest in peace forever all my heart out to ron and the rest of the family, stay strong, your brother is loved.

Feb 23, 01:55
as i sit in wack ass vegas ,, thinking about harold ,, i have a funny story to tell ,,,circa 93 i did a party @irving plaza opening night place was stuffed 2 thousand people ,, dante and them got into a fight with puffy and beat him down puff bouncers jump in and harold and crew start swinging their skateboards at puff 's security ,dudes didnt realize how much trucks can hurt and decided not to get hit again ,,all of a sudden i hear a loud ,BOOM and everyone is running screaming gunshots 2 thousands people running ,, and then BOOM again and again ,, i then go to check out the "gunshots" and see harold in the corner banging his skateboard againsit the wall !!!! watching everyone run ,,, and all he had to say with a smile ,,was ..YO THIS IS ILL ,,!!!!

Feb 23, 01:51

was one
Feb 23, 01:23
man, harold was the homie...back in 97, i met him for the first time at vinyl and we did bad things together...i told him i was fucking cold AND HE GAVE THE SWEATER OFF HIS BACK TO ME...that is the type of cat HH was...to all the fucking haters, speculators, papparazzi, whatnot....FUCK OFF!...this is a time of mourning and reflection for a lot of us here in NYC...stop and think before you type some nonsense...i love you harold, you are forever a presence here in brooklyn...i still got the sweater you gave me off your back...never would have thought it was the last time we kicked it when i a saw you a little while ago brother...much love from the whole church ave. crew goes out to your family and REAL friends, who are mourning like us...RIP HH/// MANY TEARS BEING SHED.....................

Feb 23, 00:58
LOOK AT ALL THAT LOVE BELOW... a testament to a wonderful life, although cut short, obviously lived to the fullest. we should all aspire to touch as many lives as harold did with what time we have left. you led by example... let's follow.

Feb 23, 00:26
harold hunter you brought sunshine and light to all of us. I loved every moment I ever spent in your company. It was my honor to be your friend. Keep shining on us, we all love you baby. Until we meet again ... god bless your beautiful soul!

anon ee mouse
Feb 23, 00:08
zooyorck, smoo york, ecko smecko it doesn't f-ing matter, he's gone. harold, you were the shit, everytime you were around, you lit the place up. everyone knows that and that's why we wrighte here today. when you were where we were going, we knew it would be a good time. when you had just left, we wish we had gotten there sooner. you lived life, the most important thing there is. you lived, you loved, you used your time to it's potential. nyc misses you along w/ the rest of the world you touched. always in all ways nB

Feb 23, 00:03
HAROLD - the legend...

Pink Floyd
Feb 22, 23:53
Nobody knows where you are, How near or how far. Shine on you Krazy diamond... * How I wish, how I wish you were here. We're just lost souls Swimming in a fish bowl, Year after year, Running over the same old ground. What have we found? The same old fears. Wish you were here. * rip to the legend

Feb 22, 23:24
harold hunter RIP we will all miss you

Feb 22, 22:53

Feb 22, 22:52

Feb 22, 22:51
I don't even skate, but shit I loved watching Skate Maps with all your crazy antics. You seemed like a good guy, and from reading what other people have said, I know you were. Legends never die.

Feb 22, 22:20
still shinin'

Feb 22, 22:11
Good peoples, amazingly talented skateboarder, real deal nyc cat. i never knew harold very well but on a few different levels over the years. stop talking fashion politics, not the time or the place. peace. RIP HAROLD.

Jason Crabtree
Feb 22, 22:09
Harold hunter was one of my big influences in skating i met him not to long ago at the zooyork demo in atlanta at ambush skateshop and it was crazy to see someone that crazy and good at skating to be so laid back and down to earth. he mite be gone but he'll rest in the hearts of all his family,his fans, the zy crew and more. R.I.P Harold Hunter 1974-2006

Tao Takeda
Feb 22, 21:55
R.I.P N.Y.C hero'S

Feb 22, 21:51
Upon hearing the news of Harolds death, I got really angry. The "A NY THING" mass email that was sent out sums it all up. After those inital feelings of anger passed, I started to remenicse and got happy. You were ADI with my boy Johnny Fonseca. ADI was one of those thing that made me proud to be a black skateboarder like, Steve Stedham, Ned "Peanut" Brown, Ronny Allen, Stevie Dread, etc. It was a time, when it was like, my generation is starting to do it for ourselves. The worlds of Thrasher and TWS were diffrent worlds, worlds of fantasy, escape, and it was awsome to see that shift in skatboarding, when our generation started controlling shit- when fantasy became reality. I am blessed to have skated with you in Chicago, and years later, come to NY, and hear funny childhood stories about you from Ksers sister, and realize that the world is smaller than I think it is. Alphabet City, NYC, the whole world will be alittle diffrent without you, Harold.

Not Perfect
Feb 22, 21:31
whoever wrote the message earlier today about us all being assholes is dead-on correct!!! i met harold a couple of times through mutual friends and he was definitely an "up" cat. fun to be around, etc. however, you got the sense that he was on the verge of taking the lifestyle too far, which unfortunately seems to be the case. i too would much rather run into homeboy years down the road and give him a pound, rather than be writing this. rest peacefully! respect.

Feb 22, 21:30
oh man thats sucks he was my fav zooyork skater R.I.P.H.H we will all miss you!!!

Feb 22, 21:18

eddie peel
Feb 22, 21:16
harold led the type of life i thought would never end. RIPHH

Feb 22, 21:11
yo dude wuz a sick skater! we all took somethin with us from his style & from his selfbeing R.I.P.HARLOD2006.....PEACE&LOVE

Feb 22, 20:47
old enough to know better not old enough to care.........our story!

Feb 22, 20:31
Word...Harold was an ill sk8ter..lived the dream of so many suburban kids who just wanted to skate, live in NYC, and listen to hip hop. You will be missed, and you are right "Legends never die" homie..peace be with you on the next plain..

Feb 22, 20:24
Zoo York's Finest R.I.P Harold.

Feb 22, 20:15
o ya harold,when we were skateing at south side in houston he gave this kid that dident have a board on and trucks,wells,grip,bearings,everything and this is how hes repaid thats not cool we love u harol every one of us on this page

Feb 22, 20:13
the skinny version or chubbs version

Feb 22, 20:12
build a big bronze statue of him at the brooklyn banks!!!! word ZOO YORK..good eye dear

Feb 22, 20:11
Harold, you were a great guy. I only met you once but I will remember always. Every clip I have seen of you skating was amazing, it looked like you just flowed and it made it fun to skate for myself. Peace.

Fear Nothing
Feb 22, 19:55
Just to clear up the confusion. The ZOO YORK, as you know it today, is actually owned and operated by ECKO UNLIMITED. They are the ones deciding to contribute money or not. The dudes who started ZOO YORK in 1993 don't even have anything to do with ZOO YORK anymore. If you have problems with how ZOO YORK is handling this situation then be aware that it is the people at ECKO UNLIMITED that you have a problem with. That's the TRUTH! Fear nothing.

Feb 22, 19:48
i was in shock when i heard the news its so sad i saw him at south side on augest 31 its like wow! ihe kepte me movated and when ever i watch skate maps it wont be the same or zooyork or even new york

Feb 22, 19:39
Harold has inspired me in my skating and life. He was A LIVING LEGEND. We will never forget that and in our hearts, he will be there beside us

mar fujimoto
Feb 22, 19:22
Harold, you've inspired more people than you know. Including myself. Your love, laughter, and selflessness are gifts we'll continue to pass along...

Feb 22, 19:16
even though i only met you recently, i always knew of you growing up skateboarding. i looked up to and admired your attidude and antics in the skate videos. you were skateboardings o.d.b.! when i did have the chance to meet recently you you proved to be more than i had expected , you really were 'larger than life' I instantly knew you had a good heart , and i deeply apprieciated you humorous insight. you had good vibrations that put a smile on everyones face around you. im glad i had the opportunity to spend time with u before you passed. My deepest condolences go out your family and friends. rip. one love

mar fujimoto
Feb 22, 19:15
Harold, you've inspired more people than you know. Including myself. Your love, laughter, and selflessness are gifts we'll continue to pass along...

Feb 22, 19:13
we are all such assholes. just a bunch of lonely ass people self medicating, with too much ego and too much 'cool' to know when enough is enough. one of us is dead. which makes us dead. We all loved him because we partied with him and laughed with him and in some ways we saw ourselves in him. he was us. and it is time we take a look at ourselves and why we get so drunk every night or so stoned from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. why? so when we die we can have a zillion people celebrate our lives? i would rather run into Harold...and Vanilla and everyone else and give them a hug. and take away a bit of that emptiness that everyone is so desperately trying to fill up. I rather run into people when they are 90 in the east village and be able to laugh WITH THEM about all the crazy nights...

Feb 22, 19:07
one love my brother. may our Creator laid you down to rest and put you under his wing, with you knowing you have mad love and respect from your friends and families of known and unknown faces. i will miss you and your energy dearly. my heart breaks every time when i think you will be physically gone but comfort to know you are here with us all spiritually. give us all comfort, love & guidiance to watch out for our brothers and sisters that are in the wrong paths. and also knowing when i think of you, there will always be a smile on my face. peace, love & respect to you my brother. i will see you in the next light. one.

incredible hulk
Feb 22, 18:56
i remember having an episode of 411 with harolds rookie segment and then seeing him in kids and other propaganda as i grew up,,,he was an image of the modern man,,,you'll be missed by many who never even had the pleasure of meeting you,,,peace

Feb 22, 18:52
i love you harold you were one of my favorites does anyone know how he died

Feb 22, 18:50
i love you harold you were one of my favorites does anyone know how he died

Feb 22, 18:46

JK (Regina)
Feb 22, 18:39
The greatest thing about Harold, is that he is a prime example of the way in which one person's passion and dedication to something, in his case skating, can change and inspire people who he would never meet in places he may never had been. For me, and so many other people, he is emblematic of skating in New York, and what an incredible and beautiful legacy it is for the world. No joke. When you watch Harold and Puleo, Huf, Pierce, Hickey and all the others in RB Umali's NY Revisited, it's a group of young people redefining the landscape of an entire city, and creating something out of nothing through the spots they created and neighbourhoods they skated. That is something that will resonate for generations. A great memory I have is going down to Adrift in the market in Toronto when RB's video first dropped and they were playing it in the shop. The usual crew was around including many who are the generation younger than me skating in Toronto. The traffic and conversation at the shop was going along at a regular pace until Harold's first part came up on the screen and one dude shouted, loud enough for the entire spot to quiet down, "Damn, look at Harold's stee!", and we all paused and admired his skating at the same moment of silence. That's something that will continue for as long as people remember him.

Feb 22, 18:31

El PUrito Spain
Feb 22, 18:24
Rest in peace! desde Granada espania, tu sonrisa y buen humor siempre kedara presente.

P.M.C (NZ)
Feb 22, 18:18
Rest in peace bro! sending shouts from Aotearoa, New Zealand. your style and memories will always be remebered. Peace. ! NYC what !

Feb 22, 18:03
all i ever heard fom him deemed like he really had a lot of fun in his life. what more can you expect.

k (austria)
Feb 22, 17:58
just wanted to say r.i.p harold! ... undefeated undisputed uncrowned ...

Feb 22, 17:54

Feb 22, 17:54

Martin (Poland)
Feb 22, 17:52
Why the people are loved more when they gone? I know Harold only from The City Of Killers, but now in this sad situation i'm gonna say. Rest in Peace, thanku for all u do for us, for people, for big skateboard family. Forever in my memories. RIP dear Harold, we'll miss you. Someday we'll meet on the other side.

Kurt, Digi Kon
Feb 22, 17:49
These past few years we haven't kicked it much but memories, oh memories (NASA).... well i was hoping i would run into you at Magic this year but i see now why not. This came as a surprise, Harold you were always out there going for yours, living life your way, and to that i hold my glass up high.... dont stop now man.... your journy is just begining..... fly high.... fly high.... R.I.P respect

clayton danilo
Feb 22, 17:47
fico muito triste

Feb 22, 17:47
read zoo york's statement regarding funeral expenses at www.zooyork.com. not sure if it's true, but it's their side of the story. let's use this board to celebrate harold, not talk about money. just my two cents...

Jen Brill
Feb 22, 17:42
Harold, you will be missed by so many. Rest in peace.

Feb 22, 17:41
i don't understand why there isn't money for the funeral?

Feb 22, 17:37
peace out brother...zoo york 4 life :(

Mario aka ZIMES
Feb 22, 17:22
We all chilled back in the day at UNIQUES and in the club scene. Harold was a great dancer and hang out buddy ( year 1990 ). He is a great definition of being UNIQUE. It is really sad that their are'nt to may real NYC people like him. Will miss him and will keep him in my thoughts. - Harold ! see ya on the flip side. Picture of UNIQUES below http://www.nycgraphic.com/parts/unique.htm

Feb 22, 16:46
Wise Ske Feb 22, 15:30 Is ZOO YORK really not picking up the tab for Harold's funeral??? Do there really need to be donations in order for Harold to have a proper funeral? THAT IS JUST WRONG MAN. THAT IS WRONG.... HAROLD WE LOVE BRO. NO ONE IS IS PERFECT IN THIS COLD WORLD. PEOPLE LIKE YOU MADE IT BETTER HERE. I GUESS GOD NEEDED YOU NOW MY BROTHER.. YOU WAS AN ANGEL IN YOUR ON RIGHT HERE ON EARTH. NOW YOU REALLY GOT WINGS MY BROTHER. LOOK AFTER US.

Feb 22, 16:45
legends apparenly do die !!!! hahahahaha

Feb 22, 16:42
Wise Ske Feb 22, 15:30 Is ZOO YORK really not picking up the tab for Harold's funeral??? Do there really need to be donations in order for Harold to have a proper funeral? THAT IS JUST WRONG MAN. THAT IS WRONG.... HAROLD WE LOVE BRO. NO ONE IS IS PERFECT IN THIS COLD WORLD. PEOPLE LIKE YOU MADE IT BETTER HERE. I GUESS GOD NEEDED YOU NOW MY BROTHER.. YOU WAS AN ANGEL IN YOUR ON RIGHT HERE ON EARTH. NOW YOU REALLY GOT WINGS MY BROTHER. LOOK AFTER US.

Feb 22, 16:41

Carl 2Dvs RFC
Feb 22, 16:41
Man.. I dont know where to start man.. I sit here very sad right now.. Big Harold was indeeed one fine skater but an even better friend.. I recently heard the sad news from another good friend.. Graff & struggle in our early years was what brought this fine dude into my life.. None of that rah rah shit from this man.. Just party and bullshit. I use to joke with him and say"yo Harold, you my famous moviestar friend" He would always answer "Well weres the famous moviestar money?" LOL but now I think and I see that he was rich..Not money rich but love rich....Harold was an institution in the ville and worldwide..let me take a minute to send love from others that may not be able to hit this page but Im sure would send there love.. LOVE FROM: Carl, Rast,Ca, ARK,BUSTA,DEVS...OAK, FOES,RISK, RYNO,SABE,SPEE, JAMMA AND all of those 1993 village runners.. We loved you then and love you still.

Last Night
Feb 22, 16:39
Was really sad to see some many great people show love for thier boy and whatnot. Too bad it takes a tragedy like this for people to come together.The saying tommorows never promised has never sounded realer to me than right now.

Feb 22, 16:37
Harold, Summer days spent in LES, "The Cube" and dancing at DonHill's on Thursday nights. Its not easy growing up in NYC. We all somehow know one another and have become one big family (friends of friends of friends across the 5 buroughs) through people like you Harold. Harold Hunter helped create a family of NYC kids, with his energy and smile. Harold was dedicated to NYC, skating, friends, and good times. I am grateful to have shared in some memories and smiles with him. "May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face. And rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God bless you and hold you in the palm of His hand." -Irish Blessing From 93 till infinity..... love and sorrow. xoxo Micaela

Carl 2Dvs RFC
Feb 22, 16:37
Man.. I dont know where to start man.. I sit here very sad right now.. Big Harold was indeeed one fine skater but an even better friend.. I recently heard the sad news from another good friend.. Graff & struggle in our early years was what brought this fine dude into my life.. None of that rah rah shit from this man.. Just party and bullshit. I use to joke with him and say"yo Harold, you my famous moviestar friend" He would always answer "Well weres the famous moviestar money?" LOL but now I think and I see that he was rich..Not money rich but love rich....Harold was an institution in the ville and worldwide..let me take a minute to send love from others that may not be able to hit this page but Im sure would send there love.. LOVE FROM: Carl, Rast,Ca, ARK,BUSTA,DEVS...OAK, FOES,RISK, RYNO,SABE,SPEE, JAMMA AND all of those 1993 village runners.. We loved you then and love you still.

Feb 22, 16:36
i love you man RIP

Feb 22, 16:35
now whenever you guys skate skate your ass off and dont think bout anything other than; THIS IS FOR HAROLD. May you have a safe passage to heaven. please say hi to my grandparents and my dog. RIP see you at the wake

shri devi
Feb 22, 16:21
i knew harold through other people, sat at dinner with him, saw him out in the night, his maddening, light and loud energy a lamp of sorts, lighting the way through lower manhattan...totally outer limits. but i am writing this now to reuqest all of you who knew him or cared for him to consider the following: given he passed only recently, his mind is in what the great yogis of this world refer to as the bardo, or, intermediate state. it is really important, therefore, to do special prayers for him during this time, 49 days fro the day of his passinbg ot be exact. take a minute to reflect on your own good fortune to have this body, this life, this great fortune of being alive and in the world. be in the world but not OF the world. and dedicate the merit of all of your good deeds to his safe passage and high rebirth so that he may return to illuminate the lives of others, make others laugh...pray for his safe passage through this confusing state as he kickflips his way through the the next 7 weeks and heads back to us, no doubt watching over all of you the entire way. om mani padme hum. the Mantra is the speech manifestation and the wisdom energy of all Buddhas. it purifies our impure perception of sound, a means of protecting our mind from delusions. it eliminates ignorance and opens the way to wisdom. it amplifies blessings and by it, tranquility can be obtained. it can save and alleviate beings from hundreds and thousands of miseries. this is my encouragement and blessing to all of you. Om Mani Padme Hum. yours in the Dharma, shri devi

Feb 22, 16:06
I can't walk three blocks without seeing a zoo-york t-shirt. Not only should zoo york pay for his funeral they should build a big bronze statue of him at the brooklyn banks. EVERYONE LIKED HAROLD.

BBCkiid Amir
Feb 22, 15:56
Ever since I saw KIDS when I was in 6th grade, I always though Harold Hunter was the shit, he was a lot older than me but my brother and him were cool. I really wish I could've hung out with him before he left us. I sorry to everyone who lost a great friend or relative in Harold, he is without a doubt in a better place forever. Peace King...NYC forever!

pete kearney
Feb 22, 15:46
harold - it's taken me a few days to write this. i didn't know how or what to say. your path and mine crossed many times. i met you through friends, some of the realest people in my life. i can't say you and i were close, but there is one indelible memory i have of you. every time we met up, you'd have a smile on your face or you were laughing your head off. as i sit here and read what people who love you have written, some of the people that i respect and look up to more in my life than most, people like bici, dave, pang, pookie, eli, rodney, robbie, etc, it sounds like your legendary smile is what they remember as well. i can't help but wish i had known you better than i did. i am sorry. not for you, since i know the place you are in is much better than this, but sorry for myself since i now will never know the positivity every one of your close friends has known. you appear to have lived and loved life by your own set of rules and that i respect almost more than life itself. thanks for reading this harold. your smile was legendary. and like you said, legends never die. pete kearney

Feb 22, 15:36
I cant believe hes gone. Skatemaps isnt gonna be the same without him.

Wise Ske
Feb 22, 15:30
Is ZOO YORK really not picking up the tab for Harold's funeral??? Do there really need to be donations in order for Harold to have a proper funeral?

zbs dsgnrs
Feb 22, 15:17
I remember harold hunter in a first zoo york mix tape and this run is so perfect. R I P harold . great skateboard legend. "zbs dsgnrs from paris france "

Dave Batty
Feb 22, 15:14
Legend - A New York icon - Will always be remembered - Cheer Cuz

Ass Crack
Feb 22, 14:45
Hey man. May you Skate in Peace, bro. It was too soon that your flame was extinguished. Everyone who knows you will re-light your candle for you. You live on in our memories. Thanks for the laughs.

Feb 22, 14:31
I remember everyday durin the summer i wuld sit down and watch skate maps to get pumped up b4 i went and skated. I laughed so hard when harold always came up with random funny shit.... Harold is an inspiration to all of us and will forever be an inspiration to all skateboarders across the entire world. R.I.P Harold Hunter and let every1 know that you are a true legend, not a fallen soldier. Legends Never Die... only there hearts can....

Judd Lillejord
Feb 22, 14:31
Jay Murphee intoduced me to Harold in NYC back in 98. He was just skating on the street and came over to say hello to my friend. We were introduced and he left an impression on me most don't. I think I said something to Jay like wow what a cool guy. Jay said yeah and he rips. We went on to discuss his scenes in "Kids" and how he brought such humor to them all. Harold rest in peace. And my condolences to all those who loved him-family and friends. I wish to extend my love to those friends from Nashville who knew and loved him-Harmony, Rebecca and Jay. I miss you all and my love goes out to you. Hope the pictures helped. Harold once again god bless you and rest in peace.

eddie peel
Feb 22, 14:26
harold led the type of life i thought would never end. RIPHH

Feb 22, 14:16
odpoËÌvej v pokoji Harolde

Feb 22, 14:02
never met him, didn't know much about him but what i did hear of, was always good! one of the real new york heads... R.I.P Harold love all the southbank heads in London.....


Feb 22, 13:59
The second I heard the news, I stopped dead in my tracks, this is truly a time to remember how easily life can be stolen away from you. Harold man live on and skate in heaven.

Feb 22, 13:53
Harold was my boy since the age of 14. We used to try to get into clubs with fake id's and get thrown out, then go skate drunk. I will sorely miss him. Never did he see me and fail to run or skate up to me to show me some love...

dj lao
Feb 22, 13:45
hey bro, rest in peace,

lunatix k
Feb 22, 13:41
Rest In Peace Harold... Love n Respect...

Thailand Fans
Feb 22, 13:39
R.I.P Harold We Love You Man

Feb 22, 13:36
Rest In Peace Harold Of all the Brazilians forever its fans

Aa. Swe
Feb 22, 13:27
Vila i frid (Rest in peace) . East coast skateboarding will never be the same...

Feb 22, 13:24
R.I.P Harold one of N.Y.C's finest

Feb 22, 13:22
Harold, my man, we met at the Embarcodero around 92-93, and i knew you THE funniest character i'll ever meet. You always had open arms for those in need. I can't remember how many times you looked out for me. Thank you, with the upmost respect. Nuthin but love to you, always.

Reality Check
Feb 22, 13:03
Let Harold teach you that drugs may be fun but they also take friends away from you much too soon. Respect to all that knew him well.

Matt Marlatt
Feb 22, 12:59
Rip in peace bro

Joanna Hinkley
Feb 22, 12:57
Rough few days ahead of us.....to all my boys who hold a special place in my heart forever: thank you for the support, the hugs, and for holding my hand. Harold, my angel, no one can ever forget you, ever.

Mario aka ZIMES
Feb 22, 12:44
We all chilled back in the day at UNIQUES and in the club scene. Harold was a great dancer and hang out buddy ( year 1990 ). He is a great definition of being UNIQUE. It is really sad that their are'nt to may real NYC people like him. Will miss him and will keep him in my thoughts. - Harold ! see ya on the flip side. Picture of UNIQUES below http://www.nycgraphic.com/parts/unique.htm

mitchell blume
Feb 22, 12:14
wow, this is a shocker.... i used to always watch skate maps just for harold he was so funny and the life of the party. he was amazingly cool guy and a cool skater......... he will be missed

Feb 22, 11:54
I had seen Harold in the movie Kids while I was visiting NYC from Cali. I was instantly intrigued and wanted to know more about him. I went on a search for him, but only caught glimpses. When I moved to NYC a few years later I would see him at different clubs, but was too shy to ever say anything to him. One night while I was at Sway we started talking and exchanged numbers. We talked on the phone maybe once a week and always tried to link up but whenever we'd see each other it would be at random spots. Now, I truly wish I had made the time to hang with him! We never really got to know each other like we could've, but I can say he was sincere, open, original and beautiful. Tiffany

Feb 22, 11:52
i can't really believe it we lost one of us and we can be black,white or anything else you'll be hardly missed bro cheers

Feb 22, 11:51

Feb 22, 11:51
we were never friends or anything, although i knew who he was for years, shared mutual buddies, and saw him around even up to 2 week a go at FISH. We kicked it once a couple years ago at SWAY. I remeber getting lit with him and then him pulling girls into the men's room and inviting everyone within earshot to a party. i asked him where the party was and he said something to the effect of "im working on that part, my nigga!" Very sweet guy, this is a shame, and more importantly, a wake up call to many of us. this is not a dress rehearsal, this is life. RIP.

murinho brazil
Feb 22, 11:49
rest in peace homie.....

Feb 22, 11:48
see you harold, R.I.P

Joran lamisse
Feb 22, 11:24
smile is something i will never forget. on every foto, every clip, he seemed so happy on his board... here in belgium, skateboarding needs such a spirit.

Feb 22, 11:12
At any given moment, on any given day, Harold emitted more light from within himself than most of us could ever hope to contain in an entire lifetime. That light shines on ................

Feb 22, 11:10
I loved seeing Harlord around, whether it was at zoo or out and about. His outgoung personality always brought a smile to my face and his stories always made me laugh. R.I.P. Harold, you will be sadly missed.

Feb 22, 11:09
one kool dude. peace 2 you and your family. much love....

Feb 22, 10:58

Feb 22, 10:55

bruno costa
Feb 22, 10:53
ai from brasil sorry mai inglesh que Deus o conforte

Feb 22, 10:50
Great loss and space in my heart old skool spirit flies :(

Ron Knigge
Feb 22, 10:47
The first time I met Harold Hunter, he was about 14 years old. He was riding for SHUT skateboards and doing 50/50's on the high wall @ the Brooklyn Banks. He had beads in his hair, stickers all over him, and a huge smile on his face. His style was so raw.....and I couldn't believe the things he could do on a skateboard. After that day, our paths have crossed more times than I can count. The last time I saw Harold was 10 years later.... he was at a club in NYC with a drink in his hand, surrounded by pretty girls and an even bigger smile on his face. Harold was one of the kindest people I have ever met......always a friend to everyone. Harold, you lived life to the fullest, and you will be sorely missed. I will never forget your laughter. Thank you. Rest in Peace.....you are a true legend.

Feb 22, 10:36
MORE QUOTES: "WHAT'S CLOSER DETROIT OR MICHIGAN?"....."THAT LADY WAS OLD BUT SHE HAD A FAT ASS AND I HAD TO HAVE IT"..........."THERE IS NO MORE FREE IN THIS WORLD"......."I MET THIS GIRL AND SHE HAD EVERYTHING I NEEDED SHE HAD A FAT ASS."........."I'M 28 YEARS OLD RIGHT NOW I SHOULD BE GETTING LAWYER MONEY BY NOW."....... remember the great way he looked at life everyday to the fullest and like Harold always told me "There anit nothing wrong wit a full stomach".....nah meen with his funny little grin...nah meen....

Feb 22, 10:33
I have just outline Harold in a video zoo York and when that I opened the homepage of a site dedicated to the skateboard and that I saw Harold's photo with titular " Harold died " I had a moment of hesitance on what I read because I expected in no way news of this kind but every thing at the end. Rest in peace Harold...

Feb 22, 10:29
good luck! my brother

Feb 22, 10:22
We love you forever Herold!!! ;(

Feb 22, 10:22
Whether you met Harold for a second or knew him for your whole life it dosenít matter. He touched everyoneís life. Harold your amazing and will always be. Love you forever. I feel lucky to have known you. R.I.P.

Feb 22, 10:21
He isn¥t dead...he won¥t be dead until he is forgotten, and that will never happen to him!RIP

billy elliot
Feb 22, 10:17
just a funny laugh i won't ever forget. one day at the zoo office, harold comes in from the rain all soaking. he didn't think twice about what to do. he went right to the microwave, put his socks in there and go those shitz crispy hot.

ben e graham
Feb 22, 10:07
Before I moved to New York ñ I was visiting friends and ran into Harold (must have been 17) ñ I sang him this bootleg song that he had made with his friend. The guy offered to hook me up with a free deck for no reason at all. He just liked that I new his little song.

Feb 22, 10:04

Kevin Kestler
Feb 22, 10:01
Where to start? / end? To give advice on how to handle life is insensitive, insulting and irrelevant being that I knew Harold first hand. So please keep your precious comments to yourself in that respect because you didnít live Haroldís life, you lived your own, not Haroldís and as parallelel as you think your experience is to Haroldís, please step aside. Thank You. So please donít come and post here if you have ìcocaine is radical ì theories like some of these insensitive posts Iíve read. OK, because Harold probably was more sensitive and giving than you and yours could EVER imagine. Harold , I really miss you, I remember when another friend of mine ìRaver Richî was this baby talented skater that people loved to put down because he wasnít ìcoolî at the moment and he was amazing, skateboard-wise, but a few well known skaters of the moment criticized how he did his thing . Harold, though, SELFLESSLY, would defend him when people put him down, and say ìyo Richie is no jokeîhe did a switch kickflip noseslide on the seaport bench and 180íd out!î And that pretty much demonstrated what Haroldís genourousity as a person and spirit, was to me, and that was so refreshing, but unfortunately I knew it was rare. I hope we could reflect and have our own memories (those who knew Harold) teach us and make him proud by taking a page from his book and carry on his effort of generousity and open-heartedness torwards each other as we grow.

Feb 22, 09:59
hey harold, you always made me feel like a cool mama and always made me smile... rest in peace baby!

thomas shook
Feb 22, 09:42
even though i barely knew him myself i still had respect for him. he was alegendary skater that never stopped. i just cant believe that one day i see him on skate maps skating perfectly and bein funny as hell to see on the internet that he died. im gonna miss him anyway. R.I.P Harold Hunter and may you skate in heaven forever too.

Feb 22, 09:35
descansa en paz! spain

Feb 22, 09:31
Repose en paix mon frËre

Feb 22, 08:37
R.I.P. Harold. But a legend will never die...

Feb 22, 08:33
Yo Harold you one of the realest ma'afuckahs I ever met, you got those Old Skool ways about you that everyone else seems to be forgettin cos they too scared to be themselves or too self important to take the time to connect with others on the real.... You welcomed me and my crew to your home and City ,NYC (Dec'05).... Peace to Harold's family and loved ones... God Bless... Bonum Certamen Certa...Rest in Peace...... Harold Hunter - The Legendary "KING OF NEW YORK"

Feb 22, 08:33
Rip brother

Feb 22, 08:32
Rip brother

jim pulp68
Feb 22, 07:24
Hey "kids" rest in peace... find jay dee and do a new skate video !

Feb 22, 07:08
I haven't seen "Kids", but I know for sure that Harold Hunter was a real NY skating legend. Skateboarding needs more true personnalities like his, and I'll miss Harold a lot. I hope he's making jokes and laughing in heaven now.

Feb 22, 07:04
We have our own elected officials, and Harold was the Mayor of New York City. What a terrible loss. This town will never be the same again. He had so much energy and good vibes whenever I ran into him, which seemed like almost everyday.... Harold, we love you....Legends never die!

Feb 22, 06:45
rest in peace....we'll neva forget u.....

Feb 22, 06:04
pete aka pnut Feb 20, 17:41 <--- Pete, it was Harold who pulled you out the street. I was already on the other side. I remember my stomach turning while he dragged you out the street because I thought your bones were already broken.That just makes me think and appreciate the LOVE we all have for one another and the experiences we shared. I watched Harold grow (along with myself and others) from a boy into a man. Five years ago I remember looking at him while he was skating in the street in front of Supreme and thinking "Damn this mother fucker is getting big. I hope he's not still mad at me and Avery for calling him lizard kid and stuff." Trying to keep a PMA. as to not break down in tears. I love you Harold!

Feb 22, 06:01
only the good die young [*]

Feb 22, 05:46

Feb 22, 05:44

Feb 22, 04:44

Orlando Nauris
Feb 22, 04:36
Skate in peace and in a better spots..... R.I.P.

Feb 22, 04:24

Feb 22, 04:24

Feb 22, 04:24
a good man. a good fucking man. we may not remember what someone did, but we remember how they made us feel; in retrospect, i felt nothing but positivity and love and generosity from harold, in all my interactions with him. new york is all the poorer, we all feel this loss ... keep your heads up

Feb 22, 04:14
miss u.... RIP

Adam Abenante
Feb 22, 04:13
Harold was the first pro I met, way back in 1994. We were trying to see who could 360 ollie off the central park bandshell and over a puddle first. Our meetings were sporadic but memorable. It was always enjoyable to fool around with him. He was one of the few people who appeciate my abstract sense of humor. I still have the old Supreme card I had him sign a bit after he did "KIDS". It reads " Harold Hunter 'KIDS' 1996". That was the year and that's what we were. That's the way I'll remember him always. -Adam (Grey Garden).

S.B. from NL
Feb 22, 04:03
you got a place in my hart.... never forget!! R.I.P.

Ezo Cukillz
Feb 22, 03:20
.He was mos def a cool cat..back in the day when i was still teaching high school..he was in a few of my classes...whenever he showed up that is...he seemed to breeze in and out do his thing kind of unconcerned, never troubled and Always respectfull... A real Gentlemen , more recently from time to time i would run into him at openings or at a bar and such..and he would always mention to every one around that i was his high school teacher usually to my embarrassment cause he was dating the shit out of me..which was'nt his intention i don't think..i think he was kind of proud cause though we were both of status at what we did in terms of our different Edgy cultures ..we also knew each other in this other traditional world..of school and papers and diplomas but we respected each other's role in it and despite societies view at the time on skateboarding and Graffiti we truly did what had to be done to get him thru and succeed, i gotta confess i too mention to folks whenever i saw him or his picture in some magazine that he was a student of mine in high school with that same funny pride... public school repertory/city as school 1993-94 Rest in Peace Kid it wont be the same without you

Feb 22, 03:19
Ein grosses Stueck Skateboarding brach aus dieser Welt... R.I.P

Feb 22, 03:19
Ein grosses Stueck Skateboarding brach aus dieser Welt... R.I.P

Omar (Italy)
Feb 22, 03:19
Riposa In Pace

Feb 22, 03:18
Ein grosses Stueck Skateboarding brach aus dieser Welt... R.I.P

matt trumino
Feb 22, 03:16
rest in peace Harold One of a kind! You will missed!

Feb 22, 03:13
i love you man. R.I.PÅc

Feb 22, 02:18

Feb 22, 02:18
May you find peace with God. My memories of you are truly that of a beautiful soul.

friends from NZ
Feb 22, 02:15
R.I.P brotha! you'll be missed by us (Shane& Malcolm) and all your friends from New Zealand. Thank you for all the good times in New York and for hooking us up the gears from Zoo! "Aiiight, late"

tom nguyen
Feb 22, 02:14
hey there harold we will miss you very much! thank you very much for influence that you had for all us skateboarders that look up to you. one luv! R.I.P

Feb 22, 02:09
Rest In Peace

Feb 22, 02:00
i got to hang with harold last time i was in ny. side by side chillin and laughing. harold always had the best energy and did not have a mean bone in his body. only love and kindness that radiated off of him. 1 hour before i got a call that he had passed away i was in a meeting and in the meeting i saw his picture in a magazine. i said "that is my friend harold" and the girl i was meeting with said "i love harold." 2 strangers with one common bond- harold- and in some ways it was like his spirit was everywhere... i didn't know him as well as a lot of people did but what i did know what that he had a heart of gold and was a true angel with nothing but sweet vibes...

Feb 22, 01:55
A legend that made me want to start skating. You'll be missed and always remembered Harold.

Feb 22, 01:41

Feb 22, 01:32

Feb 22, 01:26
God damn it Harold I miss your ass!

Feb 22, 01:17
I never met Harold but I always enjoyed the stuff he did. He had a positive and humorous energy to him. R.I.P. Harold, we ar holding down for you in the West.

Kimbo Slice
Feb 22, 01:14
REST IN PEACE.........the good ones go way too early. Just looking at the man you knew no matter where you were, it was going to be a fun time. True skateboarding, True NYC, True legend.

Feb 22, 01:04
Rest in peace man.. ur body may be 6 feet under, but your spirit remains above the rest of us... -|- peace -|-

Feb 22, 00:52
wait.. harold was in that movie KIDS? thats strange, in all those years i knew him he never even mentioned that once.. summer in nyc will never be the same with out you HH.

Feb 22, 00:42
i just want to say new york cry because the king is dead.see you nex time rest in peace legend never die

Feb 22, 00:34
LEGENDS NEVER DIE!!!! u will be missed dearly. to all those who ever met the great harold hunter let it be known they met a man who stood apart from the rest a true legend in himself.. harold hunter may have passed but the legend lives on.

Feb 22, 00:27
Harold my LES skate or die guy who learned tricks with ease...Always capable of bringing on a cheese...Funny and crazy since we were babies...From break dancing to popping olies...Chasing the women remained your hobby...Very gifted lets not get it twisted...From the block to Hollywood and around the world....Dam even your spirit is still chasing them girls...As I write I'm getting flashes of all them times we spent laughing...Remembering them times we went dancing...You live through me...You live through memories...As a matter of fact you live through everybody..."Legends Never Die"....

Feb 22, 00:06
godamn! i never forget I was introduced to Mister Hunter back in 92' at Washington SQ. park. already ahead of the game! shit. when I met Harold. I met Jesus muthafucker!

Feb 21, 23:25
original,funny,thoughtful,crazy,cheerful,sarcastic.mad steez those words used to describe a legend in the game cause thats what harold was the dude "OWNED NEW YORK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD"i skated with him at fdr park in phillywhen zoo passed through for a demo he got out of the van and i quote he said SHIT WHAT THESE MOTHER FUCKERS WANT A SHOW THEY BETTER COUGHT THE CASH UP CAUSE THIS NIGGA DON'T PERFORM FOR FREE.shit was funny ass fuck made everyone laugh rip brother hope u skate in heaven to the hunters my thoughts are with u at this time of need LEGEND ZOO 4 LIFE

Feb 21, 23:24
r.i.p brotha! Legendz NEVER Die!

Feb 21, 23:09
You lived fast bro. It's not the same. It will never be the same here. You put your all-everything, and more into whatever you did. NYC will always hear the sound of that laugh. R.I.P

Feb 21, 23:03
rest in peace harold. i love you man.

Feb 21, 23:01
that sucks man harold rocked!! he was absolutely one of the coolest guys out there... RIP man

Feb 21, 23:00
God I still can't get over Harold being gone....

Feb 21, 22:52
rest in peace harold, you are missed but will never be forgoten.

Feb 21, 22:08
Peace. You held it (LES) down to the fullest. Orginal skate don. Be well and hold it down where you going. Respect

Feb 21, 21:50
jah blessin harold..

Feb 21, 21:43
allways remember m.c , j.c.p , e.v.c ,k.m and hh

C. Lusher
Feb 21, 21:20
Lay low and rest in peace.

Feb 21, 21:17
man you will be missed i used to think of you as the funniest person alive but now all i can think about the time we talked and even skateed peace out

Feb 21, 21:16
man shoot harold was one cool cat, he was funny and a good host for skate maps, we will miss you hommie. The b-town punksk8erz

Feb 21, 21:13
dude i cant believe it u were a god to me u were a skateboarder to me n u felt like a friend to me i hope u r in a better place now and skating with the illa skateboarders up in heaven ny will not be the same. r.i.p brother u wil o so defenintly be missed

Rob Welsh
Feb 21, 21:12
Sad times, Harold will be missed by all. You were my friend and ,well I will miss you dogg. You knew what to say when to say it , and it usually was funny as fuck. R.I.P. The OG King Of New York

Doesnt matter
Feb 21, 21:07
Dan whoever you are that stuff is uncalled for. Show some class and have some respect no one wants to hear that ish right now. If you cant say anything nice dont say anything.

the ol' codger
Feb 21, 21:06
RIP Harold, never knew your last name, cause to me harold was all that was needs for identification in the neighborhood. harold was a "nod when passing in the street" friend, didn't know him well but always caught a good vibe from him when living la vida loca in Tompkins Square circa 91-94. fucked up how things change, cause i was the junky then, doing all kinda drugs everyday and these kids were just mellow, getting blunted and drinking 40's. i would have bet money on my demise coming on more swiftly then harold or justin, but who the fuck knows how these things go? harold's death just reminds me of all that shit and kicks around some good memories in my head of wilder times in the village. anyway he seemed like a cool guy, and embodied that "from new york" new york attitude, which i shared with him and always respected in him- and it's simply this- you dont have to be a dick to get respect, you just have to be yourself, and your style and talent and sense of humor will shine through all the bullshit. even if you don't live long, you will be truly loved for those qualities, and i think Harold definitely was...RIP HAROLD

Feb 21, 20:50
I'll admit, I never was into harold hunter at all. Not his skating, nor what ive seen from his personality. But biases aside, losing another fellow skateboarder is always sad news. Hope youre up there with keenan and everyone else brother, r.i.p.

young deezy
Feb 21, 20:49
harold hunter, my main man, not only zoo york but skateboarding will not be the same without you. my thoughts and prayers go towards your family. one love yall keep the peace.

Feb 21, 20:43
please come to the Harold Hunter fundraiser at the Rivington Hotel. 8pm - 3am.

Michael E.Bell
Feb 21, 20:40
Dear Harold, At a time when I was at my lowest, you put your arm around my shoulder and assured me that, everything would work out fine. And you were right. At a time when boredom had stricken me numb, you showed up and made everything alright. Your words were always genuine and real to me. I thank you. That's why I know... At a time like this, you're alright. I love you, my friend, Harold! Blessed Be!

Lucy 5 oh
Feb 21, 20:40
Harold, Thank you for never missing an oppurtunity to tell me you loved me, and thank you for the suprisingly profound but funny metaphors that made me believe you. You are missed my friend. "Come unto me, all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and I shall give you rest" Mathew 11:28

Aaron Sprouse
Feb 21, 20:36
man i am flow on zoo and harold was so inspiring, he was so truely lifting, everyone could be down and harold would have a funny ass joke to crack. he is truely a legeng. come to my weak site www.xanga.com/skate69152. r.i.p brother. legends never die they just fade away, your in m y heart forever though.

Feb 21, 20:33
never met the cat, but we would always see each other around town and nod like we knew each other, he would also try and blow me kisses, but still very welcoming. he will be missed.

Feb 21, 20:17

Jake S. S.
Feb 21, 20:12
Harold Hunter inspired me to keep sk8ing even when money got tight. i always will remember him as one of the most remarkable sk8erz ever to walk the earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P "LEGENDS NEVER DIE!"

Feb 21, 20:07
Thank you!

Welty Family
Feb 21, 20:05
Harold, you touched the lives of so many. You will be missed!

sammy g.
Feb 21, 20:01
fuck them jonny depp mother fuckers i love you R.I..P

The Welty Famil
Feb 21, 19:59
I wonder if Harold knew how much he touched the lives of so many. He will be missed!

Feb 21, 19:33
rest in peace.

Debbie Kabooom!
Feb 21, 19:33
Fuckin' Hell!!!!!!! Shit!! I remember when I was just a baby skater at 19, rolling with a pack of 14 heads...Harold gave me a deck....He was so supportive, encouraging....it meant so much to me, as a female skater, not yet good for the X-Games or a serious sponsorship..or ollie over an inch of air, but good enough to do it for the love of it and to get better. I haven't stopped. And I passed the deck to my twin so that she could learn to skate as I learned to custom-build my own rides. Harold, rest in peace. Thank you for your inspiration. And the hugs. Take care & skate hard. *hugs, light, and laughter across the universe to you.*

Feb 21, 19:29
A chaque fois que l'on sera en danger, nous t'appelerons ‡ notre secour en criant : "SUPA H ! SUPA H ! SUPA H !" Repose En Paix.

Feb 21, 19:22
harold started me skating when i saw him run down the street and hop on his board in kids. Legends never die. R.I.P GOD

Feb 21, 19:21
yo whats good every body............................... REST IN PEACE to HAROLD HUNTER skater,actor,ghetto superstar........................ im not really good at this but i'll go head........This man was a ghetto super star in his own right,a nigga used to get hype to see him on NEW YORK UNDERCOVER,KIDS,on a PNB sticker or anthing he did for that matter,me growing up in the lower east side seeing him and seeing where he came from made me feel like i could make it out the fucking hood with my talent, him and DONTAY WILDER always gave me hope always told me to keep doing what im doing cuz one day youll make it....and i swear that shit stuck with me,so when i got the phone call a niggas world just crashed,some might not understand the impact this man had on my life............ he gave me my first deck(fresh off the press,with the statue of liberty on it)tried to teach me how to olie,always showed my moms mad respect, always showed me crazy love wherever he was at, in a bar twisted,in the hood,skating by, at a breaking event.always with a smile on his face and an arm out,the brother lived an ill life now he can rest his head.......................................

Feb 21, 19:15
Descanse em PAZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Guerreiro

Tony Tieu
Feb 21, 19:04
Although we did meet many times (contests, tradeshows and the like) sadly, I never got to know you well. But I did know you had a good heart. I remember back in the days when you were in SF, you tried to hook up the "Russian twins" with Underworld Element. And it was a time when the twins were misunderstood (they were shy -- people thought they were conceited). But you didn't judge them; you saw through the noise. I always thought that was cool of you. RIP, Harold.

Sammy McB.
Feb 21, 18:55
Why Harold? Why take away such a sweet soul?

Sammy McB.
Feb 21, 18:46
NYC Skate Crew lost one good skater and one good friend..Zoo York will not be the same. he was a good man and he needs to be remebered not only as a good skater, but as a legend. Like he said "Legends Never Die" . Harold was the one skater that made all of us laugh at times and he made us be amazed at times by his skill. long live Harold Hunter.

Feb 21, 18:43
One of several good memories...I remember, as a driver for Woodward Camp, taking Harold to the bus station in State College, Pa after his visit to the camp as a pro. With several in the car, we laughed and laughed as Herold told us about the conversation he had with a local Amish mother. Harold kept asking her (and he was still wondering) why she wouldn't let him marry her daughter... We miss you Harold.

Feb 21, 18:34
Will never forget the good times!!! you were my favourite couch surfer,LOVER OF LIFE! will never forget the funfilled adventures you are a forever a part of my heart and soul. condolences to your family and your many circle of friends. Big Kiss xoSiew

Niki Hall
Feb 21, 18:12
Walking down Lafayette will never be the same...I'll miss that fedora, your kind words, the crazy stories about your childhood adventures in the LES, and that knowing smile that you wore as if you always knew that every moment of your life carried a special meaning.... much love, Niki

Feb 21, 18:11
You will always be in my heart man. now your resting in peace. always precaited your skating but more important the movie kids hit my heart.. peace morris

fancy legend
Feb 21, 18:07
harold you will be missed by so many. i always had so much fun with you .. from sleep overs on the red square balcony to random trips to greenwich parties you were always up for an adventure, meeting people and having fun. forever in my thoughts xo jen

Feb 21, 18:06
we all miss you harold legends never die!!

Dirty gary@#$$
Feb 21, 18:04
I quote Mr.Harold Hunter!!! Tess's Nipples looked like brown cheese doodles!!!!!! NEVER FORGET Harold !!

Feb 21, 17:53
Much respect Mr. Hunter. Props for bringing your style and heart to the world. Condolensces to the family..

Feb 21, 17:34
R.I.P. harold. legends never die.

jamie Tine
Feb 21, 17:23
I was born in 1974 and it really rocks you to hear of someone your age taking that next step. Hopfully he's got a board for feet and endless streets and parks with no cars or pedestrians.

Jon L.
Feb 21, 17:22
I've got live footage of you ripping the city emblazened in my brain. Real skateboarder. You will never be forgotten.

Feb 21, 17:01
I have never been a skater, but 'Kids' is one of the most important movies too me of all time. Harold Hunter R.I.P.

courtney in SD
Feb 21, 16:42
i first met harold back in 1994 when he was skating for ADI and he stayed at my house in san diego for a week. we kept in touch over the years and would hang out whenever he was in Cali. he was always reminiscing about things, saying ìremember that time when weÖî and would tell the story so much better and funnier than i ever could. he would drag me around parties, telling people ìiíve known this girl forever, yo.î of course he was always trying to hook up, kiss me, whatevs ñ you know harold! i think we did kiss a few times, but that was all we ever did, even though he never stopped trying. and if i was actually dating someone, he would get jealous and try to break us up. it was funny with my last boyfriend ñ we all hung out one night and harold acted like my boyfriend was his best friend to his face, but every time my bf turned around, harold whispered to me to break up with him, saying he wasnít good enough for me. later, i found out he was telling my bf the exact same thing ñ and that harold even offered to find him a ìbetter girl!î i got calls every week after that from harold, checking to see if i was single yet. and once i was, he told me, i had to move to NY to be with him. he never stopped trying, and i loved him for itÖ i love you forever harold, and will always be your girl.

David Aron
Feb 21, 16:14
Harold was the first skater i met after moving to NYC(11th and B)summer '91. i was skating the marble benches behind the T.F. and thought i was doing pretty good, then outa nowhere this kid came charging up to the bench, wearing over sized cut -to -shorts jeans with his boxers half way up his back, and pushing black high top vans chopped to mids, skin glissining from sweat and sun, he slipped into a large and perfect back lip, landing clean, then came over to pick my jaw up off the floor and say " what up, my name's Harold, whats yours?" wow, it's always a shock every time Harold comes to mind after hearing the news. its a good thing to feel so much for someone who has passed, it means to me that Harold was a good person who despite his varied behavior, had good intentions in life, he was striving in his own way to be happy. with all that fondness he had for others and which others have for him, he should get an even better deal in his next round. peace to where ever the mind of that who was Harold Hunter may dwell.

eddy dow
Feb 21, 16:13
i never met harold but im sure he was the shit! R.I.P

colby hanson
Feb 21, 16:05
well to tell the truth ive never met him but i skateboard and know he was a legend, and this is a huge loss in skateboarding but i know he will be remembered, peace

jason delong
Feb 21, 16:01
we all enjoyed your skateing, and forever will, rest in peace harold hunter

daniel dvs
Feb 21, 16:01
r.i.p you will be remembered!

justa girl
Feb 21, 15:58
"Live every day like it's your last. Learn like you'll live forever." We must cherish those close to us. We have to take the time to find out if they're hurting and take the time to help.

brandon smith
Feb 21, 15:52
rest in peace harold hopefully your in a better place youl always be in our hearts. forever a legend

Feb 21, 15:40
Harold, Thoughts of you always put a smile on my face. I will miss you.

tee why
Feb 21, 15:37
rest in peace harold, you'll live on in our hearts forever....our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family...R.I.P.

Feb 21, 15:36
I met Harold the summer before I turned 13 (half my life ago geeze...) He always showed a genuine love for our friendship and despite the day prior he would put a smile on my face. Harold was a genuine person, who went through his life only making friends and not enemies. His legend will live on through peoples words and hearts. As they say... ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG. R.I.P.

Eric Casas
Feb 21, 15:34
harold yell always live on man your in all are hearts. Rest in Peace Harold

Feb 21, 15:33
roll forever in peace harold, "legends never die" you wont be forgotten

Madelaine from
Feb 21, 15:30
All what I can say that R.I.P

Feb 21, 15:27
My prayers go out to Harold's family and close friends. Harold had such a posistive presence about him. I remember back in 2004 Zoo York did a a demo at the X-Games park in Philly...the same day I was running a skate contest at the park. Harold came up and MC'd the best trick...it was hilarious. Just watching him interact and make people laugh...that was Harold. It's sad to lose a fellow skater. May this sad lose cause us to reflect on our own lives...to live for a better purpose.

Eric Elms
Feb 21, 15:24
Anyone who met Harold knew immediately why so many loved him and how he brought so much energy and excitement to everything he did. In these phony times Harold had a smile and charisma that could never be faked. He can never be replaced. Rest In Peace.

Feb 21, 15:16
HEROLD you are still in our hearts. Have a good time in heaven!!! YOU ARE STILL ALIVE HEROLD !!!

Omar Diaz
Feb 21, 15:15
I will never forget the days of the Brooklyn Banks contest. Rest in Peace Harold

Gabriel Pons
Feb 21, 15:12
Harold's presence was known the second he arrived at any skatepark, bar, or party. I met Harold skating the Tribeca Park a couple of years ago and he exhibited nothing but good vibes and a true hunger for skating and having fun. Rest In Peace bro.

Feb 21, 15:09
I dont believe youre dead man.Why you man?Its horiible becose now you are not here and you now we will not never see you in some sk8 videos. I saw you last time in Zoo York promo 2005 video and I never think I will not see you in any videos. PEACE man !!! greeting form SLovakia in Europe ... Rest in peace HEROLD we lost you

Pete aka pnut
Feb 21, 15:07
I just got this email from a DJ Moi Choi; Hello everyone. I don't if yall heard but NYC legend and dear friend Harold Hunter has recntly passed away. I just got off the phone with Ron, Harold's brother and the rumors are true. Friday night, 2/17 Harold had a minor heart attack and passed in his sleep. Harold would have turned 32 this April. Below is the info for the veiwing / wake. Please come and show your respects.....Legends Never Die!!!!! Rest In Peace my friend...... hopefully this may shed some light on what happened....

Feb 21, 14:57
I met Harold when I was 17 at Don Hill's..he tried to throw me and my girl friends in the bathroom for a smooch! HA! He was wild and crazy ..just how NY legends should be.He was nothing but love. Rest in peace. u will be missed.

Alex Sins
Feb 21, 14:55
Harold, You were a b-boy to the fullest and you will always remain in our hearts & minds forever & ever.... stay up, -ALEX

Feb 21, 14:50
Harold -- I met you at Blades downtown 7 years ago. You came in and I recognized you from Kids. The rest is history. Of all the great memories I have of time spent with you I will never ever forget our trip to Puerto Rico for the premiere of the AlphaBetCity video. My face hurts just thinking about it because you had me grinning from ear to ear every minute. I remember sleeping on the roof outside under the stars; you with your trademark hat on... until Scotty snatched it that is. I remember hearing you say about me "Yo if I had that ass -- I'd marry it!!!" I remember you wading in the shallow atlantic waters in Isabella pretending you're a beached whale. I remember that you got your tip licked in about 863,967 places around the island... every rock, every cave, every beach, every porch, every roof, every garden, every pool, etc. etc. by every girl with junk in her trunk. I remember how psyched you were sharing the fresh coconut you carved without any tools. I remember you hosing down your dunks, WITH AN ACTUAL HOSE, cuz they were smelly. For sure, I will never forget you showing up to our bungalow to "let one loose." I was NOT about to go back inside. I SHOWERED OUTSIDE!!!!! I will always remember you licking my face... hot ;) Love you Harold. You are missed. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox-Dre

Boudicon Cacy
Feb 21, 14:39
I met Harold about two or three years after he did the Larry Clark film Kids and he didn't seem any different from the character he played on the screen, a rambunctious, freewheelin skater who let everyone know what was on his mind. He was free and fun and his big, bulging eyes seemed to take in the whole world in one gaze. My friend Rachel introduced us and, off and on, he and I would run into each other and say what's up at bars, clubs and on the streets and talk. We didn't talk much, didn't exchange personal feelings and things like favourite colors and best places to skate around the city, but there was always respect and openess when we said what's up. It wasn't fake like, yeah whats up, nigga whatever; but what's up like, how you doin, bro, good to see you. That was cool because Harold was fun and talkative and an amazing skater and approachable. Rachel adored him and, over time, I would regard him as her protector, always keeping watch that she was safe from shady dudes when they were out together. After I landed in Tokyo in 2003, I walked around the Harijuku section, which is like The LES/SoHo section of NYC but tightly packed, cooler looking and vibrant, and saw Harold's face plastered everywhere. He was promoting a clothing line with posters or something with ZOO York, the skate crew he rolled with. Seeing Harlod's face in that strange city was comforting and it gave me confidence to walk around more. It was the first time I was away in a place where the language was an issue. Harold plastered on the walls and running into some Puerto Ricans gave me comfort that home wasn't that far gone, that I'd be OK. I was glad and happy to see him, even if it was just on paper in a foreign place. Last time I saw Harold was at the Stoked Show Art Show at BED two weeks ago, and it was the first time I'd seen him in about a year or Rachel and I were on our way to a tea house off St. Marks. Harold was complaining about his cell phone. A girl he was dating pissed him off so he threw his phone around, destroying it in the process. I was like, dude its T-mobile! Just go online and look at your bill for the numbers you lost. He considered it and that was that. Despite the drama and the loss of his phone Harold happy and talkative. It was summer, he was slim and chatty and he made us laugh. Rachel and I said good night and went for tea after talking to him a while. Then two weeks ago I saw him and went up to him and said hi, excited to see him after so long. He introduced me to a girl, a blonde, and we all shook hands and played catch up like old friends even though we were far from it. We sat at the edge of the bed in the club and reminisced. He was tipsy, I was tipsy on rum and coke and more chatty than usual, funny with his bitter gallows humor and poking fun at his Hollywood friends and some of the cast members from Kids. I was glad to see a familiar face at the event in addition to the artists there but Harold was special. I reminded him about the last time we saw one another and we talked about fashion week, if I'd gone to any shows. I told him no, but he should call Rachel cuz she got the passes. We talked about the shows and the other people we knew. I gave him updates and shook his hand, told him it was great to see him again and went back to the art and... called Rachel and told her my impressions of him that night, that she should expect a call from him since I told him she had passes and wouldn't mind chillin with him. We talked about how Harold could have been a great character actor like Luis Guzman or Forrest Whitaker.... I'll miss Harold. He was a friendly, fun loving, man.

Feb 21, 14:34
I met harold working in the ecko/zoo office and the first 4 or 5 times I saw him he would introduce himself to me as if it was the first time. Finally I stopped him mid hello and yelled I ALREADY KNOW YOU FROM YESTERDAY... After that he always said my name whenever he would say what up and since he knew how much I adored the puppy I was the sitter while he did his thing in the office... This is truly a sad day and this office is feeling it on all 6 floors! love you miss you mean it! Rest in PEACE

Edward k
Feb 21, 14:33
rip man!!!!!!! i be skating with you up in heaven soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 21, 14:15
Last time I saw Harold, I was surpriesed he remebered me. harold would treat you like a long last friend even if he only met you once. That was the charm of Harold. Yes he can be crass, but the charm still would show through. Every time we saw each other, he would genuinely want to know how you have been. Fast forward years later. I was skating in some parking lot when some kids role by and want to hang out with this old timer. So for jokes I do some really cheesy old school parking stump tricks. As I waited for the 'lame' calls to start I hear... 'yo that's that trick Harold Hunter rocks all the time in that vid'. Harold you haunted me then and you'll haunt me from here on out till its my time. I will miss you even though I barley knew you. RIP.

tommy guerrero
Feb 21, 14:14
he was larger than life. always had a smile for all.my condolences to his familia and friends. t

Feb 21, 13:54
Rip. Brotha well always luv u

Feb 21, 13:46
LES Legend We become elders much too young on the Lower East Side, like by default. Surviving the legends that affect us. You definetely are an pulse in the true history of the struggle and joy and scene and spirit of NYC. Roots NYC. Life always changes but history don't and you are tight in that history of this culture. Can't be ignored, won't be forgotten. Respecting you for always keepin' it real. Will always remember your kindness and that way you made people feel real good and welcome...but now I am sad...love always.. RIP ronda

arne radio
Feb 21, 13:42
i just remember his first ad for shut nyc, little harold makin moves that seemed impossible for us at this time... and his part in skypager... one of the funniest guys skateboarding ever had is gone... condolences to his family and friends, rest in peace harold, you will never be forgotten

Feb 21, 13:39
Y is the world such a cruel place--HH was my real inspiration just by watchn the zoo york tapes ---7yrs ago---Harold Hunter is a mentor to all and many---evry1 celebrate his life. hope to cross paths in the furture.

Feb 21, 13:38
Y is the world such a cruel place--HH was my real inspiration just by watchn the zoo york tapes ---7yrs ago---Harold Hunter is a mentor to all and many---evry1 celebrate his life. hope to cross paths in the furture.

Feb 21, 13:33
Harold. I've been a fan since the movie KIDS. That was a long time ago and though we never met a part of me feels like I grew up wit you. From Supreme to Zoo York ads & things like that you always seemed to find me. It honestly struck a chord in my heart to find out you passed away. I know for a fact you touched a lot of people and I thank you cus I'm one of them. Rest in peace kid.

Feb 21, 13:31
the world is gonna miss you. true new yorker

Feb 21, 13:30
I'll always remember the pool scene from Kids "break break break" (sound of balls clapping) stay away from drugs & enjoy life.

Feb 21, 13:17
One love Harold, although we never met, I always respected your hustle. Rest in peace playboy, New York aint the came without you.

Cas Obscure sp
Feb 21, 13:03
Rest In Paece Nego Harold, vai fica na memÛria da firma do Brasil.

guidetti fh
Feb 21, 13:00
guidetti fh nyc 212- 226- 5579

guidetti f.h.
Feb 21, 12:59
spring st nyc

Feb 21, 12:57
It must have been about 20 years ago when a very young Harold kept buggin me, asking the same questions, Ehhhh yo, How do I do it? How do I do it....get sponsored, make dollars, get respect, travel, etc etc. He was about 12 skinny as hell, growin up fast on the LES, getting the city wired but full of questions about the world. Just be yourself I told him........and he was. He ended up touching lives all over the world and soon everyone knew what we knew, he was a true NY original and there are so few these days, genuine, charismatic with a contagious sense of humor, loyal to those he loved, the biggest heart and a smile for everyone he met. Where ever you are we know your the life of the party. Love and Respect.

sam pickett
Feb 21, 12:51
Harold Hunter. What a spirit he had - always a laugh or a smile no matter what. I have plenty of hilarious HH stories - all of which keep a smile on my face in this time of sadness. HH was one of the realest cats to ever bless nyc- only respect and love - my prayers to the Hunter family and all of the people HH touched. Thanks to Priscilla and Lindsay for introducing me to Harold back in the day. Rest in Peace.

Feb 21, 12:50
Never met you but rip anyway, sad to see people like this go away, We'll meet later, Im sure Jay

Feb 21, 12:47
running into harold always put a big giant smile on my face. he was a great buddy and a great skater. he will be missed...

Feb 21, 12:44
it makes me happy knowing that he was a part of so may peoples lives, i wish i was more like H.H.

Feb 21, 12:44
I've never heard about you,but from what i've heard you seem like a nice guy.. R.I.P

william david
Feb 21, 12:42
n„o sei de muita coisa mas o qe eu sei È qe a vida de Harold nao foi as das mais duradouras mas enquanto qe ela durou foi aproveitada ao maximo bom essa figura qe foi Harold Unter sempre espalhou muita alegria e prinssipalmente espirass„o para os skatistas de todo o mundo onde qer qe le estege ele estara nos vendo good bye HAROLD HUNTER

Feb 21, 12:42
You will always be synonymous with unconditional love, because that is all you ever gave and all you ever wanted in return. This is the end of an era. To the man who made me laugh more than anyone ever will , I was blessed to share so much of my life with you...grief beyond words, I will miss you till we meet again.

Feb 21, 12:42
Never met you but rip anyway, sad to see people like this go away, We'll meet later, Im sure Jay

james aka doog
Feb 21, 12:27
Yo i can't belive your gone, I could not see you for like a year and the i'll run into at soul kitchen or APT. and it was like we didn't miss a beat. I hadn't seen you scince last summer but i just allways expected to see you. I'm going to miss you my dude, you were one of those real niggaz , see you on the otherside. One!!!!!

Female Fun
Feb 21, 12:25
If you went out, you saw Harold. The shit just wasn't really poppin if he wasn't there. LES, Soho, West Village - all the parties - he reigned supreme. A slice from the heart of NYC youth has left with you forever. You made your mark man, many many people will miss you. peace and respect.

Feb 21, 12:16
Rest In Peace to a true New Yorker.

His myspace pag
Feb 21, 12:13

john-the nash
Feb 21, 12:12
wow... you will be remembered man..! i dedicate a song on our new album called "go on" its about skating for life peace man john tirado nyc

Feb 21, 12:06
i remember the first time i met you, shit that was almost 15 years ago. billy and the boys brought you and ivan over to my mom's house. you got so siked and kept saying how i had to meet your friend, priscilla. "she the new york version of you, d." two years later i moved to new york and met this famous priscilla. you were right, she is just like me. and ever since then she has been my best friend, i thank you for that. i will miss all the times we've spent together. sneaking you into my dorm, hot nights sitting on stoops and freezing our asses off on winter nights this cali girl never knew about, but always laughing. no matter what, you made me feel like we had the whole world set up just for us. we've seen sad times too, i'll never forget our "uptown bonce" to keenan's funeral, just you and me speaking from the heart about how much we loved kendo and how you were going to rise above the drama caused by justin and keenan's death. and right now its the only solice i have knowing you are up there with keenan and justin. i guess the party will never end. my love goes out to my new york family. i am sad i cannot be there with you all this week. but lindsay, gina and i will be celebrating harold's life out here in paris. i love you harold hunter atkins!!!! xxoo d.

Feb 21, 12:05
Legends never die.

eric koston
Feb 21, 12:03
i'd like to say a few things dude harold hunter was to me one of the best to come out of the east coast he displayed talent,passion,and greatness but most of all he showed his true love to skateboarding i will skate hard myself for the next 2 months to support harold every day i will think of him one love harold es crew wants to say rip out 1

Chance Abrams
Feb 21, 11:56
You were a great skater and an even greater person. R.I.P. Harold.

Feb 21, 11:55
geez wtf i see him one day hes gone the next i saw at fdr park in philly at a zoo york demo dudes gotr skillz on board and off he was the true zoo yorker he will be missed by the world rip harold alos wheres in funeral going to be in ny? anybody know? please let me know where i would like to go? show love for the man he was a legend

Feb 21, 11:55
looking at his page makes me realize something positive. death can take our family ,friends,and loved ones away from us but it will never take away the memories we have of them. rip harold i know you can see all the people that you touched right now and i bet you got that big smile on you're face. peace out brotha~

Feb 21, 11:55
J Dilla, Now Harold Hunter... Man, this has been I Rough month! I know your rocking it in heaven... R.I.P peace bro, from those had yo back in London... You will be missed by many!

scotch TAPE
Feb 21, 11:49
you were an insperation to me while growing up. you showed me that black skaters don't have to be all hip hop, but could have some punkrock to'um. you'll be missed.

Feb 21, 11:36
Skate or Die... and thats what he did.. R.I.P

Feb 21, 11:35
I didn't know him but his influence in the skateboarding community is fairly obvious. His passing away is unfortunate, untimely and completely unnecessary. My condolences to his family, friends, and fans. And to Harold himself: Skate in peace.

Feb 21, 11:32
I still can't believe it...my friend since 13. So glad I bumped into you on the train a few weeks ago. We gave each other big hugs, never knowing it would be the last...you are in my heart and memories forever. Much love to you Harold...

NYC Blonde
Feb 21, 11:32
Harold always had love for all. RIP. always in our thoughts. sniffle. :(

j strickland
Feb 21, 11:17
Rest In Power to the real mayor of NYC.Harold was the most positive ambassador of the east,always showing love to everybody.A true legend to the world of skateboarding and beyond.He will be missed by friends and fans worldwide.Thanks for always being real.God bless your family.

Megan Rains
Feb 21, 11:17
I met Harlod in 96 when I first moved to New York. He was a great guy and a lot of fun. My friend called me today and told me the news. It is a great lose to us all and especeally to New York. He will be missed but never forgotten. Looking at all the people who have left comments one can only wish to make such a mark on the world.

IZER dos
Feb 21, 11:15
Harold Hunter-the man with the emphatic smile. Another one of NYC¥s original colorful characters. I will miss him-he was a great guy! One love!

Feb 21, 11:01

alex A
Feb 21, 10:58
R.I.P. nyc has lost a piece of it's puzzle.

Feb 21, 10:49
Much love Harold.

Nick Z
Feb 21, 10:46
I only met Harold once...had a smoke with him at a tradeshow - but he had this positive energy - I'm glad to have shared just a few minutes in his presence and had a laugh or two...R.I.P.

Dave Ortiz DQM
Feb 21, 10:44
yeah for anyone who want's to help out with this for our man we will give you a receipt for the amount that you gave so at the end of the year you can claim for a deduction. i just want people to help and not feel funny you know what i mean. but on another note let me let you guys remember the greatest funniest guy i knew here are some of his Quotes 1) "I DIDN'T KNOW JEWISH HAD A LANGUAGE" 2)"I HATE NIGGA'S WHO HATE NIGGA'S SEE I KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS" 3)"YO TODD YOUR BIRTHDAY IS ON HOLLOWEEN EVERY YEAR" 4)"YO YOU EVER LICK A GIRL'S ASS FOR DUMB LONG THEN YOU INVITE YOUR JOINT TO JOIN THE PARTY" 5)"I LOVE THE SOUTH CUZ WHITE PEOPLE EAT GRITS JUST LIKE NIGGAS" 6)"I'M GONNA SKATE ALL DAY TONIGHT" 7)"I EAT FROM ALL OF THE FOOD GROUPS YOU KNOW THE JUICE GROUP,THE CIGARETTE GROUP,AND THE DOUNUT GROUP I'M COOL YO" 8)"SNORING IS A NEGATIVE IMPACT ON A RELATIONSHIP" 9)"I LOVE TOUR CUZ IT'S LIKE BEEF JERKY AND SUNFLOWER SEEDS" 10)"YOU CRAZY YO I'M MAD REMEMBERABLE DON'T FORGIT DAT" i hope i was able to bring back something that is gone and never will be forgotten let me tell all of you guys we all have a little Harold in all of us from the way we speak to the way we look at things he had the best life the guy was and still is my hero... i love you nigga dave.

Feb 21, 10:39
Well, what can I say. You were one of the first skaters to really inspire me. I saw you in some 411 video back in the days, and that part still inspires me man. I'm glad God takes care of you up in Heaven Harold. You will sure be missed down here. Peace

gary kastrolli
Feb 21, 10:32
you know when you hear thunder in the clouds but no storm...i like to think thats people like harold and kenan skating up in heven...havin mad sessions! rest in peace

Feb 21, 10:30
so much memories, this page really touches me. we should really start appreciating people while they are here!!! shout out to all the people who showed love and support. harold you really got the internet going nuts! i wish we showed all fallen legends this much love when they passed. hope heaven has a skate park!

Chris EndCrews
Feb 21, 10:19
May those you have left behind have the strength, understanding, and will power to K.I.M. (You know who you are!) I chilled w/ you nuff times and you was ALWAYS the center of attention. I'm tired of watching us all pass away.... R.I.P. Harold, from the jump, you was nathan but respectfull toward me.

Feb 21, 09:59
RIP Harold..

Seth Neary
Feb 21, 09:43
NYC will NEVER be the same. The TRUE Ambassador of NYC, Zoo York, and the East Coast. You touched a lot of people in this world. Keep skating. OLí DIRTY HAROLD ñ R.I.P.

Feb 21, 09:19

Feb 21, 08:50
in my memory last forever...sleep tight my bro!

Blue Collar
Feb 21, 08:41
Damn! Its like losing a brother. Another LEGEND recieved his calling! We know your looking down on us and we are looking up to you. Can't say how much you did for us as a culture. You are like a Pac or B.I.G. to skating. You always kept it real and thats all we could ask. We will never forget. Tell the rest of the angels up there we said. What Up! Damn the good always die young. Your purpose on this earth was complete Your mission of touching lives and bringing countries together through your art was completed. Although we feel it was cut short. The man above assures us that you did you job. THANK YOU for being you and allowing us ( the world ) to be a part of your life. You will always be loved and forever set into our hearts. Tell Gram and Grandpa we love them. Now you can skate all day heaven is your playground now. RIP. Mello The Blue Collar Corporation

Feb 21, 08:29

NU-HEY Shacho
Feb 21, 08:01
skating last forever!!

Feb 21, 07:56
www.haroldhunter.com if unable to pay via paypal You can go to: DAVE'S QUALITY MEAT MON-FRI 12PM-7PM 7 East 3rd St. New York NY 10003 212.5050.7551 and give cash, check or money order payable to Rock Star Bearings Note: Harold Hunter Fund Wake and Vewing info @ www.haroldhunter.com Thanks to all who have donated!!! Harold you are so loved! So so loved I know u r smiling...

Feb 21, 07:14
rip lill woodie

Feb 21, 07:02
He was famous also in Poland.We started skating after watching the KIDS and first ZOO YORK.... for me his the bigest skateboard legend, he made me skate that's why I love him.REST IN PEACE BRO C U SOMEDAY.

Feb 21, 06:48
I like to watch ZOO YORK(city of killer) which i can see him there. It's a sad news that now he's gone. Big up !

Adriana Lucas
Feb 21, 06:40
We will sure miss you a lot bro! Love

andy k
Feb 21, 06:40
ich werde dich nicht vergessen harold hunter!ruhe in frieden!

cassiano gomes
Feb 21, 06:37
luve u 4 ever my friend

kenji yamaguchi
Feb 21, 06:37

el brother
Feb 21, 06:29
ya nigga, rest in peace...... keep on skating in the next life....

Feb 21, 06:25

Feb 21, 06:25

Feb 21, 06:20
i always looked foward to seeing him when i visted.. NY will never be the same. R.I.P HAROLD HUNTER

Feb 21, 06:18

Feb 21, 06:00
I never talked to Harold but i used to see him a lot when i was in NY in the mid-90ies. Since then he was for me some kind of a symbol for skateboarding in NY. When i thought of NY i thought of Harold. R.I.P.

Frisco Cutthoat
Feb 21, 05:55
Harold Hunter, you didnt even have to know him to see what a carefree soul he was. He's probably up in heaven right now, doing nollie late flips and watching the world's skaters trudge along without him. We'll all get the chance to skate with you some day, Harold, but until then, you'll be missed .

Feb 21, 05:47
rest easy - with love from the Blecher family.

Feb 21, 05:25
RIp Harold.I remember you...

Feb 21, 04:55
R.I.P. -L.E.S. represent

Feb 21, 04:46
my man rest in peace :(

Feb 21, 04:20
RIP Harold Hunter.

Feb 21, 04:13
ich werde dich vermissen..du hast mich zum skaten gebracht...i love you

Feb 21, 03:56
Ruhe in Frieden Harold!!!

Feb 21, 03:32

Neil Nice
Feb 21, 03:29
On the real, Harold was the kind of guy you just couldn't hate. The dude showed EVERYBODY love and always went out of his way to give you a pound. He'd always say to me "yo, yo what up son?" and even if I just replied "chillin, chillin" and kept it moving, I would never think for 1 second it would be last time I would ever see his face. Recently, I remember how excited Harold was when he showed me the limited edition baseball hat he designed for New Era a couple of months back. He said, "Yo Neil Nice, peep my New Era hat, shit is mad craze yo, i'm gonna' do a release party at Epsteins and i want you to DJ it son!" I replied "cool bro, i'm down!" The hat was bananas and everytime i saw Harold for the next 2 months i would ask him about the release party. He would always say "it's comin' up, it's comin' up real soon son," and i would reply "you know i got u man!" As fate would have it, we never did get to do the party so i'm definitely committed to making something happen in his honor soon. I feel like that's the least i can do for someone that gave so much... On the real, Harold repped NYC like no other. His spirit will live on in all who ever had the great opportunity to know him and love him. I miss you son... ONE L FOR LIFE.

Feb 21, 03:27
It's hard 4 me 2 say goodbye 2 someone so dear 2 me. Harold was there 4 me when noone could be. I'm sorry my son Justice never got a chance 2 chill with 1 of the greatest rock starz of my time. Harold asked for him time after time but I always thought there was tomorrow. I know he'd say "Abyss don't cry" but I just can't help it! L.E.S. Will never be the same. I could never and will never cross through Compos without lookin for Harold Hunter. Ur not dead in my book homey, just sk8in on a different plain! I'll miss U always! Thnx 4 everything. Goodbye.

Feb 21, 03:25
I met Harold back in 1994 at a Nasa Party. After that, I would see him SKATING around at all the NYC spots like the 8th Street Black Cube, Paladium, Washington Square Park, Broadway and Houston, Union Square, Lower Manhattan Courthouse Skate spot unda the Chinatown highway, The Armory, Riverside Skate Park, Limelight, Tunnel, any place where there was music, a curb for skating and a line at the door. Harold would always be skatin' for the love of it and for US. I last saw him this past January 24, 2006 at Bruna's Camoflauge. WOW, I cannot think of a better place to catch up with someone who I have always appreciated as a source of inspiration and master of skatin' skills. He was standing there smiling, making jokes, meeting and greeting all the heads around him. He was charming, full of life, looking healthier than before and having fun on the DnB dancefloor!! After all these years, I never forgot him....Legends Never Die they are always remembered. Peace.

Dirty Jase 7734
Feb 21, 03:08
Dang. Swing heavy... RIP.

Feb 21, 02:51
sad to see this legend go hell be remembered though wish i coulda met this guy......will one day im sure.... RIP H.H

Feb 21, 02:49
harold was one the friendliest people you could meet in NYC in fact the world. he always showed me and all my friends madd love. I remember every night when i was bored i would say hmm lets call harold im sure he knows of something poppin and sure enough he led me to a poppin party where i would meet up with him and get drunk. I remember thanks giving 04 my folks had bounced out of town and i had no1 to go to celebrate thanks giving with and sure enough my man harold was like Emil!!! no problem come through and eat with us. Even during new years he would invite me to those crazy parties.. this past new years he kept joking on me bc i wouldnt take off my winter jack lol. I even ended up chillin with him in europe on his zooyork tour. wow the stories of me and him going to clubs in Poland hahaha. what a character and a loving man! I will deeply miss his jokes and his constant support for me and my brother. I love you dogz and its so sad that you left us so early in your life. LES wont be the same without you. Neither will Max Fish!!!! 1 LUV HAROLD I'll miss you bro!

Louis Campos
Feb 21, 02:45
I'm skating for you, homey. REST IN PEACE

ChuBaChuBa ReLL
Feb 21, 02:38
Cant believe your gone Harold you will always be missed! i juss seen you the other day cant believe this see you again one day REST IN PEACE

Feb 21, 02:28
harold is the man skate on! RIP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 21, 02:23
I met Harold back in 1994 at a Nasa Party. After that, I would see him SKATING around at all the NYC spots like the 8th Street Black Cube, Paladium, Washington Square Park, Broadway and Houston, Union Square, Lower Manhattan Courthouse Skate spot unda the Chinatown highway, The Armory, Riverside Skate Park, Limelight, Tunnel, any place where there was music, a curb for skating and a line at the door. Harold would always be skatin' for the love of it and for US. I last saw him this past January 24, 2006 at Bruna's Camoflauge. WOW, I cannot think of a better place to catch up with someone who I have always appreciated as a source of inspiration and master of skatin' skills. He was standing there smiling, making jokes, meeting and greeting all the heads around him. He was charming, full of life, looking healthier than before and having fun on the DnB dancefloor!! After all these years, I never forgot him....Legends Never Die they are always remembered. Peace.

Lance Mountain
Feb 21, 02:15
Harold, you were an inspiration to many. My praires go out to you, your family and friends. I can't believe your gone man. You will not be forgotten.. RIP

Feb 21, 02:06
hey harold- you funny sonofabitch- i can't believe you are gone such an animated character will never die. We had some good times- never planned but you always had me laughing. at 9th st. on the kiddie-sized bed you were sitting there eating a box of chicken in your underwear making us all laugh- your quick wit and stupid funny ways will be much missed. Say hello to Justin and like my 2yr.old daughter told me, "don't cry mommy he went to heaven but he'll be back later..."

Feb 21, 01:43
I first met harold in 1987 when I was 11 years old. I used to skate home from private school with my tie on and all the older kids would dis me, but he always stood up for me. He taught me how to skate and always showed me mad respect. Full blown rockstar. To all you party animals who think you can handle high doses of hard drugs, slow down, you know who you are.....

Queen NaishaYkk
Feb 21, 01:41
I met Harold back in 90 with my homegirl, Brenda at that Cube spot after a usual day of boosting,,,,,We all became close like cousins. So many memories to treasure. My deepest sympathy to both of his brothers and uncle. I'm just really fucking angry because he was too YOUNG to die...RIP my nigga and until we meet again on the other side. WAGSY RIP.

Feb 21, 01:30

Feb 21, 01:28
Funny that this morning, you popped into my head hours before I got the news. I was wondering when I would bump into you again, I've taken for granted that I would always buck yu up at some party (living ya life more fully than most people ever will). RIP Harold!!! You were such a good dude. Until we meet again, jah guide and protect yu. 1luv bredrin

Feb 21, 01:28
The fact that a dude so full of life with so much to live for is gone makes absolutely no sense and makes me really sad. I'm the last one to preach so i won't but all of ya'll know what the fuck time it is. RIP HAROLD.

Feb 21, 01:21
I met Harold around 10 years ago. He was a hell of a skater and always had words of encouragement for the kids. He'll be missed. Legends never die. Roll forever.

Feb 21, 01:13
Damn words cant even explain what the hell happened to the city the night HAROL HUNTER passed.Definetly one of the LEGENDS that NYC has had in the past decades .HAROL will be missed but never forgotten by those that knew him or those that always wanted to meet him,either if they saw him on T.V or if they heard a funny ass storie about him and his antics.He was a person with no discrimination he use to say he was white.what a .funny ass dude man i cant stop thinking of how fucking short life is and how quickly it is taken from all of us.Hopefully we can all learn from HAROL and his life, live to the fullest but dont forget about your loved ones hold your HEAD.Because I have seen to many of my DOWNTOWN HEADS go down in this game called the STREETS.

Feb 21, 00:34
last time i saw Harold he was down here in philly and we were tying one on. he was trying to convince me to come up the his place and build him a bar. i wish i had now.. R.I.P. Harold.

Kustela Brazil
Feb 21, 00:33

Chad aka "CC"
Feb 21, 00:26
Damn, nigga! It was just the night before I saw u and our words were shorter then usual.We started chilling more often when you moved back to Campos. Growing up i always thought of the day I would be able to hit the hottest clubs in NYC wit You and RICK. You always made me laugh nigga wit the crazy jokes you had and i will always remember thoughs times forever. You were my FRIEND and I say that again nigga, YOU WERE MY FRIEND, but better yet my Brother. I'm happy to say I was able to chill wit you at crazy spots in NYC. I'm really hurt nigga that your gone, You are a legend and will always be a legend.I LUV U! And when you reach the other side tell my brother Chris aka Mongo I said whaz up. RIP Harold

NYC Zoo Yorka#4
Feb 21, 00:25
Dayaaam man, was combing DailySkate.com and came across this horrible news, RIP mah main man, hold it down upstairs, i only met you a couple times but from what i remember you made the parties hot and made everyone feel welcome. Payce

Feb 21, 00:15
My man always had smile on his face..... R.I.P Harold

Feb 21, 00:10
it sad to hear this.i always thought harold was the shit.i saw "KIDS" and it was harsh.but ill always remember him as a legend.

Feb 21, 00:05
There isn't much to say. A man, who knew what he was doing and what could happen.... when will we all learn from each others mistakes... ...some of us can not learn from our own as we may not get a second chance... i will miss Harold. But I will not place his actions on a pedestal.

Feb 20, 23:57
And now the end is near And so I face the final curtain, My friends, I'll say it clear, I'll state my case of which I'm certain. I've lived a life that's full, I've travelled each and evr'y highway And more, much more than this, I did it my way.

Feb 20, 23:56
R.I.P Harold Hunter

Albert Pike
Feb 20, 23:32
What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.

Feb 20, 23:19
Rest In Peace...you will be sadly missed...thanks for the memories!

Feb 20, 23:12
harold i never met u and now i never will... you were a big influence to me in the skateboarding world... i love you man... "LEGENDS NEVER DIE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P. man

Feb 20, 23:05
I didn't know you personally Mr. Hunter but I have heard alot about you, and I am sorry you had to go so young, but I know God has a plan for everyone, and I am sure he has one for you. God Bless. You won't be forgotten

lil jeff
Feb 20, 22:53
yo harold......tell justin and keenan...wut up.....i love you boy ...i'm going 2 miss you!

Feb 20, 22:38
Rest in peace Harold!!!!!

Feb 20, 22:36
R.I.P thank you H.H GoodBye H.H

Feb 20, 22:32
Rest in peace...

Feb 20, 22:32
carismatic person... skateboard lost a big skater..

Feb 20, 22:31
carismatic person... skateboard lost a big skater..

Feb 20, 22:31
harold was an awsome skateboarder and he will always be missed R.I.P P.s he was great in KIDS

Feb 20, 22:25
R.I.P thank you H.H GoodBye H.H

Robert Fitz
Feb 20, 22:24
I cant belive your gone.

Tina Mae
Feb 20, 22:14
Much love Harold. I'll never forget you. I know Justin was there to meet you on the other side. Be at peace.

Keith C
Feb 20, 21:54
This City Lost a big pice of it, Harold was a downtown Don. Miss You, Miss You, Miss You.

Feb 20, 21:48
Man you were one of my first role models, you were such a good and original skater, with such an amazing personality, you could easily tell from your show skate maps, man i won't forget you, and like you said legends never die.

Feb 20, 21:41
NY,Sharp Stare,Big King,Street Don,I Could Be him when I Grow up,My Friends Old Friend. Every one says "I just saw him the other day", I guess things do change. I send My deepest love to all of you that have sorrow...Hold on close people and with love, this is our time... Peace Harold

Feb 20, 21:27
I love you more than i'm willing to admit...like i told you before...you'll always have a place in my heart, you crazy bastard...i'm gonna miss you calling my name...it just doesn't sound the same coming from anyone else's lips...

Feb 20, 21:15
Harold... I will forever miss and love you.. You were good peoples.. Legends Never Die!

eastcoast Al
Feb 20, 21:05
man its so sad to know that such a good hearted man and friend to all died from such a terrible thing. I didnt expect this at all as I'm sure many of us didnt. May he always rest in peace and forever remain rolling our hearts. Everytime you step on your board, just think of Harold and remember why you are skating in the first place. Rest In Peace Harold "Legends Never Die"

Feb 20, 21:04
Harold was a downtown legend. The mayor! He knew everyone and everyone knew him and loved him cause he was always the friendliest human being.. He is missed by so many which is so obvious here... Just the 'life of the party' kind of guy.. Made me laugh and smile and that is what life is about, laughing and smiling.. I will miss him..I remember when I first met him.. Probabaly about 15 years ago.. He would skate in Stuyvesant park and hit on all the girls in my class... Hanging downtown you would always see Harold around and he was always a good time... I hope he gets to hang with Amani and Davide... RIP my brothers... FoNz.RFSKE...

Feb 20, 21:03
Wash. Sq-to-Sheeps Meadow & back!!! The long way home! Thanks for keeping it far to fucking real for the last two decades....

Luke Reidenbach
Feb 20, 20:56
Rest in peace, you touched many lives, and you will never truly die in the hearts of those who still ride.

tomorrow night
Feb 20, 20:32
Come celebrate the life of our beloved friend Harold Hunter. It will start at 8p.m until 3a.m $20 donation is suggested The viewing/wake for Harold Hunter will be held at the Guidetti Funeral home: 33 Spring Street, Ste 1 (off Mott Street) New York, NY 10012 Services will be held Wednesday Feb. 22nd through Friday Feb. 24. from 2- 6 pm All are encouraged to come pay their respects. Information on burial arrangements will be forthcoming.

Feb 20, 20:32
R.I.P from all of AUS

rob h
Feb 20, 20:31
I remember Harold teaching late shove its to Tim O in the back of psycho skates in morristown in like 1990. He was this little kid who ripped in this nyc way that being from jersey I was mystified by. just cool as hell - . back to the essence. r.i.p

Feb 20, 19:55
"Legends Never Die"

Feb 20, 19:54
1st off Harorld might not be here on earth any more but, he is not gone. HE IS A TRUE LEDGEND, A TRUE NEW YORKER, AND A ROCK STAR. In this day and age, a TRUE NEW YORKER is a dieing breed and for us to lose harold is a big loss, He has rep'd NYC to the fullest, Harold has a heart of a True New Yorker, Of some one who is real and of a true human who cares about the ones around him and the love of skateboarding. Harold has made many many contributions to NYC and the SkateBoarding world in his life. Harold you are a good friend, family and I am glad to be someone who knows you before you where larger then then life, you was apart of my era growing up in NYC in a gully place of survival wich you did best and you was one of my peers that i always look'd up to in skating and in life. Peace be with you and say hello to big JUSTIN for me brother.

Feb 20, 19:50
From the New York Post: February 18, 2006 -- A skateboarder who appeared in the controversial 1995 movie "Kids" was found dead in his Lower East Side apartment yesterday of an apparent cocaine overdose, cops said. Harold Hunter, 31, who performed stunts in Larry Clark's film about an HIV-positive skateboarder, was discovered by his brother at 4 p.m. in his East 13th Street apartment, police. Cops said they retrieved cocaine from "on and around the body." "He was saying stuff like, 'When I die I'm going to be famous,' " said Hunter's sister Rebecca Atkins. "He used to have this saying, 'Legends never die.' "

Feb 20, 19:45
man this guy made skateboardin so much fun, RIP

Feb 20, 19:25
hey this guys not tht wll of a skter but hes a brothere to all offont>

HeD lOosE
Feb 20, 19:12
i dont know you in person dude, but i knew you from the internet dude, you are to cool man!, it sad to hear that you are gone. you will be missed , i wanted to see you and the zoo york team skate and never got to. i was so pissed too. now to hear this, it sucks even more. R.I.P coming from all nyc N uk hippers dudes. cool dudes like you!!

Feb 20, 18:56
The Cube, The Park, 8th Street, LES, sneak kissses and crusty eyes, Rick and Snacks, Ron's Blades, your crazy voice, Lees with the double e, Manhattan Friends, The Banks, trying to get me to Raves and to trip, knowing I was too straight for that shit, respecting and encouraging my dreams, so many memories...

Rob Welsh
Feb 20, 18:54
as a teammate i respect him dearly, he would always make us (Zoo York Team) laugh, on tour he was the one who would give us crazy dares on truth or dare. i love you man rip he may

Brisk Ske
Feb 20, 18:49
keep reppin NYC, and say what up to my man ArgueSke...RIP my nigga....

Detroit Skaters
Feb 20, 18:47
I'm happy that I got the chance to meet Harold just once. he did for me what it seems he did for everyone, put a smile on my face!! RIP...

luc from GER
Feb 20, 18:47
i remember beeing this little kid, just started skating and watching "kids" for the first time. then, about 4 years later i met the zoo york team in wuppertal, germany, while skating the skatepark. they've been on a germany tour, but just showed up without telling anyone, so we all had a great session together. later, harold, zerred, me and a few friends played some basketball, and harold seemed to be a real cool guy. rest in peace dude. harold forever.

Feb 20, 18:46
Rest In Peace... If I can see you one more time... I know you are going to have a good time in heaven, Harold. Japan is going to miss you. Gho

Feb 20, 18:46
I grew up with Harold. Our lives crossed during so many paths. I can't believe I won't see him again.He was always ready with a big bear hug no matter whre he was or who he was with he always had time for an old friend. To his family who will miss him most please remember his greatness and kindness.

Feb 20, 18:44
Damn, I knew he was doing drugs too, but I somehow felt I shouldn't butt in to his personal life and stuff... I knew him since I was like 12 years old (I'm 22 now), but I saw him every now and then, it's funny because me and all my friends called him "Rich" (Because he was making mad papers.) I remember he was the ONLY ONE out of the group who used to hang by Union and the Banks (and the village in general) who would show me how to do tricks on board. I just saw him like 2 weeks ago, wtf? Well man, there's a button I got on my hat, the saying is for you... "I hope there's skateboards in heaven." Rest In Peace homey.

Mesh One
Feb 20, 18:39
This ones for you son one last time....RIP I will run into again when my time comes love you man....Mesh One New York City is the hottest place For a honeymoon in a hotel room New York City is my favorite place 'Cause I know so many people with a golden face Uh-huh It's always late at night when I wanna go out And New York City has for sure the horniest crowd Especially for me, this is true, I have the best time when you're there too Honey, after the show, when we are ready to go We are going disco But before we hit East 7th Street We are going to another disco Disco after disco And shaking our hair to the disco rap AM/PM, Pyramid, Roxy, Mudd Club, Danceteria The newest club is opening up New York, New York Yeah! New York City is the hottest place For a honeymoon in a hotel room Uh-huh New York City is a place so nice Everybody says it so they had to name it twice New York my happy love's you, I love you very much I could not live without you, so let's always keep in touch New York City has the fanciest rule When you want to live in this town you just have to be a fool After the show when we are ready to go We are going disco But before we hit East 7th Street We are going to another disco Disco, after disco And shaking our hair to the disco rap AM/PM, Pyramid, Roxy, Mudd Club, Danceteria The newest club is opening up New York, New York Yeah It's going hop hop hop hop hop hop Straight up to the top Hop hop hop hop hop hop Straight up to the top Let there be light 'Cause David Bowie's gonna be here tonight in New York I create ecstacy in my world I know who I am And I am willing to declare myself to the world I am a star! In New York Whosoever with me

jersey girl
Feb 20, 18:27
So many memories in one yesturday RIP Harold

Ray Hong Kong
Feb 20, 18:24
Harold, I remember bein' at Dave's only a few months ago and eavesdropped to hear that you got a new apartment...you asked about the scar on my neck and was a cool cat to let me share a story with you. It was small change at the time, but just shootin' shit with a true NYC legend really made my day and I will never forget it. A man whose smile lit up the room, you will never die because you are alive in every one of us. We will meet again someday and share some more stories. Peace, Ray H.K.

alvin tyson
Feb 20, 18:21

Feb 20, 18:17
what will happen in one's life is already written, but one must choose to be there see you next time Harold

Feb 20, 18:10
pnut, what you wrote is so beautiful. what everyone is writing is so beautiful. r.i.p. harold

Feb 20, 17:55

guyfrom germany
Feb 20, 17:54

Feb 20, 17:53

pete aka pnut
Feb 20, 17:41
hereís one for the record, we were all skating down by the banks, jeremy henderson, harold, looney, jamal, myself, etc... like 15 deep... we decide we were going to go skate near Skate NYC, so we make our way down broadway, we come across a 18 wheeler stuck in traffic on canal and broadway, what happens next is nyc skating history... we decide to go under the trailer... I was second to last and harold was behind me, I go under and as I go, the truck starts to move... not much I can do so I throw myself between the axles, don't know how I made between the tires, but I did... I get up screaming and make my way over to the sidewalk (to this day I have no idea how I got up, but I did) everyone circles around my and put me down on the ground, jeremy gets an ambulance and I remember cursing at them for putting a neck brace on me.... guess they all followed the ambulance to st. vincents, cause jeremy was the only one in the ambulance with me... needless to say, they all waited for my mom to get there and left (later I found out that they all went to Skate NYC, but no one could skate after what went down)... so i get better and go by and see everyone... harold pulls me aside and tells me that he was trying to pull me back, but that if it wasn't for me cutting in front of him it would have been him under those wheels... and every time we would see each other and talk about it, he'd say the same, like I saved his life or something... never really knew how I felt about that... but I know that I wish I was there to go under the trailer this weekend... maybe I would have been lucky again miss you bro

Feb 20, 17:40
Harold Hunter. A legend in skateboarding. rest in peace.

Feb 20, 17:38
To the man I looked up to from the day I seen him in a skatevideo (i forgot which one) but he was the man, i went up to him once and i told him straight up that he was my hero and that nigga just put his hand on my head and was like, nah little nigga i look up to you! ahahaha R.I.P. man

Feb 20, 17:34
R.I.P. Harold, you will be missed...say What's Up to Mike C. and Justin..

fred sweden
Feb 20, 17:31
the first skate-film i bought(and one of the first i ever saw) was 411 #13. harold had a part in it and i instantly loved it. ever since then i¥ve been a huge fan. sad to see you go so soon! and even if i never met you you will be missed! R.I.P!

Feb 20, 17:30
To someone who was always supportive, always had good things to say. A huge part of a city I was not born in but have grown to adore. Rest in peace.

Paul Wis
Feb 20, 17:29
HH you're too young to be resting in peace. Keep rolling and keep 'em laughing up there. Heaven will never be the same...

Feb 20, 17:27
I met skated w/ Harold once @ the Brooklyn Banks during a he seemed like a nice guy .R.I.P. >evan

Feb 20, 17:22
I saw Harold once bounce out of a van out as I walked passed the Supreme shop. About 5 years ago. The first time i visited NY. I just had to stop and and watch as he his energy lit up the street. NY was not big enough for him. He will be missed from a bro in the uk RIP HH

Sam Wilson
Feb 20, 17:20
I first met Harold at the old Skate NYC shop in the village in 1989. I was was an uptown skater, him downtown. I'll alway remember meeting to skate at the met or down at the banks. I'll never forget the crazy night up at Syracuse with the "almost drive by". We will once again have Jack and Cokes on the other side. I will never forget you my friend.

Feb 20, 17:20
Rest In Peace

Feb 20, 17:19
I met Harold when I interned at Zoo York. He was a funny dude, always making people laugh. I remember one time he tried to cook up some eggs by putting them in the microwave. Harold was always super nice and was one of the most friendliest people I've ever met. Rest in peace man.

Erik Munday
Feb 20, 17:15
I can easily say that some of the best times I ever had were with him. He let me crash at his place the first time we met 16 fuckin years ago.....and we had nothing but good times everytime since. It was also no secret that he was one of my favorites and a good friend. Nothing but love to him and all his friends and family. I miss you already homeboy.

Feb 20, 16:58

Feb 20, 16:57

Emilio Zaldivar
Feb 20, 16:53
Desde Madrid con amor... menos manteca y m·s patin...

Feb 20, 16:34
save travels to your next level of your life......R.I.P. from chucktown ,south carolina

Feb 20, 16:32
The dictionary defines an angel as "A kind and lovable person." Harold, you were an angel on Earth and will continue to be one up above. Rest in peace...

Feb 20, 16:29
i used to see this cat late at night, walking through random streets of nyc on my way somewhere or when he would just slide through some party somewhere and he always had a good word to say..even though we didn't know each other that well......but it was always good to watch a room light up and hear laughter whereever he was ....he will be missed but like he said "LEGENDS NEVER DIE"... onelove r.i.p. h.h.

Feb 20, 16:27
rest in peace harold legends live forever.

Feb 20, 16:26
...may you be famous and unbreakable in heaven... sleep well

Spencer W.
Feb 20, 16:24
Dear Harold: I will remember skating with you in NYC in the beginning. You were a stream of energy, one that hurts so much to be disengaged from. You will never truly be gone from our lives, as we will never forget you. Peace brother, Spence

Scott Nelson
Feb 20, 16:15
Had a converstaion with just a week ago at A NEW YORK THING store...he said what's up and asked if I had been skating...I told him yeah, just rode the tylenol Bowl in BK over the weekend....RIP HAROLD...

Feb 20, 16:14
I met Harold once on halloween 2001. We were introduced by a mutual friend and he treated me instantly like we'd known each other for 20 years. For the next half--hour or so i just sat back and listened to some of the funniest shit i've heard leave anyones mouth come from Harold. I always hoped to have that experince one more time. My heart goes out to all his friends and family. He will be missed, but never forgotten.

Feb 20, 16:12
We made chicken last night. . . I missed the compliments. Your energy is like no other. Thanks for the memories- RIP

Feb 20, 16:05
i never did know harold, but i always loved to watch skate maps of fuel tv. it stared the Zoo York team, and harold was always makin people hav a good time or laugh. When they were in europe, he would always mess around in the kitchens and make food for the guys at fancy resturants. god, im gona miss him. RIP "Legends Never Die" Harold Hunter will live on.

Feb 20, 16:00
I will never forget those Jack and Cokes we shared last week. You taught me a lot about growing up in the City and about being the man you are. No one could make you feel more welcome than Harold. Anywhere you went with him, you were truely WITH HIM. I'm grateful I got to know the Legendary.

Feb 20, 15:58
I first met Harold when I was 13 in DC, he was on the road skating for some video. I last saw him 3 weeks ago on the set of some short film in Tompkins sq. and he was telling me about all these kids from DC that we knew that were dead or locked up now. That shit made me sad, but this is too much to realize.

Feb 20, 15:48
Dude, I never met you personally but you were an inspiration to me as a black male not limiting yourself to the status quo! This is painful.....I selfishlly hoped to see you doing more but God has his time so.........

Feb 20, 15:41
Only met Harold a couple of times. He was always super cool and down to earth. RIP Harold.........

Feb 20, 15:38

Jack & Coke
Feb 20, 15:34
Whose gonna break this news to Steven Cales? I can just see Stevens face, he'll be so sad about this yo...If anyone out there knows where Steven is, make sure he gets this news..I know it would mean alot to him that someone made the effort to let him know about his brother that he was deep with for mad long. RIPpin' son.

Feb 20, 15:15
Back in 1996 I had just moved to the East Village at 12th & A and I was checking out the neighborhood and stopped by the skate shop facing Thompkins Sq. and in there was some snooty goth chick and Harold. Not being a skater Harold had one of those faces that you knew but just could not remember his name. So I said whats up to both of them and got shade from the Goth Chick and Harold smiled at this and gave me a pound and hug on the spot. Dude totally broke through with me and made me love NYC. I spoke with him only one other time at a party where we both ended up waiting in line for the bathroom and I never got to thank him for that moment in that skate shop. Well thanks man!

Vincent G
Feb 20, 15:10
1995 hot summer night in Astor place, you were tryin' hard those wallie late shove it ...just an image from you...but it meant a lot especially after seeing you acting in Kids... a french guy

Giles Anderson
Feb 20, 15:01
one night in the late nineties i skated into union square in ny and there was a random little quarter pipe on the northside lot. the only person there was harold. we talked a bit, mostly just skated. just enjoying skating on a nice warm night in nyc. in a bit a little kid showed up. lonely and akward looking. harold spent the whole time trying to teach the kid how to pivot. it was such a random moment, and in it he was totally generous and kind. what a loss. my regrets to his family and friends.

Feb 20, 15:00
maybe an ON,or 411 video magazine could make a documentary about HAROLD HUNTER someday ??like the one they did with the LOVE park?this would be so great...legends never be forgotten

Feb 20, 14:59
So, Harold and I went back...And I mean way back. We were tight before "Kids". Steven, Rick, Harold, Jay Copper, and me. STOOOPS!!! We rocked in the back of UNIQUES on broadway eating pizzas and stealing Club MTV bags from the spot. I remember taking him out to St. Albans Queens where Jay and I grew up and he was like "Yall mutha Fuckers got Grass & Shit" That always stuck out to me. We use to go to Mars, HomeBass, RedZone (sheeeiiittt), all that NYCIty stuff-ins. Dance, and I mean Dance hard. Battling with Sharky, and Ray. Damn that was fucken fun. Stealing 40's from Hammed and the Bagel shop near Mars. STOOOPSSss (for real). Slidding in the public pool on a late summer night with the local latina honeys who were down to swap a kiss or two (hee ha hoo uggg). One girl was like...I aint kissing ant man! He was smashing her for the remainder of that summer. Shit he had a way didnt he!? I liked Harold alot. We fell out over a fight that went down at the Hamerstein Ballroom. Dres' (BlackSheep) and his team of goons....well Rick got drunk, stepped on a sneaker and shit, all hell broke loose. Me, Rick and Jason were throwin' knuckles with like 40 dudes (NO LIE). We were saved because we were in an elevator...but God if they would have pulled us out. I guess Jay couldnt forgive Rick because of blah blah blah....Rick told Harold blah blah blah....and we (Harold & I) just stopped kicking it. My work takes me to and fro so id see him at the functions in LA and in NYC. Both our Balls were too big to say sorry first so we'd do that chin nod shit. You got the last laugh now H-Boogie, cause im fucked up feeling like I shoulda sayed: Yo Harold...Rosario...thats you kid!!?? Or: Damn H, I was in Japan....and those Cats fucken worship you....Im fucken proud of you. Or: Damn I should have listened to you when you said Kids was gonna be something and come back to the second call back. Or.......Shit, what are we not talking for again!? Shit i forgot....bet you did too...aint that funny grudging to be grudging. Ill see you again. And if I do that chin nod bullshit....snuff me one time. Damn H. Can it be that it was all so simple then. (Dion)

Feb 20, 14:55
rest in peace, harold

Feb 20, 14:54
I'm glad I got to meet you. Harold chillin with all the ams on tour. he told us "I love chillin with these kids, they mad hungry, they got heart, it keeps me inspired. in the pro vans all they do is stress and talk about money". Cincinnati holds mad love for you forever. R.I.P.

Feb 20, 14:52
i miss him, even know i didnt know him..he seemed kool, and im glad i didnt meet him because it would been more sad. -Nick

hunter 06
Feb 20, 14:50
what would jesus skate

Plasma Slugs
Feb 20, 14:47
who ever wrote my name and that shit about HUNTER is a fucking loser and deserves a life,,,,,,,,,,,, The movie kids is the first time i saw that guy i never met him yet one day while puttin some posters in new york i was in the process and heard a voice say yeah yeahh fucking shit up,, i turnd around and it was him i was like hahaha no doubt man stay up playa, HE TRULY REPESENTS NEW YORK and for that he will always be LEGEND! we all gotta go somtime its what we do in between and who we effected and all these coments show harold lived it up as if he was the STAR of the show LIFE,,,,, RIP

kevin Lyons
Feb 20, 14:46
John Belushi. Chris Farley. Richard Pryor. Giant comedic personalities who bum rushed life. never relenting. never toning down. Rude, loud, obnoxious, crazy, and hilarious as anyone could ever possibly be. Harold was all that and more. Outrageous and out of control. Harold Hunter just made people smile and laugh. That was his place. That was what he was here for. He could do more with one facial expression that anyman I have ever met or seen. He was in the room with Justin and Cooper and Russ at Julie Z's the night I asked my wife on our first date. that was 10 years ago. and he made us laugh then just with a video camera and crazy facial expressions. He was a friendly face and an outstretched hand. You almost get the feeling that God is is like the ultimate skate team manager and besides board skills the prerequisite to make the team is humour, style, and a smile that you will never forget. justin, keenan, and now Harold... quite a team. With all respect due...R.I.P.

Feb 20, 14:45
rest in peace Harold and keep skates in your heart ÜÜÜ

Feb 20, 14:42
fuuuuuuuck......it is so sad to realize,that all the best words are said,when the man already gone...........i think,that all people here should just show your respect and all your love to your friends and famililes.....until it not late......CATCH EVERY SECOND OF THIS LIFE!So valuable seconds..

jonny boy
Feb 20, 14:42
ay yo..when he wore the polo the girls said oh no.. when he wore the guess the girls they said oh yes... that was your fav rhyme back when u were at city as high. i remember u had a jar set up for a polo boot fund.. there musta been a dollar fifty in change in there..hope ur rocki n em now my mellow...uno amore...miss ur craze ass so so so so so much.

Lila Lee
Feb 20, 14:40
hey Harold- i haven't seen you for a little while. Not like back in the days, on those long summer days, walking from Washington Square Park to Astor to X-Large back to the park when i'd see you everyday and try to ride your board. we'd get kicked out of the Run DMC show and then laugh and scream about it: 9th st, michele's apt where you had us on the ground laughing for hours playing with the kid's dolls. way back in the day when we had that kind of fun with nothing to do, no place we had to be, sitting on stoops with jon and ham and justin and jamal. with your passing i not only mourn the rightous and nasty, child king of NY but i also mourn a whole era that shaped me. life changes and so do we. i miss you and i miss justin. you live on in all the people you affected. you affected me, in more emotional ways than one. you stayed young like so many of us wish we could. Peace and strength to your family. xoxo, lila boo boo ps- "And no, i won't kiss you!" just kidding, i'd give you a kiss now.

Feb 20, 14:38
rest in peace bro you showed all of us in the skate world that its more that whats under your feet that makes you great on the streets anfd in the park i think that well all miss this guy for years to coming straight up pioneer in is own right and a LEGEND lives on forever .

Feb 20, 14:38
your presence missed, your spirit, never. RIP

Feb 20, 14:36
New york loose his nigazz......fucking sad..and even this shit with kids is fucked up....like a curse...Spoiled children soon to fall........remember this song from the kid's?

Feb 20, 14:36

Feb 20, 14:33
R.I.P to the legend.

Justin DQM
Feb 20, 14:26
In a world of madness, where shit is not right, this man never lost his smile. U never know who you are gonna meet, or how you will react. For myself, growing up in the 90's looking into NYC from a distance, thinking I would never get out. I yearned for more. Skateboarding opened the world up to me and made me want more. Back then, ZOO YORK was all you knew. There was one guy who made it look like so much fun, whether he was skating or buggin out. Harold Hunter was that man. Traveling to the city trying to live that life. We admired him, he was an icon. 10 years later I was fortunate to meet Harold through at the shop. Everything you thought he would be like, fun, loud, outrageous, charismatic, he was and more. What I did not expect of Harold Hunter, was his genuineness. For someone you hear so much about, a celebrity, u dont expect to them be open to you. It didnt matter where I saw him, at the shop or at the party he treated me the same way every time. Happy, welcoming, genuine. He would drop by the shop, and it would always liven the day and make you laugh. He always had the carefree spirit we all seem to lose. While his loss brings a tear to our eyes, let his memories bring a smile to our face. We have lost a cornerstone of our culture that spreads the world in thanks to this man Harold Hunter. Wherever he is, Harold Hunter has just entered the room, board in hand, and it is not until then that the party has begun. For him, the party will never end because Legends Never Die. A Fan and a Friend

genn like jenn
Feb 20, 14:25
LEGENDS NEVER DIE! stay up kidd.. you are missed but still loved<3.

Big Jim Moore
Feb 20, 14:24
I remember this little kid with his executioner board coming into Washington Sq. park like twenty years ago and asking me and Bruno and the Weasle how to do an ollie and he never left, and I think he never will! I loved ya man. jimmy

genn like jenn
Feb 20, 14:23
LEGENDS NEVER DIE! stay up kidd.. you are missed but still loved<3.

Feb 20, 14:21
Harold Hunter forever in our minds.

Kerri Randles
Feb 20, 14:20
It's funny it's been a long time since I have seen Harold...but always the fondest memories....my sister reminded me today that I used to put him on the phone with her, and he was always telling her he wanted to go to the "Winerbar" which was actually "The Winery" a little bar in my hometown. He loved for me to tell him stories...especially about growing up in a small town in the midwest. The classic moment was when Jonny Boy, Harold, and I were out on the town. Harold was staying with us in l.a....they weren't 21 yet so when we got to Crazy Girls the bouncer wouldn't let them in. I heard Mick Jagger was there, so I stayed and we parted ways. I made it home as the sun was rising, and Harold was anxiously waiting up to hear the story of what happened with Mick. I went into long, and very detailed accounts of my romp with the Rolling Stone...when I realized Harold was busting a nut under the blanket! Harold could do no wrong....everything was an adventure, and there was this innocence about him. I will cherish that.....

Feb 20, 14:13
R.I.P Harold!

Feb 20, 14:10
Fucking Haro. Lived large and died large. I guess that was his plan all along. Stevo and I first met Haro at the shop where he was the funniest and loudest guy there. That says a lot because there were a lot of loud funny guys: Jamal, Steve Cales [not so loud but very smart], Jeff Pang, Cosmo. He did not want much in life. He just wanted to be a superstar of skate and screen. He succeeded in both. There was a pecking order. The best skaters always exuded some kind of internal macho energy and serious attitude. Not Haro. He was always ON. Hanging with Haro was like being in a dark room with a very bright bulb. Full light. Full of life. I did not see much of Haro after I left NYC in 1991. But I did see him -- in print in Transworld and in that god awful crap movie "Kids." Stevo always kept me up to date. It makes sense that he died geared up because that is the way that he lived. I guess that is better than dying with a needle stuck in your arm on a slow escalator down to nowhere. Mahalo Haro.

Kid Ankles
Feb 20, 14:07
R.I.P to a true NY legend. I pushed my Ol Dirty Harold American Dream setup around the city with pride back in the day. You will truely be missed.

APO the MB
Feb 20, 14:06
energy never dies, see you in phase 2 peace to the Astral Nation

hank meacham
Feb 20, 14:05
keep skating in heaven harold.

Ivan Ill
Feb 20, 14:03
Thanks for the memories, the laughter and the lesson. RIP

mike crook
Feb 20, 14:00
harold i looked up to you man just like everyone else rip.

mike crook
Feb 20, 13:59
rip harold hunter

Becky Savell
Feb 20, 13:48
My love to you Harold--- such a sweet young man, always considerate, funny, and loving---that's how I remember young Harold back in "92---Such a loss.

Scott Siz
Feb 20, 13:43
Your boy FreshJ said it all. Much condolences to Harolds family and close friends. I've skated with him and seen him in random spots forever. He always respected everyone and had a great sense of humor. You'll be missed so much, Bro.....R.I.P. Scot Siz

Steve Schwartz
Feb 20, 13:42
I am in a state of shock. I first met Harold in '86/87 before he even knew how to grind curbs! He had the same amazing, comic flowing personality even then, and was part of the heart of the Skate NYC crew. Tombo and I saw him almost daily for 4 years or so and he was incredible. Though I haven't seen Harold the past few years, I have countless hilarious memories of him -- he formed a place in my heart and will be missed. RIP Harold.

Feb 20, 13:35
Yo Harold, you saved my ass this summer, gave me a pound and bounced. I didn't get to say thank you. Thanks bro. RIP...

Your boy FreshJ
Feb 20, 13:32
Harold Hunter knew a lot of people, but even more people knew Harold. A lot of people knew Harold, but even more people LOVED harold. Everyone in every clique regardless of whether they skated or not knew him, no matter who you where or who you where down with, no matter your affiliation, you knew him 'cuz he knew some of your boys, 'cuz you knew some of his boys, 'cuz he was nice to you once, 'cuz he was nice to one of your boys once, 'cuz he didn't tell you off when you or your friend asked a stupid question, 'cuz he allways liked the spotlight, 'cuz even if your only relation to him was that you had the same shoe guy and chilled with some people in common, even if you had only crossed a handfull of words through out years, he would still give you a nod or holla' when you saw him across the street, shop, or spot. Shit in NY is different then anywhere else in the world, respect is much much more valuable then money, and harold gave it to everyone, more often then not he had the good kind heart of giving you love and respect even if you barely knew him and hadn't earned it, he didn't care even though he knew how shit was, everyone's motherfucking jaded, it's not acceptable to not be jaded, being a non-asshole is practically illegal, and as you grow older it becomes easier to become more of a jaded asshole, and yet somehow, Harold still had some form of innocense and kindness, like a child. It is true that it's practically imposible to get through this place without falling a little into the dark side of shit, and he was no exeption, he was human, whoever, this isn't what's important, what is important was the fact that he was one of a kind, truly irreplaceable, and right now, the best way you can pay back those pounds and nods is to give respect where respect is due. Dont remember his flaws, remember the blessings, don't remember the fall, remember the rise. If any street character in NY ever deserved these following words it is truly Harold: Rest In Peace. NY is now obligated to pay you back in Respect and Love.

Jared M.
Feb 20, 13:30
R.I.P Harold ...legends never die

Feb 20, 13:22

Feb 20, 13:20
Wow, I checked this board out 2 days ago & there were less than a quarter the amount of messages that are on here now....Amazing yo, so many people, from all over the globe, all with such nice things to say. Evencats you never even met. Young cats that proclaimed you as their hero & inspiration...Thats deep kid. That real shit right there homie...I hope I'm able to have touched even half the lives you have when I bounce. I hope this many people remember me & have such pleasant shit to say. Really one of a kind...Sleep well my man...Rest easy.....1 love FOES hold your head homie... I've been trying to reach you to tell you how sincerely sorry I am for your loss. Get at me through DOA or DEAL whenever you get a moment. I'm in FL right now so I'm afraid I'll miss any memorial svce but know that my heart is there w/ you FOES & w/ the rest of my RFC brethdren as well...1 love baby!!!! H.H. Rest In Power.......I'm sure SEDI will hook him up with a good cloud to lounge on.................100%

Feb 20, 13:16
A terrible loss of a wonderful spirit. Your absence is already felt by the ones who love you. You will never be forgotten... Rest in Peace Harold.

Robeson M.
Feb 20, 13:13
Harold: With your untimely passing, another piece of our collective youth is gone. Though I never had the honor, memories, words and images remain. They are constant reminders of your vitality, your humanity. And they will always live on, everlasting, to remind us of our own. Thank you.

Feb 20, 13:05
I only know him through parties at our friend Jessica's house. He always seemed pleasant and witty. Besides knowing God, that might be all most people need to get exposed to in this world. Rest In Peace Mr. Hunter.

Feb 20, 13:04
we met up way back in 88 at the Banks--in the days before responsibility. Harold, true to form, skatin' around like he owned the place-- we snaked each other and pushed other to the limits of our ability--but hey, that's skateboarding and city livin'. We eventually developed mutual respect for each other through the years and he'll forever be a true NYC stylemaster! EZ, respect and R.I.P. Roll on...

Ryan Gee
Feb 20, 13:00
Over the past 14yrs seeing you on the sk8 sessions, you were always out making the best of it. Not taking anything for granted ... just living life to the fullest. The last I seen you was at a Zumiez demo in Upstate during the summer. We sat down and cought up on things. Your stories were classic ... always making us laugh. You will be missed ... never forget.

Brian Howard
Feb 20, 12:57
You would not know when or where you would see Harold but one thing was for sure you would laugh when you did. He was a true character. He was the kind of guy that never forgot your face and always made sure to say hi and get you to smile. I have only ventured to New York a few times and every time I saw him there. He always went out of his way to show you around and to show you NYC. A legend indeed! He will be missed and never forgotten. R.I.P.

Feb 20, 12:50
skating will miss you're personality . i only met you a few times but each time you were a cool cat. R.I.P keep smilin in heaven.

Morgan Bouvant
Feb 20, 12:47
Love you for ever brother ! We never forget you ......

Feb 20, 12:45
RIP Harold :( You'll definitely be missed, I just found out yesterday after coming off my cruise, "I was deeply sadden" :( I was reminiscing on all the days Harold, Rich, Michael, and Ronald, Milady & I will be in the house & they all just be snapping on each other. Harold always said some off the wall Sh--t.. You've touched many hearts RIP brother Love Alway Melinda... Chad & Pupi also send there Condolences

Feb 20, 12:38

Rich Herrera
Feb 20, 12:32
Much respect, Harold. Give Justin a pound for me. p e a c e

Feb 20, 12:31
what is happening to New York? why are we losing all of the people that make this city so vibrant?

Feb 20, 12:29
Casper hung himself. Harold ODs. Yo Larry C - STOP KILLIN' KIDS. REALLY. Hey Harmony watchout, there is too much life to be lived. Respect. May H rest in piece.

Feb 20, 12:25
God Damn!!! One of the brightest. Never met but we emailed a bit. Solid guy. Makes me sad. Be strong New York.

Feb 20, 12:24
R.I.P and god bless you. Respect from Copenhagen.

Feb 20, 12:21
relax harold.

Feb 20, 12:20
Smile wuz always seen on his face. His style fascinated crowds of people... when i've readen the post about his death tear rolled around my eye.. Rest in peace Harold...and you kids remember... dont do drugs...

Feb 20, 12:18

Wise Ske
Feb 20, 12:17
Damn, rest in peace Harold. What a fucking original. NYC to the core.

ead ! tbk
Feb 20, 12:15
harold big time cool ass dude always did remember him and always will much love to big brother foes and friends and family may god rest his soul.

Feb 20, 12:10
"Legends never die" Rest In Peace Respect from I≥awa, from Poland

Feb 20, 12:06

Feb 20, 11:58
Do not go where the path may lead~ Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. ~ Emerson. "Hayroller"...you will never be forgotten. Rock On.

Feb 20, 11:46
RIP broha....

Guido Pete
Feb 20, 11:43
Yo Harooooooollllld! I'll never forget the day about 15 years ago when Harold started calling me Guido. We were skating Astor Place with the rest of the Midtown Crew and he wouldn't let up... "Hey, Guido, get a friggin' pizza, it's gonna be alright!" I guess the name stuck no matter how much I told him I wasn't Italian or a guido! That's what I think touched people most about Harold, his ability to put a smile on everyone's face no matter where you were or what you were doing. No one can think of Harold without thinking of a "Harold story" that would make you smile. 15 years later we are still smiling with you Harold! Peace!

Feb 20, 11:40
R.I.P. brother They say God has a plan for everyone maybe he needed you too build his skate park see you on the other side

Liz Goldwyn
Feb 20, 11:39
Harold...its hard to believe you of the warm heart and spirited soul are gone...i will always remember how you always took in stray animals and how hard you cried when my childhood dog died while you were staying with my family in la... your sensitivity, enthusiam and storytelling infected all who knew and loved you...i guess in the end it really doesnt matter what was truth or fiction... I will miss you deeply and know you are reuniting and skateboarding with justin and keenan as we all write these posts....love to you and to your family xxxxxx

Feb 20, 11:31
RIP Harold. :: Ride Fast Die Young ::

Feb 20, 11:25
RIP Harold Hunter :: Ride Fast Die Young :: All the Best for your Family and Friends and those who loved you.

Feb 20, 11:22
Yo R.I.P. to this cat. You were pretty cool peeps with my boy John Egan who I was chilling with on the night you died out in PA. After the news, my boy literally had a breakdown and was talking about the time he always came to your crib and got fed. This dude cried for like 2 hours straight and we just got so shitfaced. R.I.P.

Feb 20, 11:19
RIP Harold Hunter :: Ride Fast Die Young :: All the Best for your Family and Friends and those who loved you.

dj chali
Feb 20, 11:15
rest in peace harold!

Feb 20, 11:13
You gave style to us, people who livin' in concrete jungle. We miss you. Who is gonna tell us how survive in fukin' silly city after you gone? RIP Harold.

Feb 20, 11:08

Feb 20, 10:59
we were lucky enough to have traveled to PR with harold for the abc video premiere...the bestmemories...a jet blue blanket turned into a doo-rag and you cruised up and down the aisles talking to dude's girlss ha ha..... you slept under the moon on 85 jet blue pillows...tore off the bottoms of your zoo bathing suit with your teeth makng them hot little hot pants...that water was so nice...and we'll never forget you blowing up our bathroom in isabella / u always made your mark :) best chats about g'ville, too...much love, harold, you never brought anything other than smiles to our faces, your spirit will never ever die. you are a legend. miss you.

Feb 20, 10:53
It¥s just so fucked... it¥s true that you really realize what a person meant to you after he/she is gone - Rest in peace,Harold! You¥ll live on in many people¥s hearts!

Feb 20, 10:50
rest in peace, Harold Hunter!

Feb 20, 10:49
r.i.p mr hunter.from france and we respect the king of new york

andrew h.
Feb 20, 10:47
i met harold in '96 in the hallway of my east village apt. he was coming down the stairs with one of my girlfriends friends, a cute blonde girl from detroit. i said hi to her, and introduced myself to harold, he was friendly and replied, "wassup...thanks man, was that your bed?" a gentleman and a ladies man... over the years we bumped into each other around the city, and worked on a commerical for abc skateboards together...he was a talanted, funny, and happy man. R.I.P. harold

buy u corndogs!
Feb 20, 10:45
i first saw Harold in KIDS . After that it seemed i always saw him in my journeys to the banks or the107th st. park,(i mean who could forget that face)i am glad to have has the pleasure of skating with the legend himself on more than one occassion and as always i am saddened to hear a fellow skater has moved on. Harold Hunter is ZOOYORK and as long as ZOO lives on harold is with us. Legends never die, RIP Harold- "chill out have a fuckin bagel! aight!"

Feb 20, 10:45
I saw him skate once at a demo in Texas, at a skatepark I went to quite a bit during college. It was funny watching all these little kids, 11,12 year olds, stare at how odd he seemed.He got out of the van they were in wearing only boxers and the stiffest Levi's jeans you've ever seen. I think they were starched. I remember thinking "No way that guy is gonna skate in jeans like that!" But he did. No shirt the whole day. Jeans nearly falling off with every trick. He had some funny moves when he'd fall. I'd seen and read about him in plenty of magazines over the years and I had a Zoo York video as well, so I knew he was a rather funny guy. But the enjoyment was more from all these little kids not knowing what they were watching, and him just being himself.

french skater
Feb 20, 10:43
big respect mr hunter r.i.p

Leo n' Tony
Feb 20, 10:39
R.I.P Harold Hunter... From Spain. Don¥t play with drugs... We feel your soul flippin the streets of NY. Skate will never die

Feb 20, 10:36
R.I.P. HAROLD! NO ONE WILL FORGET YOU.........ALOT OF HIS FOOTAGE IS POSTED HERE....http://www.skateboardmusic.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=5280 CHECK OUT UNDERWORLD ELEMENT!

Feb 20, 10:34
That sucks! Harold was the man and help put NYC on the skate map. Rest in peace brother.

Feb 20, 10:29
What a loss. Too young to go, Harold, but you always had to do everything your own way. I'm so sorry we lost you.

Feb 20, 10:23
√ÂÓË Ì ÛÏË‡˛Ú......heroes never die

Feb 20, 10:23
R.I.P. HAROLD! NO ONE WILL FORGET YOU.........ALOT OF HIS FOOTAGE IS POSTED HERE....http://www.skateboardmusic.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=5280 CHECK OUT UNDERWORLD ELEMENT!

Feb 20, 10:21
√ÂÓË Ì ÛÏË‡˛Ú......heroes never die

Feb 20, 10:20
Harold, God Bless you my man, you were one of the REALEST people that i have ever known. You are missed Worldwide but will never be forgotten. Until we meet again up above, One Love.

Feb 20, 10:20
Harold Hunter.....world-famous person.....an original zoo yorker...parts in all the ZOO videos,vicious cycle,many more....this man was an icon...even here,all over the ocean,in Moscow,Russia,every skater knows,who Harold Hunter is....R.I.P Harold Hunter..... œÓÍÓÈÒˇ Ò ÏËÓÏ,√‡Óθ‰ ’‡ÌÚÂ!

Feb 20, 10:17
Damn, th ekid was nice....skated his tits off and was a straight up dude...Met hima few times through a lacrate....both them cats were nice as hell...wish we could have gotten him on that MTV tip we were working on....either way, dude is a legend in the skate world, the downtown NYC world and to all that knew what the culture was about...another fallen soldier....... HH rest in peace...VEONE...RIP...ASIDE RIP....

Feb 20, 10:11
R.I.P H.H!

Feb 20, 10:06
He brought the biggest love to the world. We'll miss u.

Feb 20, 10:00
La morte Ë sempre abbastanza soggettiva: cíË chi muore e continua a vivere e chi vive e continua a morire! R.I.P pado

Feb 20, 09:52
I love your joking. I hope he rest in peace too.

Feb 20, 09:51
rip harold hunter

Feb 20, 09:44
Skate maps, Skating the Es Game of skate and the brooklyn banks with you. Rest in Peace. Keep it Up kid.

Feb 20, 09:32
dam i cant beleve it one of my heros is gone. i remamber like a year ago whan i met him he was all cool cuz i was a run away trying to go big and he told me to just relax and live life so he helped me get a job at a locole shop to think now i get payed to skate by a shop all thanks to this magnifacent man all the love i had for this man. man i hope you have a good after life and thanks you were like a brother to me RIP HEROS NEVER DIE

Feb 20, 09:31
Heaven is a Halfpipe.rest in peace.

Feb 20, 09:16
We hope he rest in peace.

Feb 20, 09:10
man, i have only met you once, but then again it was twice on that day. we only talked a couple and found out that we have common friends. that took all barries down and we had a half an hour talk like we knew each other for more than the better part of a century. a charismatic skateboarder, always embracing life to its fullest extent. i`m glad that i had that chance the other night to talk to you and to wipe the tears from my eyes from laughing hard about your jokes. well mate you checked out for good. you seem to were never afraid of death but afraid of a life not lived. i hope you squeezed everything into that blink of an eye moment you enriched all of our lives.

Feb 20, 08:55
We recently (2/20/06) paid tribute to Harold at cruel.com. Lead by fnord, we all posted our fond memories of Harold. RIP - you are loved and will be missed.

Feb 20, 08:54
R.I.P i will miss you ledgans never die

fubbe norway
Feb 20, 08:46

livio slamjam
Feb 20, 08:41
sad times these times, man. hope you'll have a chance to meet both my grandpas, they will take good care of you man. BIG UP!

B‡S aka McDio
Feb 20, 08:37
R.I.P man you're my hero!

Feb 20, 08:21

Feb 20, 08:14
Rest in peace. regards from WoW-playing Sweden kid. He will roll forever in eternity!

Feb 20, 07:43
rest in peace

Feb 20, 07:40
RIP harold , you were one of the OG zoo heads , we ll remenber you all around the world , skateboard fo life .

Feb 20, 07:36

david ashley
Feb 20, 07:33
not much to say that everybody else dosen't know, Harold was an original.

Feb 20, 07:15
skateboarding + new york = harold RIP...

Guz the fuz
Feb 20, 07:13
I remeber when I was a kid and got into skateboarding, whatcing the 411 issue 13 with the rookie part of harold hunter, and beeing amazed over his skating... too sad another hero die. RIP

Feb 20, 07:12
i meet u and i don't forget. a true new york legend.R.I.P. FROM ITALY MAN

Feb 20, 07:11
For me he was Zoo York - a legend - a jester - a hero! I hope everybody out there will learn from his death. Drugs can kill!

LA Irwin
Feb 20, 07:05
Thank you for being an inspiration to me and my crew, you will be sadly missed. RIP Harold Hunter.

Feb 20, 06:55
i never knew harold but listening to the words from his friends here on this message board is as inspiring as watching him skate all these years.. RIP, respect

Feb 20, 06:52

Feb 20, 06:43
I did not know Harold personally but i would like to express my feelings towards his passing, Rest in peace fellow skateboarder, although you have passed on we shall always remember you as the man you were and not how you were taken away from us, you will always be in the hearts of skateboarders around the world not just as skater but as a man with a golden heart, from this news brings me inspiration to be the best that i can and atleast be half the man you are...RIP my friend

Feb 20, 06:28
rest in peace..

Danny H
Feb 20, 06:04
respect. Growing up in the ny, whatever changes, harold was a constant. always there always harold skating with you in warsaw 2 summers ago was da bomb peace brother

Feb 20, 06:02

Feb 20, 06:00
harold was a true legend not many people in Australia have heard of him but the people that have know wat a great man he was. MUCH LOVE FROM SOUTH AUSTRALIA KEEP ON RIPPING

Feb 20, 04:49
i read everything here, never knew this man, still so sad about his passing. i'd like to quote this: "To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of others, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better wether by laughter, a garden patch,or a redeemed social condition, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded" Harold Hunter, in this way, has succeeded. Ruhe in Frieden.

Feb 20, 04:45
how'd he die?

alan s.j.
Feb 20, 04:45
sorry ...TYPO ...NOT so long....but very good

Feb 20, 04:44
I'll miss you Harold. Thanks for teaching me to skate -> I never would have had the courage to ride the streets of nyc without you. You were truly one of a kind.

alan s.j.
Feb 20, 04:44
When I saw Adam was calling me last Sat. , i had the fucking confirmation that rumours were true! Thank you for being my friend, even if we spent so long together...Always remember the wonderful 2004 tour! RIP - Alan

Feb 20, 04:30
r.i.p. sweet sweet harold

Feb 20, 04:26
the reason i wrote right instead of write...it was a personal joke me & harold had...R.I.P

Feb 20, 04:20

Feb 20, 04:15
thanks for livening up my afternoons harold with skate maps, your a true ledgend of skateboarding. i never met you harold but i feel like i knew you and you are a good person. RIP mate, Chris.

Feb 20, 04:04
hahaha yeah harold is drinkin with eazy and odb up in heaven! much respect homie, thanks for inspiring me to skate! Rest in peace u deserve it

Atabe aka Misha
Feb 20, 04:02
so sorry to hear this news, he was such a fun luvin cat skating w/ friends in washington sq park as teens, working on Kids together, he always made me laugh...I'll never forget those days with Harold.. You'll be truly missed!!

Feb 20, 04:02
Good friends are like stars. You might not always see them but you know they're always there... Put me on the guestlist for that open-bar in the sky. I'll see you soon...

Feb 20, 03:55

Feb 20, 03:41
Big respect harold from japan! rest in peace...

Feb 20, 03:39
r.i.p. harold hunter skaters everywhere are mourning

Feb 20, 03:38
gone but not forgotten. ny's finest. RIP harold.

Feb 20, 03:35

Feb 20, 03:34
nuff respect due.

Feb 20, 03:34
Thanks for inspiration Harold!

Feb 20, 03:34
Thanks for inspiration Harold!

Feb 20, 03:32
Yo kid it's all about the brick brick brick!thats how i'm going to feel agansit your ass!!

Feb 20, 03:26
From NY, to the bay area, much love, to the family, keep your chins up.

Feb 20, 03:24

k1Ng C
Feb 20, 03:23
True Legends Never Die - You will live on forever

Feb 20, 03:23
True Legends never Die

k1Ng C
Feb 20, 03:22
man this sucks, i didn't know Harold personally, but the way he skated could brighten my day. He's is and forever will be the greatest skater and guy around. My condolences go out to Harold's family. and Kids was a great movie. You will be missed dearly. I honestly can't believe he's gone. You were the shit in 411VM 13 i believe you skated to MObb Deep if fitted you perfectly man. I will miss you the whole skateboarding world will miss you, see ya later. have fun and pop a tre' flip for jesus ok? Over and Out R.I.P Harold Hunter k1Ng C

Feb 20, 03:21

Feb 20, 03:12
Rest in peace... The whole world feels this loss...

Feb 20, 03:09

Feb 20, 03:07
A New York Original. A New York Genuine Personality. A rarity amongst so much bullshit. The kid made me smile. Not to many people could do that. He pulled it off with ease. My man, God Bless you, and your family. I got a couple of stories with that funny bastard...

Feb 20, 03:01
Yo I read all the shit...I miss this kid.... alot of us do. Niggas need to look out for their niggas..... Death is inevatable... I love to get fucked up but yo that's not the focus.... Life that's the focus... Harold taught us that... Life is fuckin Precious....I lived in NYC as I could, but bailed as soon as I had an excuse... the reason.... toooo much crazieness..... I loved Harold... He had given me a pair of snowboard pants one day when we went up to his crib to see if we could meet up with some other cats. I took those pants ,, and a few years later I went to the national championships of snowboarding with those pants. I love that kid so much.. we all do.. and I can't imagine going back to nyc (livnin in LA) without Harold showing up.... But Having spoken to him this morning ... He told me ...... "Yo Spinner it's Much betta" "I get to fuck with People". And that makes sense. So now anytime anything is going or acting crazy... You can picture Harold there..... tiny or gigantic fucking with you...............I love you Harold, and all of my other NYC Friends.... Take Care of Yourselves... I love all of My People and All Of NYC...I miss Harold... But He will forever be playing Jokes on us.... you need to understand that.. He is right there behind you ready to make a fool ..HHAAAARRRROOLLLLLLDDDD.......BRRRRRROOOOKKKLlllllllllYYYYYYYNNNNNNNN love you kid... Spin

BIg Lo
Feb 20, 03:00
I am extremely sad by this news. I grew up with the Hunter brothers...Ronald, Harold and Mike. Damn, I remember going to their crib to cook & clean up for them niggas!! Their crib was our hang out spot....5C. I haven't seen Harold in a minute since I don't live in NYC anymore. But when I did bump into Harold on an occassion at home...he always hugged, kissed me and damn sure cracked a few jokes on my newly acquired country accent. Harold was always lovable. I can't even remember ever getting mad at him. He was so playful and full of life. What a terrible loss!!! I was so proud of him for overcoming the odds and making a name for himself. It was his destiny to be an important figure in his craft. Harold has been more places then some of us can even imagine and I 'm glad he had those opportunities. Help, I'm still waiting for mine. This nigga loved to skate and you rearly caught him actually walking back in the day. Harold will truely be missed. Much love for you Harold!!! My prayers go out all of the Hunter Family....Ronald, Mike, Wanda (Nette). I'm gonna try to get home for the funeral. Love, Lois from Stuy

A Generation
Feb 20, 02:54
You inspired us...thank you

Feb 20, 02:51
2 years ago while runnin around with Mike Foster (RIP) we bumped into Harold, I was a fan, but new to the east I couldnt let it show. He ended up runnin with us all night and was one of the funniest people I have ever drank with , at 9 am we rolled out of Niagra and passed out on some dudes couch. From fan to friend in 12hrs, that was Harold.

Feb 20, 02:40
Harold you will be missed! All the good times and laughs we had together! Keep it up where ever you are! Cheers!

Feb 20, 02:25
The first and only time I met Harold was at a demo back in the day. After word at a party, I remember him clearing a roof gap, back and forth. spittin criminology into a small chimmny that looked like a mic, just strait clownin, and having a good time. Enjoying life. True legends never die! RIP Harold Hunter.

Feb 20, 02:17

Feb 20, 01:59
always enlightened everything, always a positive,friendly dude....RIP man

Feb 20, 01:51
People, PLEASE, PLEASE be careful with the ching-chang. Harold's story scared the shit outta me..

Feb 20, 01:49

Feb 20, 01:45
Damn, this makes me so fuckin sad - I didn't know Harold personally, but used to see him around downtown, and of course I saw Kids. I had some friends who used to skate for Shut and Harold's story could've been anyone of ours, but it wasn't.. It's his. Guide us and tell us jokes from above big pa, show us how to have some fuckin' fun in Duck City. Peace out eternal to a brother I never had the pleasure of meeting in this life, D880!

Ben Brown
Feb 20, 01:34
Brief memories I met Harold when I was... i'd say like 17 years old(I'm 30 now), he was full of life, a vibrant human being (as always), saw him at NASA and else where (when much younger) dancing his ass off in circles (dancing to break beat, jungle> old school). Bumped in to him at a party in brooklyn heights just last year, weird, SAD !!!! Really, really good person, great guy, and an amazing skater !!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P. Harold Ben Brown

Feb 20, 01:32
2 years ago while runnin around with Mike Foster (RIP) we bumped into Harold, I was a fan, but new to the east I couldnt let it show. He ended up runnin with us all night and was one of the funniest people I have ever drank with , at 9 am we rolled out of Niagra and passed out on some dudes couch. From fan to friend in 12hrs, that was Harold.

Feb 20, 01:29
Harold was the realest man around.. he never changed for no1 and he always had a heart of gold... he was generous and a loving person who i will deeply miss!!! I was fortunate to know harold a large part of my life and I was touched by many great moments!! My Thanks Giving dinners will never be the same without harold cutting the turkey nor will random New Year Parties either!! Bumping into Harold in Europe was an adventure that will always be remembered!!! RIP Harold a great friend who will never be forgotten. My condolences go out to his family.

Feb 20, 01:28
I used to go out with your brother Mike and he spoke of you so highly. Please look after your brothers, angel...they sure do need it right now. Much love, much respect Harold. Rest in the peace you greatly deserve.

Feb 20, 01:19
You would never know when you would run into Harold Hunter. We were clinging Heinkens when I bumped into him at Bread and Butter in Berlin. He gave me the biggest hug and I remember I was so happy to see a familiar face in a foreign place. His smile bounced off everyone around, and the Germans were looking at him like the super star he was. I won't forget that day. One time he said to me, "Nicole, don't ever forget to stop loving it is the best thing in the world," and I said I know. And we won't ever stop loving Harold Hunter for he is one of the best people in the world. LOL. Rest in Peace.

Feb 20, 01:16
RIP a part of new york is gone

Feb 20, 01:06
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Feb 20, 01:00
r.i.p 2 h.h saw kids good movie

Feb 20, 00:51
I called Zoo York when I was like 14 asking when their (first) video was coming out. The guy on the phone had no idea, but then asked me if I wanted to speak with Harold Hunter. Harold got on the phone with me and we talked for like 5 or 10 minutes, its a pretty simple thing, but it made a big difference to a young kid like me. RIP to a skateboarding legend and dope dude!!!

I met Harold when i was 17, i'd come to NYC from Australia and i was so fucking cold. Harold introduced himself and gave me a big fucking hug and i remember thinking so this is why New York is the best city in the world. H.H 4eva

Feb 20, 00:38

Tony G
Feb 20, 00:32
R.I.P. Harold... My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. You will be missed dearly...New York will never be the same without you. You will never be forgotten.

Feb 20, 00:31
We will always love you. You were apart of our lives like no one else. From 13 to the grave. Thanks for the laughs, inspiration, and family. Thanks for holding NYC down with us. Its true that you will never be forgotten. Thanks for everything... we will always represent.

AJ Kohn
Feb 20, 00:20
I just heard the news today, and although I never knew him well I knew him well enough and when we would see each other we would shake or pound giving each other mutual respect before getting our skate on. Anytime I was in New York, if he came down to Philly or I saw him at an event, Harold was always in the mix making people laugh, taking time out for the kids and doing his thing on and off the skateboard. Harold was an original charactor for sure and I am saddened to hear about his untimely passing. I wish all his family & friends strength during this time. Much love and respect.

Feb 20, 00:14
This is my 3rd posting..but i just cant help reading everyones notes and being reminded of more Harold moments.... no-one mentioned yet how you could never f'n get in touch w/ dude cause his numbers would change and be disconnected every other day.. So once Harold decided to be my roomate but never actually lived at my house.. instead he gave my number out like he lived there and my phone never stopped ringing.. day and night... agents, friends, bookers.. HI! CAN I SPEAK TO HAROLD... HI! CAN I SPEAK TO HAROLD.... LOL... :) Damn i got tears of a clown rt. now just thinking about some of the funnier moments...

cey adams
Feb 20, 00:14
harold always reminds me of old school nyc... rip

Feb 20, 00:12
I first saw harold on the kids video and after i watched that i looked up who he skated for and have been a huge fan ever since. I had the chance to meet him ,never would have thought i would, when he came down to Vancouver ,B.C. for slam city jam couple years ago and some buddies and I bumped into him and zarred basset while doing a little street skating and got to rip it up with for a while and i'll never forget it. Rest In Peace you froggy mother fucker. KIDS 4Life

Feb 20, 00:05
I honestly can't believe he's gone.- R.I.P.

Helen Stickler
Feb 20, 00:05
I can't remember the first time I met Harold - close to 10 years ago before I moved to NYC. Harold was in the first spot I made for Mtv, cracking a joke and leaning on his deck. I'd see him around at parties and he was always outgoing, fun, and seemed like someone who couldn't have enough friends. He showed up at the NY premiere of 'Stoked' with a crew and made the party 10x better. That was the last time I saw Harold. My condolences to his family and all his friends, especially those who skated with him. I know he will be deeply missed, and NYC will never be the same. Rest in peace Harold, you were a true original!

Feb 20, 00:04
I never got the privelege of knowing you, but your skating and outlook on life had always been an influence on me. your personality truly showed how much of an individual you were, and you will always live on. we may have physically lost a legend, but spiritually, this legend will still never die.

Michelle Nicole
Feb 19, 23:58
Feb 19, 23:58 You always watched out for me and I will never forget how much you touched my life... Your my brother and I will forever always carry you in my heart..Am in la right now , going after my dream you always supported...I wish I could be there for your wake to say goodbye...But I know you understand.I didnt know my goodbye party would be our last goodbyes...I love you Harold...

Feb 19, 23:57
That was raddest thing about harold...if you met him and you guys vibed right you were his friend for life. He would take you under his wing show you the ropes...give you a history lesson about the LES. when I was 18 and I moved to NYC Harold was one of my first friends...He took me out...didn't even hit on me. Introduced me to so many of my close friends that I have now...I was only 18. He saw me grow up. Shit he introduced me to Harif. I fucking love that guy so much...He was appreciative, fun , the funniest guy I have ever met. A genius! And he had the dopest style. Such A lover...He loved Christina so much..Once told me "Crystal My girl Christina she is so beautiful, shes the most beautiful girl in the whole world". I love you Harold....will never be forgotten

Feb 19, 23:54
still hard to believe... RIP

Feb 19, 23:48
Late nights, Disco lights, bum fights, all right~ RIP G

lawrence young
Feb 19, 23:40
keep him in your heart, you can learn a lot....such a sad loss for all those who were blessed to make his aquaintance...love to all his family & friends....treasure every moment.....

Feb 19, 23:35
You were a TRUE human being and will never be forgotten! Always loved to hear you speak that gibberish puerto rican spanish, sounded so damn real and it was so hilarious! R.I.P. homie.

Feb 19, 23:32
Harold, you've accomplished a lot in life, more than the average man for sure..... Rest in Peace man......Always remembered

Feb 19, 23:25
Eli that is the best story....So special

Caleb G
Feb 19, 23:24
R.I.P you'll always be remebered .. legends never die .....

Feb 19, 23:22
R.I.P Harold was my fav skaterr he will be grreatly missed "Legends never die" he was legend

Feb 19, 23:21
R.I.P. Always sucks when a fellow skater passes away, especially when It's a guy like Hunter. You will be missed.

Feb 19, 23:20
too young to die too young to die too young too die too young to die you were a sweet boy and now you are gone...ouch

Feb 19, 23:19
You had an infectious smile and warm heart. You will be missed.

Feb 19, 23:19
too young to die too young to die too young too die too young to die you were a sweet boy and now you are gone...ouch

Feb 19, 23:17
harold, man we gunna miss you down here, REST IN PEACE BUDDY

Feb 19, 23:14
rip you'll always be remebered

Dante Ross
Feb 19, 23:13
Another soldier taken way before his time. Always made me laugh at his antics and I was psyched when ever I saw Harold in the spot, kid always made me smile. Last Friday he was telling me how much he hated the snow at the Anything store and proceeded to make me laugh talking about snowboarding and just carrying on. Shit sucks another true New York charector struck down way before his time. From the outside looking in seemed like he had more fun in a week than most have in a lifetime. I'm sure wherever you are now Harold your having a blast spreading love like usual. Rest in Peace Harold you were truly loved and will be missed by all and every.

Feb 19, 23:08
I lived with him for a while in Compose projects where he passed away. I was punk kid from Queens and he took me under his wing and itnrodcued me to a lot of people. i had my little bootleg ass camera and he let me shoot him. Took me up to Zoo York took me all around. This kid could bug out on people sometimes but if you were his man he would hold you down to the death. He had a heart of gold. Fuck I can't believe I'm talking about him in the past tense. He is the funniest person I ever met in my life. He is New York just as much as the bridge in back of him in this flick. I will never forget you. Never

Justin Lang
Feb 19, 23:03
I'll always remember you walking the dog on Bowery during my route saying hello..Shred that heavenly pavement...peace bro

Feb 19, 23:03
I really wanted to meet Harold in the city at Tompkins or possibly on the street somewhere. I think Harold was a genuine person just from what I've heard; his ability to make those laugh and brighten up any situation, that is a gift and a trait of someone with true spirit and character. Harold, rest in peace... "Legends Never Die"...

Feb 19, 23:00
Great loss for the whole world.. not only NYC. I remember seeing u in the first skate video i ever saw 411 Issue 13 skating to Mobb Deep - Cradle to the Grave. Of course i still got that VHS tape. Rest in Peace /Markus from Sweden

la memorial
Feb 19, 22:53
tonite at guys bar on beverly jus west of san vincente.900pm

Feb 19, 22:47
wow I can't belive he is dead

Feb 19, 22:45
captured the true spirit of what street skating was all about

Feb 19, 22:44
Harold, still trying to get over it... funny, takes this to bring us all together... so many people, who's lives you touched, hope you go knowing that all these people love you and we're blessed to have met you, skated with you, hung out in the club, drank with you, etc... I've been in and out of NYC a few times, but knew that every time we'd bump into each other it would be like old times... rest in peace bro...

Damo Montreal
Feb 19, 22:39

la memorial
Feb 19, 22:25
tonite at guys bar on beverly jus west of san vincente..900pm

Feb 19, 22:18
I met Harold at Supreme in NY a while back...he was crazy as hell, skating down Lafayette weavin in and out of traffic...care free. I'll always remember that day. Hope ya Ditty Boppin in heaven!!

Feb 19, 22:16
This is truly devastating. Reading all of these stories posted here not only breaks my heart but it also shows how much of an impact he had on people. Harold lives forever. R.I.P.

M. Rose
Feb 19, 22:12
I moved to L.A. and a week later i bumped into Harold outside of some club on Sunset Blvd. He kept screaming out NY and helped me to remember where i came from and where my true home would always be. . My girl got to meet him a few weeks ago, she was lucky. NYC has lost one of it's own....Rest In Peace

Kool Aid
Feb 19, 22:08
Hrold Hunter will always be a part of skateboarding. His personality will always live on in the hearts of those who saw the spontinaity and love fo life that nigga had. I can say I will miss him and always will, pour some liqour for your niqour. R.I.P.

Feb 19, 22:03
we love harold and we never forget the master of new york peace!!!!

Feb 19, 22:01
always smiled and spread good vibes around the city. made everyone feel like a friend, rip...

Charles Anthony
Feb 19, 21:56
from the LES to bk to drunken random nights ... no one will forget the antics, skills , or person that harold still is .. cuz legends never die.

Amphibeus Tungs
Feb 19, 21:52
R.I.P. my bruddah. you was one of the nicest. Respect and Aloha from the 50th state

Eli Gesner
Feb 19, 21:38
This is one for all to know. These are actual facts and 100% true. The importance of which is only now evident. New York City - February, 1997. It was tradeshow time and everyone at Zoo York (the good old Zoo York) were flying out to LA for the ASR show. Harold, Peter Bici, and myself all got booked on the red eye to LA together. Just us three. We all took a cab to JFK, amped to be heading out West to some warm weather. It was late, and the airport was deserted. I remember Harold skateboarding slowly through the empty terminal ahead of us. When we got to our gate, there were only a few people sitting about the large, dark, room. It was going to be an empty flight. Peter, Harold, and I sat down to wait for the flight to board when we noticed three big Hood looking dudes sitting across from us. They looked like a trio of thugs except for their extravagant jewelry. Then we realized who we were looking at. The big thug in the middle was none other than The Notorious B.I.G. - Biggie Smalls himself! No lie. He had a walking cane and looked a little messed up from his recent car accident, but his presence was felt by all three of us. We didn't say what's up or anything, being the New Yorkers we are we didn't want to intrude on the great one, we just checked him out and got psyched that we were flying on the same plane. Then, while we were waiting, Harold hopped up and began to skate around the empty terminal. As the Airline called us all to start boarding, I looked up to see Biggie and his boys watching Harold skate around. Being in First Class, Biggie got to board ahead of all of us. I watched him stand up, his eyes on Harold, and say 'Hey! You're that skateboard niggga. From that Kids movie.' Harold smiled and rolled up to Biggie. They talked a little bit and Biggie told Harold he was a fan. He told Harold he was proud of what Harold was doing and to keep doing his thing. Peter and I watched with big smiles on our faces. Harold pointed us out and we all said what's up to each other. Biggie gave Harold a pound and then got on the plane with his boys. That was the last time Biggie Smalls stood alive on New York soil. Shaking hands and getting to know Harold. A few weeks later he would be killed in Los Angeles. None of us knew that when we met him at the Airport. We walked by him as we boarded the plane and he said what's up to us again. I remember he had his own seat, the lone first seat in First Class, like a kings throne at the front of the plane. We sat in the back of the empty plane, psyched to be heading to Cali with Biggie Smalls leading the way up front. When we landed, Biggie was already gone by the time we walked all the way out through First Class. I looked at his lone single seater, and laying there was a fine cotton handkerchief. Biggie had used it and left it behind as trash. As a joke I picked it up and took it with me. Peter thought it was disgusting. I took someone's used handkerchief. Funny I thought. A few minutes later we ran into the rest of the Zoo team walking through the LAX airport. At the time, one of our skaters, Vinny Ponte, was a huge Biggie Smalls fan. Harold told him what happened and he was so bummed that he didn't take our flight. As a consolation prize I gave Vinny Biggies old handkerchief. I hope he still has that fucking thing. Now, Biggie and Harold are both gone. But they're also both together. That was Biggie fucking Smalls who reached out to Harold fucking Hunter. That says a lot about how Harold effected people. This page and all these people from all over the world say a lot about how Harold effected people. He effected me. But I'm one of the lucky ones. I've been all over the world with this lunatic and have known him more than most. So the least I can do is share some of that with you. Say what's up to Biggie for me, Harold. Now you guys can sit down and talk for a while longer.

Ed Godin
Feb 19, 21:31
rest in peace, man...you are the bomb....tru to NY. i was hearing bout you goin from all my frends but i didnt beleive it...NYC is gona not feel right witout you...so wit all respect rest in peace. pull a 1080 360 flip to method wile your ridin up ther wit the angels. alright rest in peace

Feb 19, 21:26
rip harold may you ride on forever. legends never die

Feb 19, 21:24
you funny bastard skate the marble in heaven for me peace....................................

M. Splatterguts
Feb 19, 21:02
Rest respectfullty. You conquered your dreams and made a name for yourself. Tragic and Untimely, is all i have to say. May you be with angels.

Leah McSweeney
Feb 19, 21:01
Ok even tho I'm crying right now, I'm gonna remember the way Harold used to make me laf my ass off. He would crack me up the way he talked about how for halloween as a kid he didn't have enough money for a costume so he would paint his face with black face paint and all thw kids would be like what the fuck are you or when at chads bday dinner harold decided it would be a good idea to ask all the girls at the dinner table if we ever had doody stains on our thongs. Ok now I'm smiling. I hope your at peace harold. Nyc will never b the same without its most genuine character.

Carlos Tera
Feb 19, 20:57
From the skinny lil dude rippin up the BK banks to the random bump ins all over the city. Its been almost 20 years. Watched u grow and master ur craft. A true NY staple, a local celebrity, a legend. This is still really hard to believe. My sincerest condolances. Rest In Peace bro. LEGENDS NEVER DIE!!

Sauce Tycoon
Feb 19, 20:42
Never had the oppurtunity to party on the Eastcoast or the Pleasure to be in the same prescense as this Individual. But from what i've seen in pictures, read in magazines, and heard in blogs.... Harold was THEEEEEE MANNNNN. Respect. peace.

Feb 19, 20:41
Rest in Peace brutha. A true original.

Feb 19, 20:30
Much respect to such a talented and entertaining individual!

Feb 19, 20:19
carve those clouds, man.

Feb 19, 20:18
I love the videos. I love zoo york. I love the NYC. Rest in peace Harold. The wheels always roll with you.

Feb 19, 20:15
respect. rest in peace harold.

Ron H
Feb 19, 20:09
He made everyone he met feel like an old friend. Whether you just jumped on a board for the 1st time or not. Respect for all. We all have our demons. The man was genuine. Condolences to his fam., Zoo York bros.. and skateboarding world. Keep laughing from above. Peace.

Feb 19, 19:45
a true loss in every way. do what he would want. keep skating. keep having fun. keep smiling. once a hero, and now a legend. celebrate his life and mourn his death. you will be missed.

Feb 19, 19:44
man i got 2 meet harold over the summer such a chill guy...RIP fool

Feb 19, 19:43
You will bee missed.

Feb 19, 19:29
i met Harold once, he was such a sweet guy.....may his soul rest in peace.

Feb 19, 19:26
This is a big loss to the skate community. RIP Harold. You will be missed.

Feb 19, 19:08
I never really knew harold but i saw him in a lot of skate videos that i had. he was cool as shit and always so laid back and just about having fun. skaters everywhere have lost one of the best skaters that was among this earth, and i will be greatful to have someone like him to look up to. R.I.P. Harold Hunter

Feb 19, 19:00

Penny Bowler
Feb 19, 18:53
harold was one of the first people I met downtown after I moved to the city in 1989. I think the general sentiment for everyone is that the city won't be the same without him in it. I am truly saddened by his passing. My thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family. May he Rest in Peace.

Feb 19, 18:49
You get to skate anythign you want now man, rest in peace, you will be missd.

Feb 19, 18:40
Check www.haroldhunter.com for info on how to send donations.

Brian Johnston
Feb 19, 18:40
RIP. thoughts and prayers are with you and your family harold.

jon warburton
Feb 19, 18:32
aaaaawwwwwwwww crap. just heard. a genuine bright star.. rip harold thoughts and prayers to family and friends.

Feb 19, 18:30
I knew him and I hope that he has finally found peace. I pray for an easy transition for him and a better life in the one to come.

Feb 19, 18:28
I haven't seen you for a couple of years since I moved out of the city and now going back to visit it just won't be the same. You defined the city for me when I first moved there and you will never be forgotten. From taking pictures all over the city to drinking 40's outside Bell Cafe the memories are all great ones. Thank you for everything. Rest In Peace Harold.

the Wake
Feb 19, 18:23
this wensday, thurs, fri 2 - 8 33 spring st nyc quidepti funeral home

Feb 19, 18:16
Yeah i never met him but always like the funny twist he brought to skateboarding ....may he party on forever

Feb 19, 18:14
Yo I gotta get that jacket back. RIP Bros for life and after unless I can't get that jacket back. Nah just playin babe. Sorry to Hunter fams for loss. This is sad. Cheesy nachos.

Feb 19, 18:12
From NY to LA - and the rest of the world, my man put many smiles on many faces. He'll always live in our hearts. RIP Mr. Pimp Stylez Hunter.

Feb 19, 18:02
rip. you bring the the fun back in skateboarding as seen in vicious cycle and times before. a true skateboarder i never met... osnabrooklyn. germany

the jew
Feb 19, 18:01
R.I.P RO fuck them Jonny Depp mother fuckers

Feb 19, 17:56
words can't explain this loss.

Feb 19, 17:54
I saw Harold skate at the Warped Tour in Action Park, NJ 1996 - He ripped. So sad to hear that he died alone on drugs. He deserved better. My condolences to his friends and family. RIP Harold, you are missed. To all the people killing themselves in the name of "partying" WAKE UP.

slap e
Feb 19, 17:54
An East Coast Legend for sure who's passing will bring as many tears as his presence brought laughter. Godspeed Harold....

no carl no
Feb 19, 17:49

Feb 19, 17:45
words can't explain this loss.

city of angles
Feb 19, 17:42
I hear you breathin' but your heart no longer sounds strong But you're kinda scared of diein' so you hold on And you keep on blackin' out and your pulse is low Stop tryin' to fight the reap but just relax and let it go Because theres no way you can fight it but you'll still try And you can try it till you fight it but you'll still die Your spirit leaves your body and your mind clears The rigimore starts to set now you're outta' here You start your journey into outer space You see yourself in the light but you still feelin' outta' place So you're standin' in the tunnel of eternal life And you see the ones you never learned to love in life Make the choice let it go and you can back it up If you ain't at peace with God you need to patch it up But if you're ready close your eyes and we can set it free There lies a man not scared to die may he rest in peace I still got to wonder why I never seen a man cry 'Till I seen that man die

matthew Taylor
Feb 19, 17:41
how did he die?

Lucas Thorpe
Feb 19, 17:37
Passed you just a couple weeks ago in Brooklyn. I thought back to skating years ago. The guys I grew up with knew you much better than I did, but they told me all the stories. A legend will be missed.

Feb 19, 17:35
RIP Harold, you will be greatly missed by the skateboarding community! I remember a friend of mine move next door to you several years ago and was afraid of you because of all the crazy parties you would have. You will never be forgotten man!

S Kelling
Feb 19, 17:34
A bright star you are Harold. Your spirt was what we Hawaiian's call ALOHA... and it was fucken contagous! may you spread your ALOHA from up above!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE PEACE MY BROTHER.

Karim Fresno
Feb 19, 17:32
Harold was a free spirit, with nothing but love to spread. He'll be missed, but never forgotten! One Love.

Feb 19, 17:29
Rest In Peace

E. Cruz
Feb 19, 17:26
I just saw Harold around 2 weeks ago working at the Anything shop. I'm appreciative that I was able to see him one last time. He was definitely a special person. Especially to the city of NY. He was an artist in his own right. Me and the other one million of his freinds will miss him dearly. May God bless his soul and may he rest in peace... Peace Harold

Feb 19, 17:26
REast in peace man

Chris Aldridge
Feb 19, 17:24
Whoa! I was pretty shocked when I heard the news of Harold Hunter's untimely death and of course want to say "Rest in Peace" and send my condolences to his family and friends. But, I'd also like to pay tribute to one of the great characters of skateboarding; I remember seeing you for the first time on 411VM 13, skating to a Mobb Deep track which just complemented your style of skating perfectly. From your part in "Kids" to numerous video and magazine appearances (including the Big Brother Andy Roy interview where you cropped up! haha), you always made me laugh. You certainly can't say that about a lot of pro skaters. I remember being stoked on the "Old Dirty Harold" American Dream Inc. board that I had back in the day; cool as hell.... Cheers for all the memories and may you rest in peace!!! GOD BLESS....

Feb 19, 17:16
DAaaMMMnnn! I can't believe ...... R.I.P

Feb 19, 17:08
r.i.p. u still got tim's jacket

Feb 19, 17:01
I cant believe i was just chillen wit u last week. Ur truely missed. we all love u. r.i.p-xoxo

Feb 19, 16:54
damn. this sucks. r.i.p, harold.

Feb 19, 16:50
Man I remmember when I was a little kid watching Harold in a Skypager video with some Gang Starr playin over his part. That was great watchin him skate as a little kid and then watching the kid become a local celebrity all over the city.. I never knew Harold close up but it feels like a piece of living NYC skating history has been taken away from us... Wherever you may be Harold I bet your shining even in the after life... RIP Busta Douglas!

Feb 19, 16:44
R.I.P Harold, your the man

Feb 19, 16:44

Feb 19, 16:34
We said what's up to each other like bros, but we never hung out together. We just know that things were cool between us. RIP Harold and my condolences to the Hunter family.

Feb 19, 16:29
Yo Harold was an ill ass dude. First encounter was the movie Kids, but as a skater, he was sick. always in the Heart of Fans!!! Some shit just won't be the same!!! First Dilla then Harold. He will be missed.

Feb 19, 16:21
Great skateboarder and funny person...RIP Harold!! Condolences to the family and friends!

Feb 19, 16:09
I never met harold but by watching his shows and skate videos i felt like I knew him. He had a one of a kind personality and style..he inspried me to skate..best whishes to the hunter family and May you rest in peace Harold, and remember ledgends never die

Feb 19, 16:08
damn.. i was gonna ask him a the ZY squad to skate at the new ymca skatepark that will be open in the fall in bad-stuy... but dats crazy. R.I.P my condolences to the Hunter family.

AUS dream
Feb 19, 15:49
sonic nose , so we can cry if we doesnt care ......................

Feb 19, 15:32

Feb 19, 15:19

Feb 19, 15:18
Always a bright smile, never a dull moment, always went out of your way to say hello, always concerned for my well-being, you are such a positive force of energy. May you be at peace.

Feb 19, 15:12
Rest in Peace

Forsyth Family
Feb 19, 15:03
To our precious, sweet, beautiful Harold, our brother from another mother - You are the single most loveable, unforgettable person we'll ever know. We are honored and blessed to have had you in our lives. You made our family complete. You brought more laughter and love into our lives than we could ever hope to repay. Nobody can ever "steal" this family from you and no one will ever take your place. There will always be a place at the dinner table and a X-Mas stocking by the fire for you in our home. We love you and are so very very proud of the love you brought to the world.

Rio Pena
Feb 19, 14:58
I first noticed him while I was going to school at NYU. I was at Washington Square Park, he was skating with a bunch of peeps and he was the vocal one of the bunch cracking jokes. He was a funny mo fo. For years I had seen Harold in NYC on too many occasions to count. After ten years of seeing him in NYC, I decided to step up to him at a party and say what's up. I introduced my self as "Rio", he replied, "Leo what's up Leo." I replied back "Naw, it's Rio with an R". he says "Even better. Like Puffy's song, Rio Di Janery.(All about the Benjamins). We talked and were both hammered, at one point words weren't even coming out his mouth it was just sounds. lol. Every time I would see him he would say "Yo, Rio Di Janery wanna be heard on your hot 97 everyday my word" I didn't care that he messed up the lyrics. The fact that Harold Hunter remembered me after that night was good enough for me. He was a one of kind character I was glad to meet him and for brief time to call him a Friend. "Harold, May the Lord welcome you with open arms." Rest In Peace, Rio Pena aka Buddah Blas

Feb 19, 14:56
R.I.P...He made skating fun. Roll Forever

Feb 19, 14:56
R.I.P...He made skating fun. Roll Forever

arthur s
Feb 19, 14:51
I remember meeting you at Serena in the Chelsea Hotel. You were wearing a hula skirt and flip flops!!! We started freestyling and you were ranting on about some studio they built at Zoo York and how you were gonna cut an album. Ever since then when I saw you it was good times. You always meet people you already know about in NY because it is a town full of notorious people. You never seemed to let your notoriety get in the way of meeting someone new and sharing experiences with them. You made people happy and will continue to do so from up above with your memories and spirit. R.I.P.

Rizzo DJ Jay
Feb 19, 14:48
He was slap ass awesome! Peace out.

Feb 19, 14:37
i'll truly miss you! R.I.P.

Feb 19, 14:35
omg hunter was sooo awesome damn man i never met him but still i felt like he was my bro!

Feb 19, 14:32
[ * ] R.I.P [ * ]

keith kandell
Feb 19, 14:29
the only person in the world who could come to my birthday party, dance ALL night with my mom, eat all my birthday cake and tell me at the end of the night "yo, your moms is mad dope...you're lucky to have a mom like that" and make me smile, laugh and have that much more love for my mom, my friends, myself and Harold most of all. a true beacon of light for downtown nyc (and anywhere you went), you brightened our worlds and showed us the way to enjoy ourselves, laugh at everything and make us feel at ease no matter the enviroment. the great uniter, you brought so many people together with your humor, charm and warm gentle soul. you will be missed dearly. thank you for all the ways...mahalo and aloha oe..legends never die! rest in peace

Feb 19, 14:18
Harold Hunter was nasty, he had dope style and I'll always remember him with a smile on his face.

Hauler HND
Feb 19, 14:09
Damn,what a shame.I never met the dude but he was shurley a legend.I watch skate maps all the time and you could just tell dude was down to earth and here to have a good time and make the best of what it was.From reading some of the posts on here im assumming it was drug related(don't know for sure).That realy sucks,I have lost 2 great freinds over the last couple years to drugs and it all seems stem from coke,cause the next thing you know there hooked and will do anything they get there hands on,shit will totally change some people.From watching him on TV doese'nt seem he was a "coke head" maybe just partyed to hard one night and thats all it can take sometimes.Hell,it could be xzanix or oc's like I said I don't know for sure what happened so there for Im note labeling him and in know way dissrespecting him just thinking what a terrible accident.In anycase,like someone stated earlyer SHRED IN PEACE .A true legend and one of a kind sk8ter. HND-HEROS NEVER DIE --LEGENDS NEVER DIE You were a hereo and a legend to me and I'll never for get that. Thanks for being both Hauler- FL

Feb 19, 14:09
Donations for Harold's funeral & family: www.HAROLDHUNTER.com www.HAROLDHUNTER.com www.HAROLDHUNTER.com www.HAROLDHUNTER.com www.HAROLDHUNTER.com

Feb 19, 14:03
a shooting star that shined on all in his orbit. thank you beautiful wild child for always being a loving man.

Feb 19, 14:02
I¥m a guy from Sweden and I have seen you in films for many years and for me you was a cool guy RIP.

Feb 19, 14:02
You are one of the few people I have encountered in my life that I can honestly say had a genuinely PURE soul . Your wit , charisma , generosity , style all stemmed from this purity. I remember meeting a gentle soul of 13 who just simply wanted to skate and enjoy life . Someone who touched the souls of almost everyone you met in some way or another , not to mention the countless others who never got to meet you in person . You always spoke from your heart . No matter how dark the situation you made the clouds dissapear with your luminous humor . Always respectful of your fellow human beings . The consumate gentleman at heart . I watched at times when you had nothing , give of yourself to others in need . I cannot begin to try to count the timess you made me smile or burst out laughing . Your sense of curiosity and adventure were unmatched as far as I am concerned . Positive energy personified . It has been a truly awesome experience watching you shine through the years , from either near or far . You will shine forever in my heart and the hearts of so many around this planet . It was not your time to leave us . Shine on brother . Peace, Love , Aly

Feb 19, 14:00
Skating in Heaven. R.I.P

Feb 19, 13:57
Rest in peace my brother. I send my condolences to your family and urge them to seriously educate the world about the dangers of drugs.Its killing us off slowly and i know from experience. God works in mysterious ways and i now see the light. Harold, you didnt have to die to become a legend.You already were.May GOD bless us all.

Feb 19, 13:50
I will miss you... Thank you for always making me smile, for giving me stuff that I could give to my brothers for christmas, or for running four blocks to get my asthma spray that I so desperatly needed... You were a true friend for years. Thank you R.I.P

Feb 19, 13:47

Feb 19, 13:42
Harold you inspired me from the other side of the world, much love London England.....if there is a heaven I'm sure you are there, R.I.P.

Sol & Eve
Feb 19, 13:36
I remember when you came down to Nashville with Harm. You slept on the couch andput many a smile on our faces. We ate at Corky's Bar-B-Que and you got a double order of ribs and still wanted more.Keep on skating.

Craig Glover
Feb 19, 13:32
I can't fathom this at all. Harold and I had so many good times together. Every time our paths crossed it was nothing but love. I remember my first trip to NYC.Harold took care of us to the fullest.I can remember going to his house in the pj's and trippin on his big screen tv with a big ass rip in the screen.I asked him what happened to the tv and he said "Ah son we was jus whilen out " "I keep it here for pimp status" In 2003 we met up again in Europe and had the best time together.In Germany we stayed at the same hotel and one night we all went to dinner together and Harold had the whole restraunt in shambles. His antics that night had people crying there is video footage of that night and I hope Tuan gets it to the proper people.Harold my true friend I hope you rest in peace you will be missed in all aspects of life.You were one person in my life that could always brighten my day I will never forget the times we spent together.....

che sung
Feb 19, 13:32
I alway felt like Harold was alway around the corner, either you just seen him or you about to see him. knowing that we'll never run into Harold again...being out in the streets of NY will not be the same ...you will be missed...hope you rest in peace.

jennifer monagh
Feb 19, 13:31

Feb 19, 13:24
remember puffing blunts and H showing off his sk8ing skillz at astor place way back in tha day , one time this hot chick was walking by he popped a big ollie , walked right up to her and got the digits and said thats how its done Pz Man R I P

Feb 19, 13:17
Knew Harold for the longest time. The mayor of LES.. One helluva skateboarder and one of nicest guys this city has ever produced.. Will me missed fo sheezy!!!!! RIP My Nig!

Feb 19, 13:17
Man I wish you were here, the scene ain't gonna be the same without ya, much respect Heneage England .

Feb 19, 13:14
RIP Harold you were an inspiration to many...................

Feb 19, 13:14
RIP Harold you were an inspiration to many...................

Feb 19, 13:08
I will miss you Harold! Legends Never Die!

Feb 19, 13:06
HAROLD YOU WILL BE MISSED .... You left a smile on everyones face... NY will never be the same with out you R.I.P

war family
Feb 19, 13:04
kids is my fav movie, and i only skate zoo, youll be deeply missed,much love. well alll see u in heaven

Kid Ka$h
Feb 19, 13:02

Paks germany
Feb 19, 12:57
rest in peace harold. greetz from da paks family

Jake McGowan
Feb 19, 12:56
Just remembering more stories after reading the recent postings. Bearing in mind we only hung out this one night. Walking back to your appartment on east 13th and you not having keys for the front door so you told me to grab hold of the handle and we were gonna yank it open and that it always shust ok after, as you do it all the time. As i just met you i didn't know if we were breaking in to somewhere or what but i agreed and sure enough it popped open and shut again. You introducing me to a family member as your nigga from London. I found this hilariouse im a white guy from London id never been called nigga in my life but took it that you must of liked me to call me that. God Bless you sir you will be missed. I got some great Portraits kicking around that are gonna be up here. RIP.

Feb 19, 12:51
Harold you will truly be missed..skating in NYC won't be the same..summers at tompkins won't be the same... I remember you made everyone laugh at banks contests back in the days...R.I.P......love and respect to your family..

Feb 19, 12:50
Harold you will truly be missed..skating in NYC won't be the same..summers at tompkins won't be the same... I remember you made everyone laugh at banks contests back in the days...R.I.P......love and respect to your family..

Feb 19, 12:48
Harold, I'm so sad and you will be missed. I have so many funny and beautiful stories to tell but, I am not able to yet. You, scotty and justin were the first people I met when I came back to New York, 14 years ago. You were always sweet and made me smile, from the first moment I met you. I will not forget you. Rest in Peace

cole blue 9 yr.
Feb 19, 12:42
thanks for letting me use your skateboard always you were cool it's sad

hugo bottÈ
Feb 19, 12:24
we will miss you RIP harold

Feb 19, 12:18
The first time I meet Ro I had just moved back to NY from Miami & he was trying to sell me a used board out side Skate NYC for 5 bucks when I said no I'm good, he said ok 2 bucks then. I didn't buy the board but it was the start of many years of friendship can't believe your gone now. From kicking it at the best of party's east to west to wilding out at the banks you will me mist by all of us very much. Mad love & respect rest in peace brother.

Feb 19, 12:13
Harold, we met the first day I moved to nyc, you diddy bopped into my world. I loved your energy, charisma and unedited innocenceÖ your heart pure and true. You could always make me laugh and your presence could light up any room. You touched so many peopleís lives and I am blessed to have had you in mine. Together we endured a lot! I will never forget you, you will always be a part of me. Rest in peace bunnyÖ I will always love you.

Feb 19, 12:11
an iconic individual... one to bring people together... he left his mark... DANKE!

dirty gary@#$$
Feb 19, 12:10
When I would get tossed from my house by my step dad I would go to skate in ny and Harry Was always there and make me laugh my ass off and make feel like I had a family and would forget all my problems and sk8 my ass off with Harry , John C ,big jim Moore , pepi,Teddy P,Rocky,Sharky MorticaiRIP JCPRIP, Ryan H ,Bill W, JermeryH And all those other SK8 nyc Heds I know all my niggas in heaven are killin it now with HaRold up there now !!! I can't belive you have left us !!!!!!!!!

Feb 19, 12:01

Mile High Mark
Feb 19, 11:56
Never Forget Harold Hunter

David DelFarno
Feb 19, 11:52
Rest In Peace Harold - Thanks for the Entertainment.....

the truth is...
Feb 19, 11:52
If only you could predict the untimelyness of sudden deaths... We could of all thrown the biggest going away party New York has ever seen, w/ Harold as the guest of honor... He would of f'n loved that! Still I dont think he would have wanted to leave....:( AND AS FOR REALITY CHECK DOWN THERE.. COCAINE IS A FUCKED UP DRUG.. DONT BE A F'N SMART ASS .. IF DRUGS HAVE CLAIMED SOMEONES LIFE THAT YOU CARE ABOUT THAT SHIT IS..... REALITY!!!... ESPECIALLY WHEN SOME OF US DEF KNOW WE HAVE PARTIED W/ HAROLD ON MANY AN OCCASION LATE NIGHTS GETTING F'N TWISTED... AND IT COULD OF BEEN ANY ONE OF US ...............SO WATCH HOW YOUR JUDGMENTS...., (miss u Harold)

Feb 19, 11:51
'96 tipping red stripes at the crib on franklin ave LA....damn man...RIP kid, repsek & love, L.

Feb 19, 11:50
met him in van one year at the slam city................grate times....pretty much like anytime your around..................rest in peace ..we'll all miss you

Feb 19, 11:50
'96 tipping red stripes at the crib on franklin ave LA....damn man...RIP kid, repsek & love, L.

Teddy King
Feb 19, 11:49
I grew up skating in NYC & NJ and always seeing Harold @ all the spots in the city. He would always bring so much energy & style where ever i would see him. I always looked up too him & just loved the way he would do everything he does. Harold is one of the big reasons why I took so much passion in my Skateboarding. Harold U are def a legend in my heart. Rest in peace bro. I'll see U in Heaven. TK

m@rK sIsOm
Feb 19, 11:44
Wow. The John Belushi of skateboarding has left us. A true NYC skate legend. I'm glad to have met and skated with Harold in the past and glad to have witnessed his comedic genious in person! The skate world unfairly and untimely lost an important figure. I'll never forget the time I was hanging at Union Square with him, Ben Ritacco, Quim Cardona, Tim OConnor, German Nieves, Andy Bauptista .. can't remember who else, but some of us got this sick beat box beat going and Harold and Quim threw down the TIGHTEST rhyme. Harold you were funny as shit bro. R.I.P. homey!! NYC misses you.

Paul Mittleman
Feb 19, 11:43
Dear Harold You were and still are a special soul. Life was taken from you far too early. Like many other young people we have all know and loved. You had so much to offer and teach us all. Please look down upon us who are still here and try and show us a better way. I hope I never have to write something like of these again... This is a very dark moment. Rest in Peace You will be missed, now and forever...

Feb 19, 11:36
You were so young ... RIP

Paps Prod,Paris
Feb 19, 11:36
Peace & Mad Respect from France

Feb 19, 11:30
RIP harold...

Feb 19, 11:30
Harold, see how many people love you??? Do you believe it???

Cairo Marcopoul
Feb 19, 11:27
I did not know Harold Hunter because I met him when I was 2 years old. From what I have heard he was loving,caring,funny,entergetic and a great skater REST IN PEACE

Feb 19, 11:06
I met harold once through my ex-girl. He called to her across the street and rolled up. It always seemed that easy to meet Harold.

Feb 19, 11:01
met you way back in the summer of '97 at some club in the village freestylin, mad drinks, to getting out on the street ollieing off curbs into traffic (classic harold hunter style), to then seeing you in kids and buggin cause id just met you that summer. a crazy personality that wil be missed. RIP

Feb 19, 11:00
Rest In Peace...NYC skater HAROLD HUNTER

aaron spain
Feb 19, 10:50
the life is in you

Feb 19, 10:44
i'll never forget our late night, drunk, meaning-less calls to eachother. rest in peace harold.

Feb 19, 10:31
! rest in peace ! allways in memory <3

Feb 19, 10:27
One night Harold confided in me that the reason he initially picked up a skateboard was because he had a crush on a girl down the block who was taller than him and, tiny as he was at the time, he KNEW he could get her with those extra few inches, and from that point on, he was always standing on top of that board. That's Harold: unbreakable confidence. His kindness of spirit is unrivaled, and whenever he'd pop up on the street (which he unfailingly did, as we all know), he would always greet you with such warmth and sincerity and bring so much joy that it made your day. It is absolutely devestating to know that Harold won't be lingering around that next corner anymore, but I know I can speak for everyone when I say it was a blessing to have him for as long as we did. Sleep well angel.

Peter aka PNUT
Feb 19, 10:26
Just so surreal... allot of us over 30 have known Harold since the beginning... Being around Harold always made me feel young. I am thankful that I skated with the group of guys that I was lucky enough to call friends.... Most of the best times I had in life were with you guys.... Sancho, Dollar, HUF, Keenan, Harold, John, Skate NYC crew, Jamal, Ryan, Benji Crew, ODs Crew, Anthony, Staten Island crew (Jade and Justice), Ham, Jeff Pang, Rodney, Wiley & Cosmo, Mike, Bronx Crew, Benny & Billy, Eli, Aly, Paul Leung, Queens Crew, Brooklyn Crew, Timmy, Juicy, Mohammed, etc... Skating in NYC won't be the same without Harold, you'l truely be missed bro! love ya man -Pete aka p-nut

Feb 19, 10:23
Even though I just got to know you, this floored me. I mean, I just talked to you wed. then I find out about this. R.I.P. brother.

Feb 19, 10:20
NYC Legend. rest in peace... R.I.P Harold

John Pasmore
Feb 19, 10:19
Rest in peace -- you lived with an energy few people have and we were all attracted to that -- wanted to see what was next because it was so fun to watch -- NYC lost a gem.

SWe skater
Feb 19, 10:18
R . I .P

Feb 19, 10:06
rest in peace...u will be always an inspiration for us....

Feb 19, 10:03

Feb 19, 10:01
DESCANSA EN PAZ Y CUIDA NUESTRO CULO DESDE AHI ARRIBA. vivir y soÒar,solo voy buscando la libertad. the leyends never die. REST IN PEACE.

John Pasmore
Feb 19, 10:00
Rest in peace -- you lived with an energy few people have and we were all attracted to that -- wanted to see what was next because it was so fun to watch -- NYC lost a gem.

joshua wildman
Feb 19, 09:58
i remember trading harold a backpack for sky blue suede pumas in washington square, he was like" i got over on you" and walked out of the park with my backpack and no shoes on".what the fuck, he was that kind of dude. i hope he is not resting but shredding in peace, rest is not a word i associate with him, my heart is very heavy right now! hi is loved and missed and i think he knows this

Feb 19, 09:51
my heartfelt sorrow and sympathies for your family and friends! I had the pleasure to have met Harold on my first trip to nyc nearly 10 years ago, doing what we do best, skating. what a loss. peace & respect from berlin from me and the entire "untitled" gang and heads here. RIP bro.

Feb 19, 09:47
It is sudden and I am surprised. R.I.P

Feb 19, 09:43
R.I.P Harold!

Feb 19, 09:32
My girl and I grabbed some salsa and soda, dug up the VHS player, hooked her up and watched KIDS last night in your honor holmes. You were hella scrawny then, was really cool to spend this time with you. Live on...

roi elfassy
Feb 19, 09:31
Trully a class act. Everyone always knew they were going to have a good time if Harold was around. We will all miss you. R.I.P

Feb 19, 09:30
Rest in power...

Feb 19, 09:26
it is becoming clearer now...your life (and equally, your death) was an invaluable lesson to us all. AN ETERNAL THANK YOU TO YOU SIR!!!!!

Feb 19, 09:20
Harold Hunter para siempre!!!!!! Peace bro'!!!!

Feb 19, 09:05
we will never forget you .rest in peace brother

Feb 19, 09:05
mad respect for you...rest in peace

Feb 19, 09:00
R.I.P Harold. You sure were a very unique person livin life to the fullest!

Feb 19, 08:53
Here's a funny ass clip from a 2002 NY Post article where Harold talks about his celebrity days. This is how I like to remember dude: Hunter, who starred in Larry Clark's "Kids," dishes to Skateboarder magazine that Leonardo DiCaprio used to host orgies packed with morally challenged models. "I'd be trying to flirt with some girl, and she won't go for me," Hunter said. "Leo would be like, 'Yo, if you don't go for Harold, I'm not gonna go for you.' The girl be all, 'Come on, Leo, don't be like that!' They all wanted Leo, so he'd be like, 'You got to get with Harold first.' I just told them, 'Hey girl, while you playin' with me, just think about Leo.' I wound up with mad girls like that." Once, Hunter was at a party where David Blaine was passed out and Bijou Phillips "starts trying to unbutton his pants. I was like, 'You trying to rape him! Leave my boy alone. I'm gonna call rape on you!' She like, 'Nah, Harold . . . He likes me!' Dude was blacked out." Hunter hangs out with Macaulay Culkin ("a mellow dude"), but is closer to "Boston Public" star Michael Rappaport: "He's one of my best homies. He's like a white guy that talks like a brother from New York."

From Kyoto
Feb 19, 08:46
Miss you Harold. I never forget your smilin'face.I swear I'm gonna visit NY to see you.rest in peace....

f my best homies. He's like a white guy that talks like a brother from New York."

From Kyoto
Feb 19, 08:46
Miss you Harold. I never forget your smilin'face.I swear I'm gonna visit NY to see you.rest in peace....

Feb 19, 08:31
Berlin will miss you Harold, R.I.P

From Milan(IT)
Feb 19, 08:18
Riposa In Pace. Skateboarding Will Miss You. Rest In Power! Massy

Feb 19, 08:11
Enjoy sk8

Feb 19, 08:04
You will always be remembered Harold!

Feb 19, 08:03
R.I.P Harold ! You will be remembered !

Feb 19, 08:01
wow i am just in shock right now....................RIP Harold....... Im popin in KIds right now....this is for you

Feb 19, 07:58
rest in peace.

Feb 19, 07:56
Rest In Peace.........

Freddy The Fox
Feb 19, 07:42
will miss you loads, rest in peace harold.

Claudita & Zach
Feb 19, 07:37
4-ever friends Say what's up to my Mom and Justin. I miss your smile already... I am sure you are skating up there, Zachary said" Mommy, Harold will be there in spirit when I am learning to skate"(9 years old). I love you always

Feb 19, 07:33
You might not be here with us now, but you'll never die. Entertain the heavens until we get there, Harold. Peace and respect from London.

a guy from swe
Feb 19, 07:31
i don't know what to say, but A BIG R.I.P from sweden

Feb 19, 07:25
rest in peace!

eddie chicago
Feb 19, 07:25

a Feb 19, 07:20 rest in peace

Feb 19, 07:02

Feb 19, 06:55
Thanks for the positive vibes and the inspiration spread across the planet. Free spirits always make it.

David Keogh
Feb 19, 06:18

Feb 19, 06:07
i watched skate maps truely love it you are the funniest dude loved your work never forget legends Never Die R.I.P harold Peace From AUSTRALIA

miss u
Feb 19, 06:01
the whole city as at a stand still. one of the faces on NY. a man like none other. this shit is craze. missed by everyone. rest in peace.

Feb 19, 05:51
Dear Harold, I remember when I was 13 years old and I first met you at the Embarkadero in San Francisco. I was with Chico Brenes and you were soooo skinny back then. Chico was laughing at you rocking back and forth on the bench, freezing without a jacket. All you kept saying, "Man, that girl is so fine, I am going to buy her house yo..." I laughed and we all laughed because you were so funny. Then you proceeded to tell me about a movie that you shot recently called, "KIDS". Ever since then we traveled the world together, partied together, experienced life together, you had been there for me through all my joys and pains in life. You were my only friend when others turned their backs on me. You would call me from every place in the world and tell me how dope I was when I wasn't feeling so great. When we were kids, you always told me that I was beautiful and I always appreciated that. We would hang out at the Brooklyn Banks and talk about what we were going to be when we got older. We both said that we were going to make big one day. Then we later laughed about getting chased by the police... You were always the funniest person in the room with alot of great things to say about everyone. The last time we talked, you confessed alot of things to me but I never thought it would be the last time I would see your smiling face. I laughed alot though. I wrote down all your funny lines and all your funny moves. You would always cheer me up when I was sad. You had my back like no one else. Everyone knew how special you were. Thank you for telling me how much you loved me the last time I talked to you, I always knew we were like Fam. My heart is hurting severely right now. New York will never be the same, My life will never be the same. I will never forget you and all that you had brought into my life Harold. New York is shook right now and legions of people are devastated. My voicemail was full from friends calling from Italy, Asia, France, Mexico... all confirming the inevitable. I am in New York right now and if anyone has any information or news about what is going to happen this week in regards to any arrangements that have been made, please reach out and contact me. I want to do a special show that consists of everything Harold Hunter. I have some stills and video that I want to display. Please contact me if you want to collaborate with me. I will be advising with Director Larry Clark about possibly having a show asap here in New York. Live everyday as if it is your last. You never know when you are going to go. Don't sweat the small stuff. Live your dreams, it is your life. I love you Harold, Rest in Peace. Love, Tiffany Limos

Feb 19, 05:46
Your presence will be missed! Whenever I saw u in the spot, I knew it was on! Another reason why the good die young... Rest in peace homey....

Feb 19, 05:44
you always liked to put new variations on my name. and you made me laugh. always. i'll miss you lots.

Feb 19, 05:40
all respect due r.i.p

Rusty Snails
Feb 19, 05:36
R.I.P. to a true legend . Peace out from the U.K.

jen o'donnell
Feb 19, 05:31
if only. if only i can wake up tomorrow.... and not mourn your loss. harold. it's not fair. we miss you. this is my 2nd post. but it's because i stilll can't believe. how you could be gone. we miss you. xo

Feb 19, 05:25
I remember when I run into you in the subway, your puppy jump up and lick your face. R.I.P.

Feb 19, 05:25
riposa in pace, Harold.

Feb 19, 05:20
Harold man! You were the best!! I just saw you on the street the other day! It made me feel great how much love you still had in your heart. Man, you were one of the funniest and most energetic people I've ever met in my life. You really knew what it was all about man. Probably still do. I'll miss ya.

Feb 19, 05:14
harold's part. classic. r.i.p. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rncaVtN2ZZc

Harmony Korine
Feb 19, 05:13
harold this breaks my heart. your a legend of the street. you lived your life always on your own terms. the funniest bastard i ever knew. i knew you since we were boys. i remember at 13 sleeping at your apartment on 13st and your front door was missing. it was always about joking, always laughing and always moving on. you repped nyc to the fullest, a delinquint icon. you know you will never be forgotton. you will live on in the minds and hearts of so many. its all so vivd, that smile and laugh. i know your on the other side now with justin and you guys are lovin it. you did this world up. rest now my friend. i will miss you dearly. save me a spot and keep an eye out from above. your brother always....

Feb 19, 05:11
i'm kinda confused i mean i don't know who from the rockstarbearings guys was talking to me for skating for them but like .. when i heard harold hunter died in his sleep or sometin i felt weird because yeah , was it him i was talking 2? i guess and you guys from rockstarbearings wanted me to come to NYC to go skate and stuff and now he wont be there ... weird feeling... also i didn't know him r.i.p my friend

Ari Marcopoulos
Feb 19, 05:09
Harold was a great skater with mad pop. He was a great man with style and respect for others. He was funny. When he met my son Cairo who the was 2 years old he immediately picked him up with care and love and made Cairo laugh like he made so many other laugh be cause he had the gift of comic genius. I loved Harold and feel for all in his crew that are now feeling the pain of a friend who left us too soon. LOVE AND RESPECT TO YOU HAROLD IN LIFE AND IN DEATH

jon josef
Feb 19, 05:07
I didnt know the brotha that well but he always had jokes whenever i did run into him. Y'all wanna bless him.... look up to the sky think of Harold and say, "Hare Krishna!!!" cuz for the soul there is never death.... my man's journey is just finished here and the brotha has sailed on to bigger and better things. God bless Harold and all of you in this time.

*sniff sniff*
Feb 19, 05:04
mike cardona, keenan, and now harold wats up with new york?

*sniff sniff*
Feb 19, 04:54
i am crying as i write this. i cant sleep i cant do any thing. i just recently met him. and then it was like BAM! Hes gone. im gnna skate my hardest for you man ur the nicest guy ever R.I.P.

Feb 19, 04:54
I will soon be going to NY and will take pleasure in popping some shuvits and making alot of noise in those streets. He will be missed.

Feb 19, 04:46
we will miss you!

Feb 19, 04:36
This is some foul shit, man. Bottom line. Not even a week ago, my friend Mark and I were reminiscing on the Zoo Demo that came through Dallas TX to Freestyle skatepark, with Harold, Pang, Supa, Correa, Jordan, and Brian Brown(a young ass motherfucker back then). We were talking about how dope anthony's style was as he casually popped nollie 180's over the block, how Supa ripped the hip with all types of nollie shit, but most of all we remembered the episode that transpired between Mark and Harold. Harold was chilling out, sitting on one of the ledges, the "Big Block" that we all skated the most, and Mark wasnt havin it. He rolled up, told Harold, "Yo, all respect due, but you're sittin on my block, man." At which point Harold hopped up like, "whatever, whos this dude think he is"? As soon as he got up Mark comes at the block and busts a nollie back tail, perfect, landed bolts and all that. I'll never forget the look on Harold's face, just cheesin', smiling his ass off. He came up to Mark and complimented him, sayin that was definitely worth him getting up off the block. That's the most vivid memory I have of Harold, and Im grateful for that, cause that's a memory of a true skateboarder showin his a respect and admiration for another true skateboarder doing his thing. REST IN PEACE HAROLD. 411 ISSUE 13, SKATING TO MOBB DEEP "CRADLE TO THE GRAVE", FIRST SKATE VIDEO I EVER SAW. LEGENDS NEVER DIE, AND YOU WERE TRULY ONE OF THE REALEST PEOPLE IN SKATEBOARDING, AND LIFE IN GENERAL. SKATEBOARDING NEEDS MORE TULY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS LIKE HAROLD. REST IN PEACE.

Feb 19, 04:28

Shecky Green
Feb 19, 04:26
Positive energy / good (G-d) Karma lasts forever...

Feb 19, 04:22
rest in peace

Feb 19, 04:22
rip big dog

Mech Mentalo
Feb 19, 04:16
My The MIGHTY HAROLD HUNTER rest in peace

Feb 19, 04:10
rest in peace harold

Feb 19, 04:10
fan vad synd att du dog harold jag sˆrjer jag ville s j‰vla g‰rna tr‰ffa dig villa i frid pease man

Pacific Drive
Feb 19, 04:03
NYC Legend. True Great Character. R.I.P. Way too soon!

Feb 19, 04:01
I have only fond and hilarious memories of Harold. He seemed like he was always burning his candles at both ends and living life with a sense of urgency...and now we all see he had a short time to spend on this earth. Here's to the mad comet that passed us by --- and a true talent at skating and making the rest of us laugh. Sleep well Harold.

Feb 19, 03:59

Feb 19, 03:52
Rock on! See you in that great skatepark in the sky, and at the Max Fish in the sky......

Feb 19, 03:38

Feb 19, 03:38

Feb 19, 03:36
My Nigga.... I love you!

Feb 19, 03:35
YO! Rest In Peace Harold You'll Be Missed Big Homie....

Feb 19, 03:31
jimmy summed it up. good looks. the world and skateboarding lost a big piece last night. HH never forget son....

Feb 19, 03:28
ayo, rest in peace Harold Hunter

Feb 19, 03:26
jimmy summed it up. good looks. the world and skateboarding lost a big piece last night. HH never forget son....

Mike V - Oz
Feb 19, 03:25
Yo Harold May we never forget your eclectic magnetism and crazy sense of humour. So many classic one liners, you will be sadly missed. I only wish I got show you around Oz before you passed ! Peace

Feb 19, 03:19

jimmy pelletier
Feb 19, 03:14
THIS ONES FOR YOU HAROLD: i met HAROLD HUNTER 15 years ago from chris hall in the parking lot of a jersey, bricktown contest. he looked much like that photo in thrasher that bryce kanights took of him doing a wallride on a bank in 1988. he was riding for shut skates and those were the good 'ol days . he was very small and had big clothes. that's how all the child prodigy skaters looked back then, and boy was he. he had so many tricks consistently. he ended up riding for the same team as my 2 best friends a few years later. i think i asked pep and chris if he was ever coming to dc. and they didn't know. you could see how good he still was in the team video they all came out with in 1992. it was called skypager.u could also see how vibrant and interesting he made new york city look in his video part. it's amazing how he was "mr. new york city" on a skateboard when he was just a kid. finally i would meet him again in dc. at pulaski park , which was my home basically for skating, so that was a blessing in itself. he came through on a zoo york tour with hickey , pang and the gang. this time when i met him again our friendship began. i would see him atleast once or twice a year in the skateboard world, at contest , skate jams and so on. in 1993 he was at the huge brooklyn banks contest wearing a hockey jersey and recieving 150 dollars for doing a backside 180 heelflip over the brooklyn wall. thank goodness i was there to witness that. he had a huge fan audience even then and no one could accumulate that much love from people unless you were a great person. in 1995 i met up with harold again in new york city. this would be some of the most memorable times i had with him. yep. it was the astor place CUBE spot. our late night sessions were out of a movie . then again if you were with him at anytime it was a movie in real life, constantly rolling. there was a glow around him and this electric energy that surrounded him. his tricks were incredible. nollie backside heels first try at knee height on the way to rays pizza. one day it started raining and he wanted to keep skating. thats when i really knew he was like me. a real skate rat. he loved it so much. he loved everything about it. he loved rocking the skate gear and was so proud to be a skateboarder. he let people know. yo, this is what i do. a few months later he ran into me again and invited me to an audition for a music video with him. we met up at this venue, don hills. it was a miracle they chose me to act with him in it. we both got to skate in it as well. we had to keep doing the scenes over because me and him kept cracking up . we were supposed to be angry toward each other but knew that was hard to do. the movie harold was in came out that year as well and we were all real stoked for him.i know he was proud to be in something with his real new york friends. in 1999 i moved to new york and would get to see him more often. he was everywhere. i didn't even need to take his number down, cuz i knew i would see him again. you never here or see anyone that is so visible and part of a city like harold is. i had the pleasure of hanging with him a bunch of times before i moved back to dc in 2003. thank goodness i ended up going to the skate tradeshow 3 weeks ago from today and had the best time with him ever. it was like every time i hung out with him summarized into one hour. that hour was a jay mascis show at the after party. that music that played was some of the most influential skate sounds you could hear. this music was in countless skate videos and made you tingle if you were a skater and could relate. he was sitting on stage and knodding his head to the music. so was i. i was standing next to him the whole time and we looked at each other like-wow, i cant believe how incredible this guitar sounds. we were in a zone . later the warehouse kicked us all out so they could clean up. my last time with harold was waiting outside in sandiego at the pier to catch a cab. the situation seemed very similar to me, like we were back in new york . the saddest thing is that i have to wait so long to see him again . but when i do. it will be glorious.

Feb 19, 03:05

bill spector
Feb 19, 02:49
i remember when i met you in washington sq park back in the late 80's. tiny lil' black kid rolling with your boy waily & the original shut crew big john, rodney, bruno, pete, john the weasel.... you always had a great heart, was mad funny and never changed. like a beasley jr at the time! now your ridin' the bklyn banks in heaven 2gether. you will be missed....

Feb 19, 02:42

Feb 19, 02:41

Feb 19, 02:32

Magic Lion
Feb 19, 02:29
Legends Never Die. Float On...

Feb 19, 02:15
Thanks for showing me the ropes! You will never ever cease to amaze me and id give anything to have you here with us. I fucking love you!

Feb 19, 02:13
Mr.ZOOYORK &Mr.New York .Forever.To The Respect.

Feb 19, 02:09
Thanks for showing me the ropes! You will never ever cease to amaze me and id give anything to have you here with us. I fucking love you!

Feb 19, 02:00
we think we can take the partying when it comes... until it's too late. please be safe, dear friends... let's vow to take care of each other, knowing god is always with each of us in our hearts. your smile and memories will continue to light up nyc.

Feb 19, 02:00
we think we can take the partying when it comes... until it's too late. please be safe, dear friends... let's vow to take care of each other, knowing god is always with each of us in our hearts. your smile and memories will continue to light up nyc.

eglovenyc kazki
Feb 19, 01:53
I never forget you. You are true New Yorker. R.I.P.

Feb 19, 01:52
don't do drugs or you'll die. R.I.P.Harry

Feb 19, 01:51
You will be missed.

Admiral Crumple
Feb 19, 01:51
You shined Harold! It's like all the words that came out of your mouth were classic! Rest in Peace. Sometimes I feel like this death thing is all a big prank, and your laughing at us all...Somone should compile all the best memories and make a web page or something...Harold Hunter truely left a Legacy...alot can be learned here...alot...

Neal Hendrix
Feb 19, 01:46
A true east coast legend. If you thought about skateboarding and NYC Harold was always the first think to come to your mind. The skateboarding community will never forget Harold Hunter.

Feb 19, 01:39
truly missed.

Feb 19, 01:37
we had some pretty crazy adventures !!!!! I really miss ya bro!!

Feb 19, 01:33
Harold was that guy that got along with any and everyone. I still laugh at the stories he used to bless me with just for kicks. He was one of a kind and defines that era of NY that I miss and love. He will forever be remembered Legends never die. R.I.P.

Feb 19, 01:25
Rest in Peace. My thoughts and prayers go out to Harold and his family. Legends Never Die.

-- L.
Feb 19, 01:23
never a dull moment with harold... r.i.p.

Feb 19, 01:20
Many people you never met personally will be shaken & saddened by news of your passing. Your whole crew has influenced many people to get up & do for self & I am grateful to have known of you. Rest In Peace Harold.

Feb 19, 01:15
R.I.P.mr.entertainer/skater/happy maker/true new yorker.we love you.we miss you.we will never forget you.one love.

Marissa K
Feb 19, 01:13
Its hard to believe and accept, but I know you are in a wonderful place and you touched so many people on this earth, and you will live on forever in our hearts and minds. You are bigger than life and i miss and love you, we all do...you lived 100 lives and brought joy to everyone. We miss you and life will never be the same.

Feb 19, 01:13
Thanks for everything Harold. You will be sorley missed. We will never forget you. Best wishes to your family and friends during this horribly sad time. Always remember that Harold would wish for you to be happy ...God Bless.

Shawn Mortensen
Feb 19, 01:12
LOVE to you brother ! I hope you can get in on those legendary 1,000 virgins - IF ANYONE can - YOU CAN ! The last I saw Harold was in the City the night I left 3 weeks ago. I had offered him a lead role in a play I hope to direct this Fall. Ironicaly, the play is called DRUGS and was written by Glenn O'Brien & the late Cookie Meuller. When the play goes up it will be dedicated to his memory. There's been a lot of talk on the scene about the inevitability of someone dying of a drug overdose. Sad to think about & now see. MAYBE his loss will encourage those who need help to get it. I can't think of a more fitting tribute to his passing. Use this tragedy to help encourage yr friends in trouble to get help. In my experience it can be as simple as doing the work to get the numbers of who will help - & help yr friend find a place that is willing to work with them & take them there. It's always worth a TRY. Harold, Nico Dios & I hung out in November in Miami during Art Basel . A tattoo tv show had put him up in slick apartment while he was a featured guest. We had a good time laughing and reminiscing about '90's NYC - and how much the LES has changed since we hit the scene in the '80's. His memories of LES street life were engrossing & often hilarious. I saw a sweeter side to him that night listening to him tell stories of mutual friend growing up. The man was an absolute laugh riot ... every encouter with him was a pound - a hug & pure GOOD VIBES. God speed Harold - we'll all miss you. Now show 'em all UP there some NYC skate style ! PEACE.

Mad Erb
Feb 19, 01:05
R.I.P. Dunn!

Feb 19, 00:59
man, i miss him already. harold was one of a kind. i recently shot 2 movies with him and we had a great time doing it. he was proud of the final products because they made people laugh and that's one of the things he did best. www.kahn-artist.com/movies/tooth.mov and www.kahn-artist.com/movies/blackwhite.mov both shot recently and featuring harold. you can scroll thru til you see him, he's the best part, naturally. my heart goes out to everyone who knew him. life is so fucked up....

Feb 19, 00:57
only met him once, but saw him everywhere. in the eyes of a 19 year old... i'd call him a downtown legend for sure.

Feb 19, 00:57
It's 7 in the morning three years ago. My phone starts ringing waking my ass up. I answer. "Hello?" Voice on the line: "Yo this is Harold, who this?" Me: "Dude, you are the one who is calling me. Did you just see a girl's name in your phone and call it?" "Aww...sorry girl, I know who you are. I was trying to come off all smooth like Johnny Depp and shit and I failed." He may have failed in his attempts to get a little action, but he succeeded in cementing himself into my memory forever. Every interaction I had with him has become one of my classic New York stories. Smooth like Depp he wasn't but who the hell would have wanted him to be? That was Harold. Damn, we were just trading Harold stories last night and then not 20 minutes later I got the news.

Feb 19, 00:53
You were able always to amuse me in the film. r.i.p Harold.

Lysa Cooper
Feb 19, 00:33
no words can describe my love for Harold,,, a surviver, a dancer,a partner in crime, a friend. how many countries have i turned around, and there in the distance, is Harold...my new travel partner for the remainder... i will; miss our encounters and talks...oh...and walks. nyc is you. you are New York. my love. my history. my Friend. mmmbeso

Feb 19, 00:29
DAAHHHMAYYUMMMBAYYAYSOOOO!!!! Yo! 1989' old Shut Crew...@ Brooklyn Banks Ripping it up early.. Sheffey and Harold putting in work...thats my memories. God Bless tha' Hunters and the L.E.S.....legends never die, they just make God laugh all day!! R.I.P

Mike Hernandez
Feb 19, 00:19
Getting too high on whatever is one counter-productive way to deal with our isms...I have lost three friends of 20+ years!!! 20 years filled with skateboarding, laughter and nothing but good times. Let us honor these individuals by taking a step back and choosing a productive way to deal. If not for ourselves then for Harold, Keenan or Justin!!! ...Make it a point to remember them every day you wake-up as if they are your own flesh and blood

Feb 19, 00:16
my last moments with harold were at the bathing ape party. he asked me "how old are you now?" and when he was leaving he kissed me half on the mouth, half on the cheek and said "i cant wait until you're older, dont tell your father" and i laughed and said "jesus harold", im so happy i got to experience him. i am so sad for those who didnt, but at the same time you're lucky you didnt know him, because now that he's gone its so hard to comprehend it. all there is left to do now is talk about old times and laugh as if he were still here, because that's what harold would want. /skateboarder/act/asshole/amazing human being

Feb 19, 00:14

Feb 19, 00:14
R.I.P to a New York legend and to the guy that put nyc skateboarding on the map.

Feb 19, 00:12
Harold can you hear us? Last I saw you, you were hanging out with Clyde in the backyard. I'm pretty sure that was the first time he met you. Now that's it. You're out, just like that. We hung out a few times, as far as I remember--mostly it was at parties--and a few times at the shop. I remember, once I introduced you to my lady and you kept her company for a while. I told her, "that's Harold Hunter, he's kinda crazy but he's a nice guy." to which she said, "Oh, no, he's perfect gentleman."

Feb 19, 00:06
legends never die rest in peace harold, tell keenan i said what up

Jake mcgowan
Feb 19, 00:02
You were a very special guy Harold i will never forget you giving me a place to stay when you had just met me, i was just a guy from London without a bed for the night and you were a true gent in helping me out i will never forget that and the good curry we had after a skate the same night. God bless you, Forever HH.

Feb 19, 00:00

Feb 18, 23:48
i bet you and dills is chillen together in heavens lobby. thanks for all the inspiration. see you in the next.._

Kenny Hughes
Feb 18, 23:47
Time and time again the special ones are taken from us way too soon.You were special my friend.I thank you for the time we had together.I will never forget you.R.I.P. Harold

Feb 18, 23:45
NY will miss you thanks for all the great memories there will never be another person like you. Legends Never Die !

Feb 18, 23:40
sorry for those cold nites outside my man, you are a diamond in the rough. much love my brother......rip

from UPI News
Feb 18, 23:34
'Kids' film skater found dead of overdose - NEW YORK, Feb. 18 (UPI) -- A skateboarder from the 1995 movie "Kids" has died in New York from what was believed to have been a cocaine overdose. - Harold Hunter was found dead in his apartment Friday with cocaine "on and around" his body, police told Saturday's New York Post. - Hunter, 31, skated in Larry Clark's movie about an HIV-positive skateboarder. - His sister, Rebecca Atkins, told the Post: "He was saying stuff like, 'When I die I'm going to be famous.' - "He used to have this saying, 'Legends never die,'" she added. -

Feb 18, 23:30
the last funny message i have of Harold was at my loft party in Dumbo... ii cant believe your gone... everytime you walked in a room, your energy was felt by everyone.. i know you were loved... may you be at peace...

Feb 18, 23:21

Feb 18, 23:20
yeah he ain't dead he's chill'in in la !

Feb 18, 23:20
wtf he ain't dead stop play'in !!!

Feb 18, 23:19

Feb 18, 23:18
RIP mr. hunter. you will always have love from NY to LA and beyond.

oak uv
Feb 18, 22:47
my nigga harold.. us to roll with his brother foes.. was the funniest mofo. always quick with the disses . one love.. foes keep your head up my brother...

Feb 18, 22:47
peace out dude .. rip

Feb 18, 22:43
one in a million. new york's favorite. rest in peace harold.

Feb 18, 22:41
I met this cat back in 89 or 90 in the Village when he used to skate with my boy Hamilton from Uptown. Funny dude. Very sorry he passed. Amazing how many people' s lives he touched. One love

Feb 18, 22:41

Feb 18, 22:38
Man, this guy was one of a kind. he was real with everything and everyone around him. rest in peace.

Yusuke Tamura
Feb 18, 22:29

Feb 18, 22:27
miss you

Feb 18, 22:26
Harold I miss you so much already

Feb 18, 22:24
i didn't know you, but our social circles overlapped, as they often do in nyc. i worked with you for a few days on a shoot a couple of years ago, and you had such friendly, positive energy (and a refreshing lack of b.s. attitude).... i laughed every time you were around. you seemed to know how lucky you were to be able to do exactly what you wanted in life, every day, with your friends... i just wanted to pay my respect to you. rest in peace, may your spirit live on and bring us all closer together.

Feb 18, 21:55
A TRUE YORK LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like Vanilla I was lucky to have shared a few moments of his last few weeks. The scenario is poetic yet as tragic as the loss of so many of our fallen brothers. It is All Star weekend and Harol just joined the All Star Team up there, the really sad thing is their are almost too many to name. We lit a candle for him at the ANYTHING store today. It would have been nice to see him at work today.

Feb 18, 21:55
Rest in Peace ma homie..u werr tha meaning of skateboardin..u didnt skate to be on tha cover of transworld or any thing like that u did it because u loved it even if it ment just rollin around...god bless

Feb 18, 21:54
Harold is a true OG downtown icon. I fuckin' miss you man!

AlI Rapp
Feb 18, 21:47
best homie of all time!! love you Harold. xo

Feb 18, 21:46
damn everynite in nyc waz brilliant wen we'd chill. anytime i'd meet up with harold we'd run around town crazy. i'll always miss him, madlov. legends never die. xoxo

chris hall
Feb 18, 21:28
rest in peace brother. had a great time chillin with you in your projects...thanks for all the love........

Feb 18, 21:24
Nobody this Big is forgotten. R.I.P.

Feb 18, 21:22
i remember that classic clip from KIDS~ God Bless and rest in peace!

ryan k
Feb 18, 21:20
damn... 1974 til forever... you are missed

Jeremy Scott
Feb 18, 21:20
I left a rest in peace away message on AIM and this is what a random person wrote back. Somehow this dude is still making us laugh... jennespn: by the way. I met harold once when i was 17 and his tongue was down my friends throat. that is my only memory of that kid jennespn: he came all the way up to my boarding school to pork her, ha numbersix2k: wow thats committment

Feb 18, 21:11
legends never die!

Feb 18, 21:09
king of new york. legends never die.

Feb 18, 21:08
i remeber harold in mid 90s just killing it back when benji used to throw banks contests harold having the backside 180 heel the banks wall and me being there and seeing him all over at contests and the zoo contest in canada he was all jokes always made people smile and laugh

Timbo Baggins
Feb 18, 21:05
since Summer Skool maan...too many ill scenarios. I will miss you homey...

Feb 18, 21:03
harold, always without a bodyguard!!! R.I.P.

Feb 18, 21:02
The first person I met in New York when I was 14. Always in my memory!

Feb 18, 20:59
this is very sad news that happened to a great person. my fondest memory of harold is when i asked to sing "you mess my fucking heart up" to my ex girlfriend (she loved that part of mix tape) at barmacy. he happily obliged and then told me i was lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend. he made her night. his way of making people laugh was a magnificent gift. Harold you will be missed. Rest in peace.

Feb 18, 20:57
shalom to you and your family 4ever

Feb 18, 20:56
RIP Thanks for bringing smile to my face... Flying salami...

Feb 18, 20:56

Feb 18, 20:53
2 down.

Feb 18, 20:50

Feb 18, 20:48
The first person I met in New York when I was 14. Always in my memory!

Feb 18, 20:47

The Kids
Feb 18, 20:44
Don't do drugs.

Feb 18, 20:42
NIGGA! YOU STILL OWE ME MONEY! Way to leave a debt, jerky!

Feb 18, 20:41
rest in peace my brother.

Feb 18, 20:40

"Raver Rich"
Feb 18, 20:36
From being little kids and skating together at the brooklyn banks, to becoming teenagers and hanging out at NASA together, and still running into each other from time to time as adults, we had some great times together old buddy. Thanks for all the great times we've shared, and thank you for always being Harold. You had an uncanny ability to make just about everyone feel like they had a special connection with you. And the truth is they all did have a special connection with you. That's why we all love you, you made everyone feel like they were your friend. Your physical presence will truly be missed here, but your memory and impact on all of us will live on strong forever. You are a true legend Harold, and I will miss you dearly. May you rest in peace. One love...

Lui Araki
Feb 18, 20:34
Zoo legend forever. Rest In Peace Harold. miss you bro.

Alex Reyes
Feb 18, 20:29
I was with Harold his last night on this earth. We were chill'n at the Gravis/Turntable lab party stealing cans of Sapporo from behind the bar. He was doing his usual thing crack'n jokes and hollering at all the ladies. He went to Rockcandy and we made plans to meet at Sway, but that never happened. Thank you my brother for making me laugh one last time. I knew you for 15 plus years and through all the changes in this city you still kept it real. Both NYC and skateboarding will never be the same. I will miss you my nigga! I will see you again one day. R.I.P.

Feb 18, 20:29
i watched a shitty dubbed vhs of kids, taped off hbo, when i was 11, like 1995. ive been to new york once and never skated in my life. I never knew his name till i saw his pic on this page. but this is one kid i will remember, through bad tracking on a 13 inch sanyo in my friends older brothers bedroom, forever. Heres to keepin NYC real for those of us that will never know. RIP.

Angel (iceland)
Feb 18, 20:27
I'll never forget this... back in like '97 me and my friends met this girl right back home in iceland and she been living in new york for some time... and we were actin all stupid downtown getting drunk, having fun, ya know Kids style! and this girl told us that she had been hangin out with this skater dude! and we were like "aiight whats his name?" and she went and said "Harold somethin" and we were like "Noooo.. cant be! was it Harold HUNTER?" and she was like "yeah, why, u guys recognize him!" and went bananas, him and Thomas, Donnie, Ed, Danny were like our IDOLS! and this girl gave us his number and the day after we were like "we have to call him and say wasup!!" so we did and he anwered and it was the funniest conversation ever! he was like "why are u guys calling me overseas and how the fu** did ya get this number?" but we all started laughing and him as well and the last thing he said was "dude, y'all some crazy cats out there in iceland, peace" and then he hanged up! ...I just had to share this story, its a stupid one but memorible! ...rest in peace Harold! The Notorious B.I.G of skateboards.. KING OF NEW YORK!!

romen rok
Feb 18, 20:17
RIP brethren....

Feb 18, 20:15

Jeremy Scott
Feb 18, 20:11
I had the pleasure of getting to know Harold while helping out at Zoo during my first year of school in the city. We were by no means close friends, but I think I can say with certainty that he made everyone's day a little bit better by just being him. If you lived in NYC, running into to him was unavoidable. He'd always say what up and find a way to make you laugh somehow. I remember being with him and Bici's cousin Nick at an EST premiere a couple years back while they tried to fight the bouncer for not letting some dude back into the premiere, it was one of the funnier moments I've experienced in Harold's presence. It's pretty amazing to see how much of a response this tragedy has created, and it can be attributed to nothing other than the fact that he was geniunely a good person at heart. Watching "Kids" on the screen at supreme yesterday was a little surreal. The dude was way too young. My condolences to the Hunter family and all of you who are his family as well. Rest in peace.

Feb 18, 20:08

CH RTH 1134
Feb 18, 20:01

Feb 18, 19:58
Such sad news. I'll miss seeing you on the L train homey... RIP

Feb 18, 19:57

Seb Graves
Feb 18, 19:56
damn, man, i am bummed. Thankfully, we have shared so many great times over the last 17 years...from Bricktown skatepark, NYC, LOVE, SF, and ASR this past year...it was awesome sitting with you at the Nike party chillin to J Mascis playing just a few feet away and we were singin along like little kids...thanks for putting me up in NYC a few years back when i was visiting, hardwood floors with no electricity, unforgetable times and memories. Thank you and I love you, man. RIP Harold Hunter you will always be in so many hearts and minds.

Denis MH
Feb 18, 19:55

Feb 18, 19:48
damn homie ,, im still in shock RIP

Timbo Baggins
Feb 18, 19:47
since Summer Skool maan...too many ill scenarios. I will miss you homey...

Feb 18, 19:46
Dam, RIP to another good dude.

Feb 18, 19:45

Feb 18, 19:44
R.I.P. my knocka.Meet u before Kids got big,Doing what u do best,skating in the park talking shit.Got drunk ass hell @Don Hills.Damn son,you'll be missed mang...

Feb 18, 19:40
Whatchu talkin' bout Harold!!!

Feb 18, 19:39
R.I.P. You will be missed.

Feb 18, 19:38
I was fortunate to meet him and the zoo team at FTC one time by accident, I read an L-R-G flyer sayin they were gonna be there so me and my friend headed down there to see them but it ended up being that that flyer was a year old but the guy said zoo york was gonna show up so we waited for them, funny how things worked out, and it ended up being me. my friend and harold sittin up stairs for hella long talkin like seriously talked to mostly just him the whole day, really down to earth guy had plenty of stories, real funny ones even his idea for this movie he had but yeah like i said funny how it worked out, they say things happen for a reason. Rest In Piece Harold.

Feb 18, 19:29
I had just met harold this winter and felt graced- mad humble folk hero type I think. Rest in Power. Condolences to all friends and family. Be easy Harold.

Feb 18, 19:29
damn kid! i remmeber that flick thoug, Kids... banans! R.I.P Harold.

Feb 18, 19:27

Crystal M
Feb 18, 19:22
Love you homie...Look how your bringing the whole world together.

Feb 18, 19:13
i randomly played basketball with harold on houston street this summer...the nicest man & he made me smile. rest in peace.

Feb 18, 19:01
Damn just got thos news.. don¥t know what too say.. we¥ll miss you! Condolences from the swedish skateboard community...

danny garcia
Feb 18, 18:59
i've never met him but seeing him skate and act and even on the mtv commercials you could tell he was a wise and happy soul. may he rest in peace.

Feb 18, 18:59
always so nice always so nice to see ! RIP

Feb 18, 18:58
god's speed, may your soul rest in peace

Feb 18, 18:56
every time i saw you, you always put a smile on my face and gave me a warm chuckle. have a safe journey. you will definitely be missed.

ryan riggz
Feb 18, 18:51
I'll never forget you Harold. You were the funniest guy in town. Mad love and respect. You were truly on another level.

Feb 18, 18:49
Joven y Harta. RIP

Feb 18, 18:47
Harold, always a rare, genuine man, the nicest cat prowlin' the LES. No matter what, he was the nicest guy in the room, always. We'll remember you always, R.I.P Harold.

chris casey
Feb 18, 18:45

Feb 18, 18:45
You will be missed...the streets of LES were somber last night- lit candles in your name...RIP

Feb 18, 18:43
"To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of others, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better wether by laughter, a garden patch,or a redeemed social condition, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded" Harold you have embodied all of this. You will forever be in my heart and mind since the old Skate NYC days you made me laugh. Say hi to Justin for me. Rest in Peace brother. I love you

Carl, Sweden
Feb 18, 18:35
Peace to you Harold from Sweden.

Crystal Chang
Feb 18, 18:32
H.H., A wonderful spirit. Always made you smile. From the East to the West. Blessed to have known you. Rest in peace. Condolences to Family & Friends. ...........We will see you soon brotha'

Feb 18, 18:31
was loving his prestation on kids... my favorite film... I think,we will never forget him because he seemed to be a real skater like we xant everybody to be*

john rapoza jr
Feb 18, 18:29
shook the mans hand once. ill never forget him.

Feb 18, 18:27
harold- i remember us at Buffalo Wild Wings, we were the last to leave, and you left with your jack and coke in hand. "Excuse me sir, thats OUR glass, and you need to finish it in here" said the waitress. "calm down mami"...harold replied. that was some funny shit.

Feb 18, 18:19
will miss you...

Feb 18, 18:19
Damn just got thos news.. don¥t know what too say.. we¥ll miss you! Condolences from the swedish skateboard community...

Feb 18, 18:17

Will J
Feb 18, 18:16
R.I.P Brotha, you will be missed throughout the skateboarding community, you were a great talent , much Respect

Feb 18, 18:15

Feb 18, 18:15
harold hunter was a legend.................girly i wanna buy you corndogs,,classic line......

Feb 18, 18:10
Damn Harold...damn...you embodied all that was, is and will ever be NYC. When I first moved back to the city in 95, Harold was my tour guide of the nightlfe and we spent many wee hours in strange clubs and lofts getting fucked up...I remember one night at some after hours spot called "Sizzle". we were in the back getting nice with some chicks. I remember he was talking shit to this girl and broke out "LEGENDS NEVER DIE, BITCH" ..funny as all hell...I feel as a part of the City died right along with him. ..you will be missed Peace, One of many friends....

Feb 18, 18:03
RIP harold. this is messed up...your rebel spirit will be missed, homie.

Feb 18, 17:55
rest in peace... skateboarders gotta stand together.

Theo Hand
Feb 18, 17:55
So many good memories with you Harold. I know your looking at all of us, wishing we were still smiling, like when you would be constantly crackin jokes,and we were all rolling on the ground laughing. If laughter is the best medicine, then you healed a lot of people! And not just a funny guy......A true friend!You gave us so many gifts by being the true Harold Hunter. One Love...............

Feb 18, 17:54
nyc misses you and so do I. always a smile and laughs for everyone around, and definetly the most the most stylish guy in the room--trendsetting in your polka dots. you've been so generous with your love and spirit. you'll be cruising around with the bike gang forever in our hearts.

Feb 18, 17:53
"i dont mind that we all going to die soon, i'll return to the silence of harolds tune" Jedi Mind tricks. RIP

Feb 18, 17:53
i don't think i ever saw you and you didn't have me laughing. thank you for all the good times, i hope your in heaven skatin a giant bowl of chicken with naked girls. i will miss you.

Feb 18, 17:50

Ray Mate'
Feb 18, 17:48
"Yo Ray I am doing a hat with New Era...you ever heard of New Era?" Harold was truly one of a kind. The dude was straight comedy. You will be missed by many. RIP

Feb 18, 17:48
It seems like its always the legends that have to go long before their time. You will be misses man. R.I.P. Harold

Feb 18, 17:44
i met harold at a skate demo and he was the chillest dude youll ever meet. it sucks that he is dead, but his legacy will live on forever. he put NYC on the map for skateboarders, and the east coast would never be the same without him. RIP and as it says in vicous cycle, LEGENDS NEVER DIE.

Feb 18, 17:42
Everytime I pass by the Astor cube I will think of you Harold, learning 5-o's and making faces at tourists. A buck fifty for a soda and a plate of fries, a trashed deck and some flat wheels was all we ever needed to have fun through the days and nights of the hot nyc summers. You never lost that true NYC feel. Respect. I haven't seen you in a few years but when we did bump into eachother it was always entertaining and brought back my fondest memories of youth. SKATENYC4LIFE! lol... Peace out Harold, thanks for the memories...

Feb 18, 17:40
from sweden: R.I.P my brother, never met you , but you made skateboard funny!

Sugar Shane
Feb 18, 17:37
Harold was truly a awesome guy.He will always be in our thoughts..R.I.P

Agnes M.
Feb 18, 17:37
I met Harold back in '93 and even though I haven't seen him as often as I used to every time I did it was like the old days...we would remenisce about meeting up in San Fran in '94 with Justin and Lil' Ag and talk about how much fun we had....just last week I saw him and we were talking about it and we were laughing about how old we are getting and that we are no longer kids even though we act like it sometimes but at the same time that there is still so much ahead. Unfortunately his time ran out too soon....Truly a genuine person with a lot of heart. We all know he missed Justin a lot and now they can hang out together again.....R.I.P.

Feb 18, 17:27
Legends never die. Rest in peace.

Feb 18, 17:25
UNBREAKABLE. rest in peace. RIDE THE RAILS TO HEAVEN. you will be missed.

Feb 18, 17:21
I really am sorry... rest in peace harold!

Feb 18, 17:18
very entertaining thanks for the times

Feb 18, 17:16
I hung out with Harold only a few times, although like most people in the city I had seen him on innumerable occasions riding his low rider, skating, smiling, and just fucking around in the best way possible...I still have his cell number and will forever regret not hitting him up. The first time I met Harold I was totally nervous for the obvious reason that I had looked up to him since I was a kid and suddenly he was directly in front of me in flesh and blood...but we just started talking and he was so cool, so vivacious, so funny, so knowledgeable about NYC and the complicated web of stories that comprised it that we instantly became friends. We got along so well...he was one of those people that immediately opened his soul to you and shared his life in a very intimate and human way...I dont know what to say...this is a true tragedy... You will be greatly missed but live on in the memories of the millions of people that you touched. One love Harold. NYC will never be the same. Thank you for the memories. PS If someone can please email me the details of Harolds passing, it will be greatly appreciated msg@nomas-nyc.com. Thanks

Feb 18, 17:14

Feb 18, 17:11
Sincere condolences to family and friends. A man who kept it so real and true. We are better because of him. R.I.P.

Feb 18, 17:11

Feb 18, 17:01
WIll never be forgotten. ... R.I.P Harold....God bless your family and friends.

Feb 18, 17:01
Sincere condolences to family and friends. A man who kept it so real and true. We are better because of him. R.I.P.

Feb 18, 17:01
Everyone in NYC knows Harold A kind word for all always clowning always jokes In a voice all will remember A true original An era is over with a tear. Rest In Peace Beautiful Soul...

Feb 18, 17:00
I remember seeing you in the movie theater. RIP mang.

Feb 18, 17:00
You and your crew brought a whole new vibe to EMB skate scene in the early nineties my friend. You introduced us to Northface, Timberlands, Wallabees, Polo, Gold fronts, skating in pumas and Shelltops. Lingo like Mad kraze, stoops, dukes and son. This was all new to us on the west and we loved you for the laughs and how you embraced the EMB crew as your family and friends. Harold was as much a part as the EMB crew as anyone else from SF was... a down as nigga with jokes, stories and style for days. A true legend from the East to West coast. You will never be forgotten.

Feb 18, 16:59
Yo dogg i love you man it was good always watching you no t.v on skatemaps never forget when you did your raps and you woudl tear shti up LEGESNDS never die, and that means he didnt die he just moved on and will always be with us.. . .LOVE H.H. . . R.I.P

Feb 18, 16:55
one of my closest friends, close enough to consider family, rest in peace to one of the realest new yorkers that ever did it!!! we all miss you and my condolences go out to ronald aka foze and the fam

Feb 18, 16:54
brother, thank you for everything.....since day one you have always been down and you always handled your shit your way. i have and will always respect that. sneak me the side door when i get up there brother!!!! to all his family and friends...one love, peace and respect.

Chris Unsoled
Feb 18, 16:51
I remember talking with Harold at ASR a few years back and he spoke with me like I'de known him for years..much respect to his family and close friends.

brenton vincent
Feb 18, 16:51
althought i never meet you before but i have seen you in videos and you were a very funny person and you will be missed greatly by everyone its very hard to except that fact that your not with us but you will always be in are minds heart and soul and now your soul will rest in peace

Feb 18, 16:49
Yo........R.I.P.... Legends Never Die....

Feb 18, 16:49
R.I.P. HH!

Feb 18, 16:48
RIP Harold!! You Will Be Missed By Everyone. Legends Never Die.

Melissa M.
Feb 18, 16:48
i was just telling a story about harold hunter this past week. he is most memorable (besides being a legendary skateboarder) as a genuinely friendly face. years can go by, but everytime i saw harold it was like no time had passed. harold was a true staple to NYC; he will be missed by millions.

Frank Zito
Feb 18, 16:48
I first noticed Harold in the old Underworld Element video "Skypager" and I loved his style, after I saw him in the old Zoo York mixtapes and finally in Vicious Cycle. Rest In Peace Harold, you will never be forgotten. You said it best... "Legends never die" Peace. ps. Tell Keenan, Pepe, Phil Shao and Tim Brauch we miss them.

Feb 18, 16:47

Feb 18, 16:45
Thanks for making sure the park was never boring all those days we sat there and did nothing.

paul rodriguez
Feb 18, 16:44
sucks man. im gonna miss u man its hard to believe your gone see u at the crossroads til we meet again much love

Feb 18, 16:44
football club dinners were always so much more entertaining with you there. complimenting everyone on everything, even when you had only just met them. we'll cook some extra burnt fried chicken for you friend. I will never hesitate to run across traffic to give a friend a hello hug like you always used to do for me. we'll keep your spirit alive down here, rest in peace.

r l
Feb 18, 16:43
a legend passed but he will live on in the hearts of everyone

Feb 18, 16:40
ahh i remember he visited the skatepark down here in kennedale texas. We smoked in the parking lot while you told all of us you wanted to get into modeling a little, we had a good laugh! On that same day you spray painted my grip tape "Harold Hunter NCY" and realized afterwards you mixed the Y and the C up, didn't skate that board after that and still own it. peace

Feb 18, 16:37
my homies met him and i heard he was a nice ass dude... holla at him one love and peace to his soul....... keep partyin it up in skate heaven brotha man........

Feb 18, 16:32
R.I.P harold , hope u rip in heaven

Des Pot Roast
Feb 18, 16:31
damn gee...one of the few people who always understood how old my clothes were...thank you for not touching them...RIP

Eric Dunks
Feb 18, 16:30
It was a pleasure Harold.... see you on the other side homie. :)

Feb 18, 16:27
thanks for the laughs..shreddin in heaven rip

Miguel H
Feb 18, 16:26
damn man. you always left a big impression on anybody who ever met you Harold. a 100% original, so few can say the same, i saw you leave your mark all over the world not just NY. you were bigger than NY man - you were larger than life. you could never be ignored, much less forgotten.

jonny abrahams
Feb 18, 16:21
downtown nyc losese a true binding force.. someone who brought so many different groups of people together without any judgement.. here is a person who truly lived this life given.. you will always be in my heart and thoughts..all my love..

Nick Tershay
Feb 18, 16:19
Thank you for all the great times and laughs we shared. You are a true skate legend and an outstanding personality that is loved by everyone that really knew you. Peace, love and respect my brother. I will see you again my friend. Legends never die!

Eli Gesner
Feb 18, 16:14
Fuck. The son I never wish I had. I love you. You're like a six course clam bake. They're like a tofu crab cake. Mad fake!

Feb 18, 16:14
RIP bortha...A NY ICON

Feb 18, 16:09
Harold. You went too soon. Your impact here will always be felt and you will always be missed, homie. RIP

Feb 18, 16:04

Feb 18, 16:02
R.I.P Harold.i met you in 93-underworld days with my boy curtis mcann-you were always pure comedy and that energy will be sorely missed,skateboarding is all about characters like you.mad love from LONDON crew.

Feb 18, 15:59
a legend without being a caricature, gracious in his talent, and the type of guy who had his own word for "cute." you'll always be boonkie in my book, harold. rest in peace.

Chris Kalani
Feb 18, 15:59
We will miss you.

Feb 18, 15:55
Take Justin's, Keenan's, and Vanilla's hands and let them lead you, brother. Our only comfort is that you are with them. Hope you heard my "I love yous" through the closing L train doors the other day. I felt the kisses you were blowing at me. Rest in Peace, love.

Feb 18, 15:51
Arigatou... Sayonara... Harold Hunter... R.I.P...

chepeset fam's
Feb 18, 15:50
from san jose, costa rica. even though we didn not get a chance to skate with harold, his vibrant, spontaneouly fresh personality influenced us since the underground element days. his contagious spark reached far beyond new york city. but it wasn't just international, it was universal. it is. descanza en paz hermano.

Victor Peposhi
Feb 18, 15:48
Unbeleivable. The saddest loss to this world. My heart goes out to anyone who loves you RO RO! You will be missed.

Mr. Kim
Feb 18, 15:47
Rest in Peace Harold. You took a peace of New York with you when you passed. Thank you for allowing us to see you grow and enjoy life.

Feb 18, 15:38

Feb 18, 15:32
the one the only ,our friend, our brother...Harold to me was not Harold Hunter "the skater", he was just Harold - the guy who always made me laugh, who had the biggest heart, who could walk into a room full of people, whether he knew them or not, and make it the most memorable night for everyone. He was the reason behind so many smiles, so many stories, so much fun, so many unforgettable moments, a giver, a light ...he had so much love and we love you back Harold - always have and will FOREVER. Bike Gang Derelicts. Boonkie. NYC. Rest in Peace, Harold.

Chris Keeffe
Feb 18, 15:31
an absolute comedic genius !when harold was in the room you knew it whether he was dancing in front of a mirror or telling me "yo chris we can make jack and cokes with this bottle of vodka".he was an original through and through and he will be missed immeasurably! RIP HAROLD..

german d
Feb 18, 15:29
ruhe in frieden hh.

Beau NYC
Feb 18, 15:22
i used to skate with harold and the skate nyc crew back in 88-early 90's. when i started skating there back when i was 13 he was one of the first dudes to be friendly to me and encourage me to keep coming around to skate. he was always one of the first to cats to get the new tricks wired and had his own unique style in everything he did. harold made skate nyc a fun place to chill with his bugged out humor and wild stories about chicks at parties, the limelight and other skaters busting crazy shit. he had the best sense of humor and was mad down to earth throughout everything. years after skate nyc was closed i'd bump into him on the street or in clubs in our neighborhood and he was as friendly as ever. i always enjoyed reminiscing with him about all the stuff we did, the cats we knew and what it was like skating in nyc during that era. how real it was and how great it was to be a part of that. harold hunter was a true nyc king who never forgot his friends, his fellow skaters and where he came from. he was a truely genuine person who will be missed by many. rest in peace harold. i'll never forget you.

Feb 18, 15:20
a true legend never dies - RIP H.H

Feb 18, 15:16
awful that someone with such a profound effect on others around him should die young. dude made me laugh my ass off without trying. was always generous to me, despite our being mere acquaintances. also changed the way i skated after i saw him skate on video (someone should really put his dance moves from the underworld element video up somehwere). this world misses you. the next one is ecstatic to have you, i'm sure. peace to you, HH. the world works in ways i will never ever understand.

Feb 18, 15:16
rip harold

Gymbo Jak
Feb 18, 15:08
See you on the otherside kid!

Bzar Tck Krue
Feb 18, 15:01
Man, thats crazy, i just saw Harold last week in Target shopping with some chick. RIP

Feb 18, 14:58
the first time I skated the banks you were there, and me and my westchester friends were all holy shit it's harold, rip in peace legands never die

T to the P
Feb 18, 14:56

Spain With him
Feb 18, 14:54
i never met Harold i only knew about him in videos or magazines but when a real skateboarder dies a brother dies too, rip harold

Feb 18, 14:52

Feb 18, 14:47
i met harold in 91 or so skating around ny. i watched him hustle some drunk dude for 20. if he could ollie this fire hydrant in front of the bar. they went back and forth and eventually the guy pulled out his 20, and claimed "lets see it" he did a little backside grab 1st try over the hydrant and carved back around and snatched the 20. out of the dudes hand. the look on his face is the one i have thought of ever since whenever his name came up. a true hustler, and a real reflection of life in the big city. rest in peace.

Feb 18, 14:45
only met dude once at FTC last summer and he was mad coo , he was choppin' it with everyone just tellin storys and shit, he was one of the dopest dudes i met, can't believe hes gone Rest In Paradise Homie -"LEGENDS NEVER DIE"

Feb 18, 14:45
its beautiful how many people's lives you have effected througout your life. it takes an exceptionally charismatic person with a lot of heart, and that is you, Harold.

Feb 18, 14:44
rest 185 come by supreme so i can duff you out corn ball

Feb 18, 14:42
Life is surreal....

Feb 18, 14:36
my fondest memory of you was on a stop on our way upstate. you must have been 13? you lifted your pant leg up, and showed your skinny-ass chicken leg to oncoming traffic to try & get someone to stop. it was hysterical. you even made my dad laugh... i wish i told you that before you left... rest in peace. xoxo tessy

Feb 18, 14:30
I dated Harold when i was like 17, he was always a clown and so goofy.. Harold I remember when you rode your low rider bike all the way to Staten Island and we just rode bikes around. And my mother adored you and would let me sleep at your house even though you were a boy! When i would sleep over, we were veyr innocent and never did anything! I guess i was a prude..but remember Becky!!! Ha! but i remember those damn roaches and remeber how i was scared to even put my bag down on your floor, and Rick and Ronald, and Micheal,.,,You guys were always yelling and screaming at each other and i thought it was so funny.. You would always bring someone crazy around, like when you brought that actress to my house (i think rick was dating her) and she was so coked up,,,oh geez...I got my first (and last) movie role becasue of you..Walking around with you and spending time with you was such quality time because an adventure always followed.. I could just keep writing silly memories from back then...Little things i thought were so cool when i was 17,,,like when you were skating and sweaty and we had a "date" you would just throw out your shirts,,,I rmember just you walking through Century 21 sweating and carrying on,,,eveyrone around you would laugh and just think"who is this guy" and then i didnt want to be wasteful and kept your sweaty t shirt..actually theres been numeruos times when you literally gave me the shirt off your back,,,,Sweatshirts, t shirts,,all things a young girl cherishes...YOu also had wallabees before anyone else. Harold, harold,,silly guy,,of course i havent seen you for ages,but as you can see these memories are so vivid and i have plenty more. Fun times we have when were young and innocent and juts runnign arounf Nyc having fun..Yes eveyrone will write how funny and cool you are/were because you are the neverending clown and I serioulsy hope you were okay in your last days and I hope your family has the oppurtunity to come together..May God look over the Hunters....Please..Harold, sorry this isnt poetic or in good well though paragraphs, but im writing this to you as i think it..by the way you have the most distinctive voice ever! Be good,,,Look down upon us and make us smile again!!!!

Feb 18, 14:20

Feb 18, 14:19
R.I.P Harold , your energy and spirit will be missed worldwide .

Sancho Cammayo
Feb 18, 14:17
I just saw that clip and I almost fell on the floor laughing. Even though he's gone - he can still manage to make me laugh.. I loved the guy! R.I.P Harold!

Dave Ortiz DQM
Feb 18, 14:15
Harold was like a little brother to me i will miss him with all of my heart. he was so remarkable here we have this kid who grew up in compost and some how touch the lives of so many people around the world. he truly was the nicest guy on this earth and i can't see any one not missing him. it's so sad to say good by to such a good friend.

Feb 18, 14:13
Legend. R.I.P

Feb 18, 14:11
R.I.P HAROLD HUNTER. respect u.

RitiÈ Dclick
Feb 18, 14:04
Not so long ago i see vicious cycle video and i think how this guy is a legend R.I.P Harold.

ryan h
Feb 18, 14:03
first person i met in nyc in 89 truly gifted person who will be very missed rest in peace harold i love you........................................................

nikki bowman
Feb 18, 13:55
i'm in shock and so sad, you'll be missed greatly. you're one of my homeboys and i'll never forget you and all the good times we had together. you'll be in my heart always. R.I.P.

Feb 18, 13:50
Harold always made me laugh when i'd see and speak with him. Sad news to hear and I hope that he was able to know the Lord before he left this fallen place. Prayers go out to him, his family and friends. Great knowing you Harold and I hope to meet up with you once again in the Kingdom of Heaven. God bless and much love, Stevie

Feb 18, 13:47
I'll admit, I'm pretty close to tears over a man who I never met. That's how much Harold means to skateboarding and to New York.

Feb 18, 13:45
Harold always made me laugh when i'd see and speak with him. Sad news to hear and I hope that he was able to know the Lord before he left this fallen place. Prayers go out to him, his family and friends. Great knowing you Harold and I hope to meet up with you once again in the Kingdom of Heaven. God bless and much love, Stevie

Feb 18, 13:40
always enjoying. rest in peace. remembered forever.

Feb 18, 13:39
This is so sad and shocking. Harold is a legend, and helped make skating big in NYC. I'm just comforted by the fact that he went in his sleep and hopefully wasn't in pain. May God bless your soul Harold. R.I.P.

Feb 18, 13:38
This is so sad and shocking. Harold is a legend, and helped make skating big in NYC. I'm just comforted by the fact that he went in his sleep and hopefully wasn't in pain. May God bless your soul Harold. R.I.P.

Quan Luv
Feb 18, 13:35
Can't believe his gone. He was a big inspiration and very cool dude. Always looked out even if you didn't know him like that. I was at a party with him a few days ago ...live'n it up...... R.I.P HH and much love to the whole family...... Steve a.k.a Quan Luv

Feb 18, 13:32
just saw him chillin at the aNYthing store last week,,def a funny and chill cat RIP HH

Feb 18, 13:32
Harold was always the life of the party or the session or wherever he happened to be. The Skater Island crew will never forget Harold. Though this loss in the skateboarding community has saddened everyone, It's important that people think about Harold and laugh, because that's what he made us do. R.I.P. homie.

Jen O'Donnell
Feb 18, 13:30
to know that you are not here with us makes me sad beyond words. to have you know that you will be missed & loved by everyone you met, will make you smile down on all of us. the old, the new, the future new york... will miss you always. rest in peace loves.

Feb 18, 13:27
Harold was always the life of the party or the session or wherever he happened to be. The Skater Island crew will never forget Harold. Though this loss in the skateboarding community has saddened everyone, It's important that people think about Harold and laugh, because that's what he made us do. R.I.P. homie.

Feb 18, 13:22
I didn't know much about him but he was a real cool cat those times I saw him. What everyone is saying is the truth. You will never be forgotten. R.I.P Harold.

Feb 18, 13:20
Rest in Peace HH

Feb 18, 13:15
an untimely passing. Harold,You were very cool.rest in peace.

Feb 18, 13:15
one of the ILLEST cats in NYC HAROLD will be missed but never forgotten.................NYC LEGEND to the fullest.....rest in peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 18, 13:15
legends never die R.I.P. Harold the skate world wont be the same at all ne more

Feb 18, 13:12
I'm not feeling so good right now.

Feb 18, 13:10
NYC will forever miss one of it's greatest. R.I.P Harold.

Feb 18, 13:09
One of the realest people i ever knew. Also an old team mate. May you rest in peace my friend. It happens to the BEST of us.

robbie morales
Feb 18, 13:09
Coming from the BMX side , Harold was the first skate team head to show me any love.I was a kid from Long Island coming to the Zoo, he always made me feel I had a home there. He treated everyone like a brother.RIP Harold...

Feb 18, 13:07
U will NEVER be forgotten man..... People will think of you, even from way far (Amsterdam). RIP tru good person.

Feb 18, 13:07
We shared our pain Yours was too great to contain Now my soul is in the rain As you lay slain There is no more pain Run over by the train Of an evil substance

Feb 18, 13:06
This is craze...not even believable. Anyone see HH skate in the farthest gap contest at SLAM? He will go down as the funniest character in the histroy of skateboarding..a true icon and just knew how to have straight up fun. The parties will never be the same either. Much love and respect

Feb 18, 13:01
Didnít know him personally, and never skated with the dude, but if you were a part of skateboarding for any length of time, you couldnít not know about Harold. The guy was a true legend, an OG for a scene that defined street skating and itís lifestyle to the world. Watched an episode of Skate Maps last night, and it was odd to know that his personality, his comedy is now silent. Harold Hunter donít live here no more.

Roxy Cottontail
Feb 18, 12:58
Harold, a legend and eternal sweetheart. My funny hostess with the mostest, the sunshine of my night life. I feel blessed that I got to live the NYC life with this young man. Always smiling, never greedy, actin a fool, always hungry, always happy. Just at the aNYthing store last week bumpin disco talking about hipsters. Said he loved hipster girls from Texas who bump rock and play pool. He was always scoutin out some fresh female, always complimenting me and my friends in the most unique way. Harold you brought so many smiles to my face on a regular basis I still cant believe this is true. I'm hoping THIS WILL SHOW SOME OF OUR FRIENDS AND PEERS HOW PRECIOUS LIFE IS. I always imagined you touring the world and what an impact you had with your skateboard on so many young lives. You are a true legend and a part of NYC is gone forever.

Feb 18, 12:56
Amazing to think of NYC without you.... Our trips to NYC will never be the same. RIP Harold, you will never be forgotten.

nate gans
Feb 18, 12:53
man im just speechless, i ahd the zoo team come demo my skateshops/parks back in 1998 and 99.....had parties at my house, he was such a character. I have been skating for 21 years this is the worst tragedy ever, I got a blunt with his name on it. If anyone could find where or knows where the funeral and viewing is going to be send me and email djnategonzogans@comcast.net, i would really like to send some flowers. rest in peace hommie, keep making people smile like you could do so well.

Feb 18, 12:48
new york loses another icon. nobody reps like tru-york and best believe you'll live on forever in the hearts and minds of millions. you were the fisrt skater that made me think as a kid, yo black and latinos rock it too... that's some powerful shit. stay up, you may be gone but never fogotten.

Peter Bici
Feb 18, 12:47
We grew up and skated together since we were kids. I saw you the other day and you made me laugh again. Tell Justin, Keenan, Vanilla and my brother i said "You guys are LUCKY you got Harold!" Harold Hunter A true New Yorker

Feb 18, 12:45
Damn man, this shit is real depressing. I didn't know Harold personally, but i'm from NYC and he was definitely a hero to me, and all my friends that skate. It's hard to see an icon of a great NY scene pass away. RIP Harold.

Feb 18, 12:44
Harold Hunter, I watched him grow up from age 15. He never forgot a friend, always had a smile. The world could use more people like Harold. As for street culture and old school NYC flavor he is part of the link between the old and new. An important part of an important thing, his time with us was not wasted and of course his legacy will live on inside all of us. May he rest in peace.

Feb 18, 12:43
I remember the time we put like 37 heads in the cab and dipped to the next spot. R.I.P. Harold Hunter...Oneski

Alex Corporan
Feb 18, 12:43
Insanity, Love Harold forever, two quotes from harold " IM a LEGEND YO", and" fuck you Johnny depp niggas" RIP my brother

Feb 18, 12:36
I'm just shattered. Harold was the funniest guy ever. When I worked at 60/40 he and Rodney Torres and Rodney Cooper would call all the time.They wanted to be AMs on the team so bad and would say the funniest shit. They talked about Harold filming "Kids" and I laughed my gut out hearing them talk about the nude scene. Last I saw Harold was at ASR about 4 years ago and more silliness. Muska was waiting for him outside the bar in a cab to go to a party and he was carrying on and o